A single spark can start a prairie fire, and collectively conscientious SYs will help spread it

—- In adishakti_sahaja_yoga@yahoogroups.com," jagbir singh"
> But we should not despair as Shri Mataji has promised and will
> establish Sahaja Yoga before She leaves. All we need to do is to
> follow Her 1980s/March 1994 instructions to the letter. Like in
> the family we are getting everything from the fridge and joyously
> giving it to each and every seeker, so that they'll be very happy
> to take whatever they like. This is happening for the first time
> ever in the history of Sahaja Yoga. It is indeed comforting to
> know that there are souls out there who are inspired to act the
> same.
> jagbir

November 17, 2006

Dear Jagbir,

I recently came across your website which I found tremendously refreshing and inspirational. Not only is it informative but it confirms my suspicion of the narrowness and elitists attitudes of the WCASY. I am glad there is another forum besides the so-call official (and heavily controlled) website, so that Sahaja yogis and people from the outside not only have access to the site but also to voice their opinions. Already there are a few Sahaja yogis whom I am in contact with who have expressed some interest in voicing their views and are pleased there is a such site like yours. Your website is excellent in that the attention is solely on our beloved Shri Mataji. Thank you!



November 12, 2006

Dear all - who so ever is behind this most important website;

I am most thankful to Shri Mataji and you for allowing me to finally get to know true collectivity. After a hint from very dear yogis in Northern England, I have been browsing your site for hours this last weekend, enjoying, say, a lot of"mental/intellectual relief", a return of believed lost faith and determination as well as -"on top of it"- cool vibrations in my sahasrara.

Coming across you has been absolutely in line with numerous, not always positive, experiences in the so-called collective; a couple of dreams in which Shri Mataji has been preparing/showing the way for myself and the family (plus just one more yogini) in a place, where there are some 30/40 SYs, and"growth"of SY during almost 14 (!) years has only taken place through married partners of few yogis coming here and some courageous souls/children being born in this...Hamburg, Germany - which is actually the Agnya of Germany, of the"Right heart.”

I am confident to be inspired enough now to become more and more my own guru and to announce; starting maybe with some collective introspection...

After all, it was in this Germany where some 450 years back one catholic monk stood up against"The System", one lonely realized soul by the name of - Martin Luther.

At that time only, tragically through his efforts, he woke up sleeping Nishumba - and although Shri Mataji finished both these 2 brothers some time ago on subtle level, their bhoots can still be very much found within the minds of many SYs, not only in Germany... Anyway, those of us, who have to go ahead, will do just that; no time to be wasted.

If you feel that there is anything by which you could keep me updated in terms of practical information etc, please fell free to do so and maybe add me to your mailing list.

Thank you again; with all brotherly love and respect,

Xxxx | JSM

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