Another SY regains lost faith and determination, desires to be own master and announce the Truth

November 14, 2006

Dear devotees of the Adi Shakti,

i have received an inspiring email that should bolster our faith and confidence that Shri Mataji is working around the obstacles and overcoming the negativity the keeps Her incarnation and teachings suppressed. The email also reveals that many SYs are still unaware of the website despite spending years in Sahaja Yoga. Thus it is obvious that WCASY and the SY leadership does not want SYs to know the existence of the websites and forum. However, given the years of drought and utter lack of new seekers to nourish their collectives, the camel will have to drink from the Oasis of Truth or die. The longer it stubbornly resists and hides/forbids others from visiting it, the weaker the herd gets from loss of faith.

Even the plight of a world in turmoil and self-destruction does not disturb the conscience. Even the silence of an aging, incapacitated Mother who for decades sacrificed family and comfort to spread the Truth does not move it to act with urgency. Even the utter poverty and despair of the collectives does not budge the beast. It is as if, devoid of dharma and sense of sacred duty, it is on its own deathbed too. That being the case, the responsibility now falls on each and every SY to regain the lost faith, be your own master and announce the Truth and Vision of the Adi Shakti:

“The world is in turmoil today. People everywhere are anxious about the future. What they need is the soothing, uniting, elevating spiritual message of Sahaja Yoga. They have to be enabled to experience"Self Realization"And thereby attain inner transformation. Only then will they begin to regard all human beings as members of one global family regardless of their race, culture etc. Only then will they discard hatred and violence. Sahaja Yogis have a momentous responsibility at this crucial time in human history. They have to spread Sahaja Yoga in all the parts of the world by written and spoken word.... For this purpose, a well thought out approach is required.”

Only the Divine Message of the Adi Shakti announcing the Blossom Time of the Last Judgment and Resurrection will enable people to experience Self-realization and continue meditating for the rest of their lives. The Divine Message is the soothing, uniting, elevating spiritual message that will enlighten all human beings to regard themselves as members of one global family regardless of their race, culture etc. Only then will they discard hatred and violence. The Sahaja Yoga Subtle System Religion has never, is not now, and will never accomplish that. No one is really interested in stuff that is far better presented and peddled by thousands of eastern gurus/western professional teachers/yoga organizations (like the advertisement to participate in"Egypt's 2nd International Yoga Festival"just posted at the forum a few minutes ago),

The Egypt Yoga Festival's remarkable history

Our first Yoga Festival this past March was the very first time such an event had ever taken place in Egypt or the Middle East for that matter. This historic event was coordinated by T.E.N Tours, Egypt's highly reputable travel agency that specializes in organizing various international events. The great success of the Egypt's 1st Yoga Festival far exceeded expectations. The Festival was embraced, supported and attended by representatives of the entire international community. It did not matter what race, religion, color, creed or background one came from. Unity In Diversity. The ancient science of Yoga, meaning"to join"or"union"Is for all and is universal. Yoga is not a religion nor does it oppose such. It is purely spiritual and does not contradict anyone's sincere faith and is practiced by all. Yoga is the art of right living. It is a system of integral education, education of not only body, mind or intellect, but also the inner spirit, the inner Light for Radiant Health! This was the successful message, embraced and understood by all who attended the 1st Egypt Yoga Festival. We thank the political, religious, cultural and educational leaders for their overwhelming support and trust as well as our sponsors.

Egypt's 2nd International Yoga Festival: In the planning of Egypt's 2nd International Yoga Festival, Mr. Hossam Dar wish, expert in tourism, festival management and specialized events, and vice president of The Arab Yoga Committee, with Mr. Anthony Sadasiva, a well known yoga expert versed in all aspects of yoga, and coordinator of numerous international symposiums, festivals, retreats and interfaith programs, developed and share a special bond and a mutual vision for this 2nd International Festival. As the story goes, In the beginning there is the oneness of an All, the Eternal Light that connects all things in purity, universal Peace and Harmony. Throughout historical time, a darkness (ignorance) had permeated mankind blinding him to ones true nature. The divine inspiration of prophets and messengers were sent forth during different periods of time as a reminder to us of such Divine Light, a Light (awareness) that exists within each one of us to transcend the sufferings of our material existence. Even today through the turmoils and stresses of outer material life breeds the duality in the form of anger, hatred, greed, jealousy, tension and internal strife. In our quest for divine wisdom and understanding we seek a return to the Light, the purity and ethics associated with the teachings of the great masters throughout time in order to bring about Unity, Compassion and Peace for ourselves, hence all of humanity.

The 2nd International Yoga Festival brings together very experienced multidimensional and distinguished teachers of the highest order from several continents to share their profound knowledge in an open atmosphere. Festival participants of all levels will explore, enjoy and find interest in topics ranging from philosophical, scientific, creative, physical and ethical cultures. The main physical Hatha Yoga Instructors are HA Wafaa, Jonathon Panks, Heather George, Dr. Stephanie Thankappan, Norbu Oberdorfer, Dr. Yogita Mehta, Guru Dileepji and Lila Leuzzi. Their combined experience will provide quality yoga classes for the beginner, intermediate and advanced student while encompassing the main teaching styles of Hatha Yoga, Sivananda, Ananda, Iyengar, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Bihar, Kundalini and Gentle Yoga. These instructors shall also share with us special workshops. Lama Tenzin will give wonderful talks on Kindness and Compassion, The Noble Truths, Meditation and create a beautifully artistic Sand Mandala for"Compassion," designed to develop concentration, meditation within its colorful creative beauty scheme for all to see and experience. GS Sachdev, master of the bansuri flute, will give a captivating musical concert as well a talks and workshop on the Yoga of Music. Guru Dileep Kumar Thankappan will present talks on Yoga and World Peace and the Chakra system, Stephen Quong, Astrology, Yoga and Spirituality, A. Sadasiva, The Principles Of Yoga and much much more...!

We have carefully chosen this venue so that participants attending The 2nd International Egypt Yoga Festival will come away feeling, relaxed and rejuvenated physically, mentally and spiritually, with an opportunity to develop positive Radiant Health and Inner Peace! Also feel free to visit our Yoga Festival Bazaar, featuring many items from books, C.D.'s, clothing and accessories for all your needs

In The Light,

Anthony Sadasiva Executive Consultant to the Festival

Venerable Tenzin Yignyen
Ven. Tenzin Yignyen was ordained as a monk by His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, and entered Namgyal Monastery in Dharmsala, India in 1969. He completed studies of the monastery, including the monastic rituals and philosophical studies.

In 1985 he received the monastery's highest degree," Master of Sutra and Tantra"With highest honor. The 16 years of studies are conducted in a highly structured, rigorous, academic environment.

Stephen Quong/ Umananda Vedic Astrologer
Stephen Quong has studied and practiced astrology in both India and America since 1970. He was the only American Vedic Astrologer personally nominated by the late Dr. B.V. Raman as a Life Fellow of the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences , as well as being awarded by the Executive Committee of the Council the honorary titles of Jyotisha Kovida and Jyotisha Vachaspati . See Biodata for Stephen Quong for additional biographical data.

G.S. Sachdev
Sachdev began playing the Bansuri when he was 14 , and has created a rare form of instant communication with audiences through his music. Unlike many musicians , he has shied away from fusion , finding great pleasure and a sense of immense satisfaction with the rigors of infinite exploration within traditional pure classical Indian music.

Beyond his worldwide live performances , Sachdev's music is thoroughly enjoyed in yoga studios , meditation ashrams , massage rooms , spiritual centers and homes everywhere imaginable. His music is considered an antidote to stress , fatigue and cynicism.

Yogi Mata Guru Wafaa
Yoga Art Professional Teacher & Fine Artist.
Director of Art yoga school& Yoga art Studio.
Secretary of the International Yoga federation for Egypt & all North Africa.
Member of the international Yoga federation.
Member of world yoga council.
TV yoga show presenter.
Yoga dance designer.
Yoga tours programs designer& director.

Anthony Sadasiva
Director of Yoga Synthesis
International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres (affl'd.) Ayurveda Jyoti:
Nutritional Advisor; Kamlesh Ayurveda, Lucknow , India
Anthony Sadasiva, a well known Yoga Acharya.
For over 25 years has educated thousands of students in the ancient science of classical yoga.
Coordinator of numerous spiritual symposiums, conferences, lectures and musical programs.

Sadasiva has also instructed Yoga Teacher Training courses worldwide; is affiliated with the International Sivananda Vedanta Organization; and the founder of Yoga Synthesis, an international organization dedicated to inner and outer peace.

Guru Dileepj, a native of South India, is founder and president of International Gurukulam, a Divine life research center for yogic arts, sports, and medicines. Born into a family of yoga practitioners, martial artists, and natural healers, he began practicing yoga at the age of three.

He has traveled extensively in India including the Himalayas, and has met and studied with self-realized masters according to the ancient Gurukula system, including living for years in a secluded mountain cave. He also received training and did service in several spiritual organizations, hospitals, and clubs in India. He is a traditional vaidya (doctor) in alternative medicines. He completed his Ph.D. in alternative medicines in India.

Nandita Devi (Dr. Stephanie Marie-Fleur)
Nandita Devi (Dr. Stephanie Marie-Fleur Thankappan) has been practicing Yoga from childhood and has had a lifetime interest in gaining spiritual knowledge. She met and studied with many influential and well-recognized masters such as Indra Devi, Swami Satchitananda, Swami Vishnu-Devananda, Guru Nitya, and Swami Bua. She graduated with honors from Columbia University with a degree in Psychology and Eastern Religion. Her longstanding interest in stones and their healing properties led her to obtain a Graduate Gemologist degree from the Gemological Institute of America. She also has a Practitioner Certificate in clinical Gestalt Psychology, and is a certified Yoga Therapist with several Yoga Teacher Training certifications. She received her Master of Business Administration (MBA), and completed her Ph.D. with honors from Walden University specializing in spiritual leadership and organizational change.

Jhala Chandrasinhji
Director of Physical Education in Gujarat Ayurved University
University: Bhavnagar University, Bhavnagar (India).
Qualification: Master of Physical Education (M.P.E.).
1 st Class First in Gujarat University.
Nominated as an observer from A.I.U.'s sports board for all India
Inter Universities Yogasana Competition organized by T. M. Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur in January 2004.
Recognized Yoga teacher by Shri Lakulish Yoga Institute, Kayavarohan (Gujarat ).
Qualified National Referee / Official by Indian Yoga Federation.

Heather George

Representing: The Independent Yoga Network

Sivananda Teacher of Yoga - Diploma, Kerala, India.
Hatha Yoga - British School of Yoga Diploma.
Pilates Matwork Primary Series - The Mind Body Institute.
ChiBall Teacher - Monica Linford.
Reiki 1 and 2 - School of Holistic Therapies.
Life Coach (Distinction) - The Coaching Academy.
BTEC in Food Technology - The Polytechnic of The South Bank.
NVQ trainer and assessor - Royal Society of Arts.
Yoga Registered Teacher (YRT) and BYTA.
Advanced Instructor Level 3 Yoga Teacher - REPs. APPROACH

Jonathan Panks
Earned a reputation as being the personal yoga teacher to numerous celebrities in the entertainment industry. Jonathon earned a B.A. Degree in Sports and Recreation Therapy in 1985.

He began intensive study becoming a certified Minister of Hatha Yoga. Through the direct teachings of Swami Satchidananda, Jonathan's has cultivated his expertise combining Yoga Therapy and assisted stretching which has benefited thousands. Jonathan teaches a popular workshop series entitled"A Spiritual Journey Through Music.”As a professional musician, singer and songwriter, Jonathan performs internationally incorporating real life experience and yoga philosophy into his music.

"Lila"Is a Brazilian native that had came to New York City in 1990 as an artist and dancer and lived there for 10 years.

Found Zen Shiatsu and Yoga, studied and graduated from the Ohashi Institute of Shiatsu Her formal yoga training at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram in South India, and later Kundalini Yoga by Yogi Bajan at 3HO Brasil as well as Yin Yoga with Chandra Easton. Lila also studied Ayurveda with Dr. Robert Svoboda and Scott Blossom. Lila has incorporated the sacred sound of the Gong into her practices and has recently been initiated with the Gong Master Don Conreaux. In 2000 she returned to Brasil and transformed her old family farm into a special land called"Jatoba Terra Prana Lar Yoga"offering a truly holistic approach to life with various yoga courses, treatments, retreats as well as children's programs and a fresh organic garden, as she teaches people to reconnect with mother earth.

Norbu Oberdorfer
Norbu Oberdorfer is a Yogi from the Austrian Alps. He has been teaching, practicing and living yoga in his daily life for almost 20 years and has been trained in a variety of yoga styles— in Austria, Italy, India and California.

Norbu is a certified instructor of Ananda Yoga, which is based on the teachings of the well-known Indian Master, Paramhansa Yogananda and his direct disciple, Swami Kriyananda.

Ananda Yoga is a meditative style of yoga, combining body movement and postures with affirmations corresponding to the subtle qualities of the asana.

It is specifically designed to benefit the body, to uplift one's energies, and to directly support one in his or her efforts to experience higher states of awareness, like inner joy, inner stillness, and inner peace.

Dr. Yogita Mehta
Dr. Yogita Mehta is a renowned Yoga Expert of Gujarat, India.
She Is currently working Iccr In Cairo, Egypt .
She Was Indian Gold Medallist In Yoga.

Teaching Experience:
Experience of Working As A Yoga Teacher since 1995 - 2004 in India.
Expertise in Yoga
Mastery Over Yoga Asanas (Hathayoga)
Mastery Over 6 Shatkriyas (Cleansing Processes)
Study Of The Theory Of Astanga Yoga

Area of Specialization
Conducting Workshops And Summer Camps For Children
Teaching Pregnant Mothers Yoga Asanas
Teaching In Advanced Yoga Workshops The Complete Cleansing Process (Shat Karma)
Health Consultation Using Naturopathy And Yoga Therapies
Stress Management
Weight Loss And Control
Dietary Consultation
Teaching Children And Youth Memory Development
Coaching Yoga Students

and our stagnant, demoralized collectives and almost empty, free public program halls bear stark testimony to a proven collective failure ............. month after month, year after year, decade after decade. The fact that these eastern gurus/western professional teachers/yoga organizations have just begun to gather financial strength and are rapidly mushrooming their trademark brands all over should serve as a stark and timely warning to all SYs/WCASY that their SYSSR (Sahaja Yoga Subtle System Religion) is about to be made almost useless and redundant. This is because “If you put one little fish and two eggs for ten people with one chili to say that it is Sahaja Yoga, maybe a lemon, they will think," What's this going on here? Wishy-washy stuff.” i assure you that once Shri Mataji attains Mahasamadhi the wishy-washy stuff of SYSSR will collapse as only Her presence now sustains the remaining feeble attempts to revive a cause devoid of truth, dharma and conscience.

But we should not despair as Shri Mataji has promised to establish Sahaja Yoga before She leaves. All we need to do is to follow Her 1980s/March 1994 instructions to the letter. Like in the family we are getting everything from the fridge and joyously giving it to each and every seeker, so that they'll be very happy to take whatever they like. This is happening for the first time ever in the history of Sahaja Yoga. It is indeed comforting to know that there are souls out there who are inspired to act the same (email below).



November 12, 2006

Dear all - who so ever is behind this most important website;

I am most thankful to Shri Mataji and you for allowing me to finally get to know true collectivity. After a hint from very dear yogis in Northern England, I have been browsing your site for hours this last weekend, enjoying, say, a lot of "mental/intellectual relief", a return of believed lost faith and determination as well as -"on top of it"- cool vibrations in my sahasrara.

Coming across you has been absolutely in line with numerous, not always positive, experiences in the so-called collective; a couple of dreams in which Shri Mataji has been preparing/showing the way for myself and the family (plus just one more yogini) in a place, where there are some 30/40 SYs, and"growth" of SY during almost 14(!) years has only taken place through married partners of few yogis coming here and some courageous souls/children being born in this...Hamburg, Germany - which is actually the Agnya of Germany, of the"Right heart.”

I am confident to be inspired enough now to become more and more my own guru and to announce; starting maybe with some collective introspection...

After all, it was in this Germany where some 450 years back one catholic monk stood up against"The System", one lonely realized soul by the name of - Martin Luther.

At that time only, tragically through his efforts, he woke up sleeping Nishumba - and although Shri Mataji finished both these 2 brothers some time ago on subtle level, their bhoots can still be very much found within the minds of many SYs, not only in Germany...Anyway, those of us, who have to go ahead, will do just that; no time to be wasted.

If you feel that there is anything by which you could keep me updated in terms of practical information etc, please fell free to do so and maybe add me to your mailing list.

Thank you again; with all brotherly love and respect,

Xxxx | JSM