According to Shri Mataji"Christ is settled on your Agnya Chakra.”Is it true?

From: "Adishakti_org "
Date: Sat Jan 4, 2003 10:38 am
Subject: According to Shri Mataji"Christ is settled on your Agnya Chakra.”Is it true?

Just over a week ago at the recent 2002 Christmas Puja nearly 7500 Sahaja Yogis gathered at Ganapatipule, India. Shri Mataji began with these words: “Merry Christmas to you all .... According to Sahaja Yoga Christ is settled on your Agnya Chakra.”

i do not know how many SYs believe that Shri Jesus Christ is actually within all humans at the Agnya Chakra. The reason i am saying so is because it is very difficult to grasp the inner reality of a spiritual being actually living within the Agnya Chakra of each and every human being. When i joined Sahaja Yoga in 1994 it was difficult for the members of my collective to actually believe that Shri Mataji exits within them and witnesses all their actions on a 24/7 basis. ........... or that the Savior is right now meditating at our Agnya Chakras.

i will now give evidence that Shri Mataji is telling the Truth when She says that"Christ is settled on your Agnya Chakra.” ( i hope SYs understand that my intention is to prove that Shri Mataji is the Adi Shakti and not to advertise my family, as some have accused me of doing so.)

Back in 1994 Kash gave Self-Realization to a new seeker, Gurmit Singh. After that, while still standing behind Gurmit, he closed his eyes momentarily. What he saw with his spiritual eyes was stunning — all the Deities were seen sitting on every chakra of Gurmit's subtle body! It was the divine vision of the Third Eye! Kash was shown the spiritual body of a human being for the very first and only time. He observed that there were more than 20 Deities, each about an inch in size, sitting on various chakras inside Gurmit. All these Spiritual Beings were in a squatting position and in deep meditation.

He positively recognized Shri Ganesha above the anus (Mooladhara), Shri Vishnu and Shri Lakshmi at the navel (Nabhi), Shri Krishna and Shri Radha at the throat (Vishuddhi) and Shri Jesus behind and between both eyes (Agnya). Right on the limbic area of the head (Sahasrara) was the Spirit of the Living God, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, also squatting and meditating but was without Her Eternal Throne.

Bhupinder, Gurmit, and the father looked at each other and then at Kash, unable to believe or comprehend what they just heard from this child of thirteen.

Note: It has to be clearly understood that at this time Kash was new to spiritualism and had no knowledge of the subtle human body. The family members did not even know how to recite the great mantra of the Great Adi Shakti, let alone know the various chakras, their locations inside humans, and the presiding Deity. Yet Kash precisely located the positions of His Beings within

, matching them exactly to what Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi had told humankind since She opened the Sahasrara on May 5, 1970. This simple fact proved that his spiritual vision was flawless, and the Truth absolute.

The remaining Universal Beings could not be identified because Kash was still new to spiritualism and did not know their names or features. Put simply, although he saw all the Immortal Ones meditating on all the various chakras in Gurmit's body — Shri Buddha, Muhammad, Mahavira, Lao-tze, Moses, Abraham, Nanak, Confucius and so on — he could not identify any of them. (It is just like meeting a group of strangers and trying to ascertain their identity. The only way to do so would be a formal introduction, i.e., previous knowledge.) This inability was compounded not only by their small size and multitude — which made observation and memorization difficult — but also because of the brief period that this Divine vision was granted to him.

It has to be accepted that all the Dieties are sitting in every human being exactly at the energy points Shri Adhiparasakthi Shri Nirmala Devi has proclaimed. Since Kash has positively identified the positions of the above Deities then it is only logical that the other Divine Beings also exist at precisely at the chakras revealed by the Great Divine Mother. Those who want to understand this profound Truth have to thoroughly understand the immensity of this spiritual Reality that"Inside each of us are primal gods and goddesses.” (Deepak Chopra) This Knowledge is priceless for all seekers of Truth. It is also the mysterious, subtle Reality vaguely mentioned in the Bible and Qur'n, but explicitly expounded in eastern scriptures.

Again we have to mention that there was just no way Kash could have identified these Universal Beings — absolutely no way! In the first place how did he know that the Immortal Beings are within the body? No one in the family even knew of this Truth, a fact that took a long time to fathom. Then, how was it possible for him to know exactly where they were sitting? He could have said that Shri Jesus was seen on the Vishuddhi chakra, Shri Lakshmi/Vishnu at the Agnya, and so on. But he did not. He told exactly what he saw and those Divine Beings he identified corresponded exactly to that revealed by the Great Universal Mind. And we must also bear in mind that two non-family members, Gurmit and Bhupinder, witnessed and heard what Kash told them. (Anyone may question them to confirm these facts.) The Revelations and Divine Drama of the Great MahaDevi is based on Reality and not subject to contradiction, denial or destruction! Based on this extraordinary mystical experience the following Truths are announced to all seekers of the Ultimate Reality:

Shri Ganesha is meditating in the Muladhara chakra.
Shri Lakshmi and Vishnu is meditating in the Nabhi chakra.
Shri Radha and Krishna is meditating in the Vishuddhi chakra.
Shri Jesus Christ is meditating in the Agnya chakra.
Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi is meditating in the Sahasrara.

“When Self-Realization takes place the Deities are awakened and the Chakras are nourished and refreshed ... as soon as the Deities are awakened, their Powers are also awakened. This is a living process and how it works out you cannot explain"

Shri Brahmarupa Devi
Shiva Puja, Bombay, India — February 26, 1987
Brahmarupa (265th): One of the Trimurtis who is Her Sakti, who creates. (Vis. Pur.)

"Be careful. Take My warnings always seriously. You all have to come up very well now. It is not only doing My Puja that is going to help you. I can tell you this much. Now you better worship your Self. You have to worship all the Gods within you!"

Shri Samharini Devi

"There are Deities who are in the Chakras. When the Kundalini rises She awakens them just like seeds. Once they are awakened they start working it out. They know what is their job, what to work out like they have been appointed. Those Deities you have achieved through your evolution at different points. So where ever they are settled they do the job.”

Shri Siva Devi
Siva (53rd): One who bestows on the devotees true knowledge i.e. Jnanasvarupa.

"But you have your own Gods. You have your own Goddesses. You are the making of your own which are mythical. Face it yourself. You need not believe into anything but you need nor disbelieve also. Just as you go into a college you have to study, not believing into anything or non-believing, but you have to see it for yourself. You have to experiment yourself.”

Shri Goptri Devi
Geneva, Switzerland — June 13, 1985

"Innocence is innately built within us. So the first and foremost thing that the Will of God built up was innocence, the auspiciousness. The first thing He did was to create Shri Ganesha, or I would say She, because the Will of God is Adi Shakti. And all this innocence was created first of all to make the whole world very beautiful. All those qualities were also placed within you, all those Deities were placed within you. Specially made human beings were specially made so that they should become saintly people, that they should have their saintly innate sense. But it happened in the countries which developed, that our brain was bombarded by all kinds of television, all kinds of things, and we became very vulnerable.”

Shri Gudha-gulpha Devi
The Will Of God, Sahasrara Puja, Cabella, Italy — May 10, 1992

"The medulla, principal entrance for the body's supply of universal life energy (Aum), is directly connected by polarity with the Christ Consciousness centre (kutastha chaitanya) in the single eye between the eyebrows: the seat of man's power of will. Cosmic energy is then stored up in the seventh centre, in the brain, as a reservoir of infinite potentialities (mentioned in the Vedas as the"thousand-petaled lotus of light.”) The Bible refers to Aum as the Holy Ghost or invisible life force that divinely upholds all creation.”What? Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?”— 1 Corinthians 6:19.”

Paramahansa Yogananda
Autobiography of a Yogi, Self-Realization Fellowship, 1974, p. 363.
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