Books written by other gurus

From: "dr_balwinder"
Date: Mon Jun 7, 2004 5:37 am
Subject: Re: Hi (Paramhansa Yogananda's book"Autobiography of a Yogi')

—- In, Madhurima M wrote:
> >
> > Dear Forum,
> >
> > I think, it is high time as sahaja yogis we
> > learnt to judge the book on vibrations. When you are reading
> > something, immediately your kundalini will tell you. I had read
> > this book before coming to Sahaja and frankly it could give me
> > nothing, compared to what Sahaja Yoga has given to me.
> >
> > Jai Shri Mataji
> > Madhurima.

> In, Jagbir wrote:
> One of the books i read was"Autobiography of a Yogi"Whose
> mystical journeys, though different and distant from the
> Sahasrara, took me quite a distance. It also helped me understand
> that human beings are far more than what religious organizations
> have us believe, and that i would learn and gain more spiritually
> the further i distanced myself from their religious clutches and
> control.
> To answer your question on Kriya i would like to inform that the
> present-day"Autobiography of a Yogi"now available on the
> internet has the last chapter titled"The Years 1940-1951"missing.
> i have no idea why this very important and concluding insight
> promising the flowering of the divine universal plan for humanity,
> precisely as that fulfilled by Shri Mataji, has been edited out of the
> book.


I still remember reading this book in my early twenties as well as other holy texts like Koran, Bible , Ramayana & Bhagavadgita as well as the Granth Sahib and others. It helped break a number of conditionings in my mind. I would not compare it or any other Holy book with Mother's teachings but in the same vein I must say the book helped me in my spiritual journey.

I feel we Sahaja Yogis must harness whatever that has already been written in the Holy texts and good spiritually inclined books to further uphold Her teachings. We must avoid references of false gurus even if what they say supports the teachings of Shree Mataji. All this may seem unnecessary for the miniscule number of SYogi/nis in Sahaj already since we know who the AdiShakti is.

It will make a big difference to newcomers who in the beginning IMHO usually need something in the teachings of Shree Mataji which relate to their religion/beliefs/views. Even if they do not need it for themselves, this newcomers may need it to reason (explain) with their families/friends etc until they reach a stage where they are totally confident in SYoga and Mother and have taken off in their ascent. I do not think it is pandering to their religion/beliefs/views since most if not all divine personalities after whom the religions were started are already being highly praised by Shree Mataji and sitting on our chakras.

I am just guessing here but I think many many more people on earth have read the autobiography of the Yogi than any book on SY. The few that I know who read the book were positively impacted by the book. But like Madhurima correctly observed , the impact is nothing like the positive impact of SY.


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