A revealed religion where those born of Spirit within feel cool breeze

From: "jagbir singh"
Date: Fri Oct 29, 2004 8:25 am
Subject: A revealed religion where those born of Spirit within feel cool breeze

—- In shriadishakti@yahoogroups.com," jagbir singh"
> It may be possible that this SY may not understand what vibrations
> actually are, perhaps regarding them as the physical wind or
> breeze humans experience. That is what i gather from: "I am in
> sahajayoga from last 8 years but still i am not feel strong and
> cool vibrations.”Maybe there is a misconception or his/her
> expectations are rather high because there are SYs who feel the
> cool breeze very strongly. It sometimes makes one think that the
> cool breeze can be used to cool oneself on a hot summer day. But
> that is not the case.
> Alex, i remember you describing your own experience regarding this
> cool breeze to Giahn (or her pals) a few weeks ago. Perhaps that
> accurate description would help clarify what this mystical cool
> breeze actually feels and lower wind velocity to an acceptable
> level.

From: alex arthur
Date: Sat Sep 25, 2004 10:49 am
Subject: A revealed religion (SY Perspective)

Hi Melete (Regards to Giahn too).

Your mail is definitely well intended. Im sure you or someone you know, might have had certain unpleasant experience. Please dont bother to elaborate on them because i have heard enough and been through enough myself.

I've only breezed through your mail and probably have just a gist in my head as i frame this reply. Let me assure you, the vibrations I feel on my hand are nothing my head has conjured up for me. They are very very real. Physical and strong..almost like a buzz or the humming of a little bee. And they are there for the most part of the day, unless of course my attention gets wrapped up into something worldly.

Let me also tell you that I was far more skeptical than any of you, including Simon himself could ever be. The only thing I refrained from doing, was passing a judgement until I heard all the pro's and con's. Over and above that, I wanted to experience things for myself. Even after I received the divine vibrations I was still skeptical. But today, perhaps 6-7 months after joining SY, i can confidently tell you that there is nothing to fear. The allegations which most anti SY's pass are overly exaggerated.

If you would truly like to pass an independent judgement, then try getting initiated and like a scientist, experience things for your self. Further, you may want to read through certain texts, which will help you undersatnd various phenomena.

1. Patanjali's yoga sutras (Marshall Govindan)
2. Ancient science and art of pranic healing (Cho kok Sui - i think)
3. Talks on the path of Occultism - (the theosophical society, C.W. Leadbeater)

Its really a waste of time though, because at the end of it you'll find that SY encompasses everything. Also, a wonderful atesting' experience would be : Read a spiritual text like say the Bhagavad Gita before you join SY. Then join SY. After a month of meditation, read the Gita again. I assure you, the entire meaning would have changed becuase of your self realisation.

There are a few things which i must admit are dogmas and cultish phenomena witnessed in most cults. You dont have to adhere to these to be a practicing SY. I for one, dont greet everybody with 'Jai Shri Mataji' i smoke, I drink (I must warn you though that these definitely steal your peace of mind).

You dont have to wear a sari, its a lovely garment though. You dont have to put a big red blotch on your forehead...in the US your office colleagues will think you are whacko. You dont have to sit in a collective forever. Though collective meditation at least for the first 5-6 months will speed your growth. What else?> Um....as for the bhoots and possessions...they are all very real but harmless. Dont bother with them. Once you have settled into meditation, no spirit or possession can harm you. You dont have to desert your family, on the contrary your familial relations will improve. You dont have to go about like a raving lunatic trying to convert even atheists. Just do it for yourself.

Apart from these there are loads of threats which SM has given that if you dont do XYZ then terrible things will happen to you. But, by her own admission, and this is on the tapes too, she has said these things for our own benefit. You wont really get cancer or you wont really go bankrupt, but if the fear of that helps you stay a moral person, then there is nothing to lose.

Most people on this Group are so anti SY that no amount of convincing will change anything. However, To close this mail, consider the following:

1. Does any other system of meditation/religion/yoga, give you these vibrations???

Therefore, and logically, the giver must in some form be divine???

i am in no mood to share the numerous miracles i am experiencing. But trust me, they are happening.

Also, I know this is the most anti SY thing I could do, and i strongly recommend that you dont get into SY for this.....but you really do start getting powers. Real powers, not imaginary. You can test them, the results will astound you. The catch here is that if you misuse them, or wish anyone harm, it'll come straight back to you. Also, if its powers you seek, you will NEVER get them. IF you do, then they will halt your spiritual growth at that level.

Sounds too good to be true? trust me it is.


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