All you can do to understand Her is through Silence on Self.

> But we have our own individual Mother too. She is unlike the
> physical Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi that most SYs are overwhelmingly
> attracted to. Few have realized that The Mother/Shakti/Holy Spirit/
> Ruh/Tao/Aykaa Mayee within is far, far more personal and powerful.
> She is verily your Self and the ultimate goal of Self-realization.
> Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi is Her incarnation and is as human as
> possible, with all its limitations. For example, She probably does
> not know the location of Rorikapura, Gimmelwald or some other
> remote village. The Shakti within can tell you the precise location and > description of any planet in the infinite universe. She can also take
> you back into time to witness any frame, since She is Time itself. She
> has the entire record of all your countless rebirths ...... from previous > universes too. She knows every detail of every thought of every
> human, and i mean the same Self in each human knowing instantly,
> simultaneously and continuously every thought of billions of other
> humans too. (It will take time to grasp the mind-boggling truth of
> the last sentence. Let me start by reminding that i said"every
> detail of every thought.”)
> i can go on and on but no amount of praises of Her powers will do
> justice. All you can do to understand Her is through Silence on your
> own Self.

"In peace you have the awareness of your innermost spiritual reality, which is harmonizing and unifying. Through this, your Self becomes an avenue to God, to ultimate reality. As you know your Self, you enter into communion with the divine. When the inner channel of communication is open, you gain a new, profound experience of the inner flow of indescribable joy. Your whole being is flooded with the light and love of the infinite. You feel you are in the loving embrace of God.

This silence can be of two types: static and dynamic. Static silence means you enter into communion with the infinite more and more deeply. You want to abide permanently in the incomprehensible, transcendental peace of the absolute. However, dynamic silence is a more balanced achievement.

In dynamic silence, you also enter into silent communion with the infinite. Yet, you offer your whole being, your mind, your emotions, your senses, and your body as a channel of expression of the creative energy of the absolute. Inwardly you enter into silent communion with the infinite, while outwardly you allow the creative power of God to flow freely through you. Your whole being becomes dynamic and creative. It is not exclusive of living in the world. It is inclusive of the whole of life.

As a result, you come out of meditation and look at the world with new eyes. You deal with people; you go to work; you carry on your thinking and feeling as a transmuted instrument in the hands of God. Inwardly there is profound silence. Outwardly there is the performance of activities as an instrument of the divine. The activities of life do not disturb your inner silence, for all your activities are performed for the glory of God.”

Dr. Haridas Chaudhuri, The Essence of Spiritual Philosophy,
Thorsons Publishing Group, UK, 1990, p. 180-81

“Silence: Yoga meditation deals systematically with all the levels of our being, including a direct effort to go to the silence, while systematically working with our relationship with the world and senses, body, breath, and mind.

Everybody can find joy in Stillness and Silence: When one has a stable relationship with the external world, when the senses are turned inward, when the body is healthy and still, when the breath is smooth, calm and serene, and when the mind begins to settle down, there comes a stillness and silence from where one can truly begin to practice meditation. This silence rests on the foundation of balancing, coordinating, and integrating our relationships with the world, as well as with our own senses, body, breath, and mind.

Following your own spiritual inclinations: Yoga meditation as an art and science of self-awareness does not tell a person what God to believe in, nor what religion to follow. All people of all faiths can practice yoga meditation. While yoga science encompasses the breadth of the means of going beyond, the specific choice of where and how to focus one's attention after dealing with the world, senses, body, breath, and mind, are personal matters relating to each aspirant as an individual, in the context of their own spiritual training and preferences or predispositions.”
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