Christians need the mark of the Spirit to overcome their fears

Alright! It really is Time to deal with this great fear and to start to take account of the fact that the Holy Spirit of God All Mighty is much more powerful than any anti-Christ powers!

Jesus Christ Himself said that the 'Christian Comforter' would come and teach us all things and bring to remembrance all things that He spoke about. Well...this has happened! I want all those from the Christian tradition to know that the Christian Comforter has come and She was born in Chindwara India of Christian parents. This Truth needs to be taken seriously, because as Jesus has promised, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (meaning Respected Mother Immaculate Deity) has come!

Instead of talking in fearful tones about the"Mark of the Beast", which helps no one but only causes people to continue to fear, Shri Mataji, the Christian Comforter that Indeed She Is... has come to enable us to have our Second Birth of the Spirit. She states that LIKE THE DISCIPLES on the DAY OF PENTECOST, we can also feel this Sure Sign of BEING BORN AGAIN, which is felt as a Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost, as felt by the Disciples of Jesus on the Day of Pentecost!

Many people from all spiritual traditions have already felt this Cool Breeze of the Holy Spirit. It has united us in Spirit and in Truth. We are able to accept each other as Brothers and Sisters of the One God who reigns over All. Outer dress, customs and family or country of origin make no difference when we are united as Jesus has described when He said:

"That they may all be one; even as Thou, Father, art in me, and I in Thee.”(John 17:21)

This is the True Spiritual Unity that is happening now, and HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH External Religious Amalgamation, which will never work anyway because one will always want to dominate the other because of reasons of power and money.

As we dispel all illusory external divisions of different spiritual traditions through the Light of the Spirit, it will be seen that the real"Mark of the Beast"Is the external rules, regulations, dogmas and doctrines that politics and religion have already imposed! In other words, the real anti-christ spirit has already been in all the religions for a long time, and seeing and hearing clearly the Words of Jesus and other Incarnations alone will bring renewed Spiritual Understanding and Spiritual Enlightenment.

Yes, it is the religions themselves, and not the Founders of the Various Spiritual Traditions who are responsible for 'spiritual separation' rather than the"unity of the Spirit.”

We are also encouraging you to unite in our Spiritual Collectivity, which has no external barriers, because it is of the Spirit and not of the flesh. The Holy Spirit within is not bound by any physical barriers. She flows everywhere, within everything that is created. She is also your individual Mother within you that speaks of Her Love to you, if you will but listen. She is the Power of God All Mighty...His Power, and therefore She is also referred to as He in some spiritual traditions, because the Spirit of God emanates from God All Mighty.

I just want to say to Christians, that they shall not worry about external happenings of political and religious oppression, but to turn to the Holy Spirit within themselves and find the spiritual liberty that is their 'boon' to find at this Resurrection Time, if they so desire it!

Please do not worry about Religious Turmoil worldwide and about threatened amalgamation of World Religions. Shri Mataji has stated that it is not the outer amalgamation of world religious that is the answer, for they can never truly become One as Jesus, the Christ stated. It is only in the pattern set down by Jesus that people from all spiritual traditions can become One! And that is to join in Spirit and in Truth in an Internal Oneness, just like the"Father art in me, and I in Thee.”

Please dear Christian, turn away from dogma and doctrine, rules and regulations of the church leaders. This is the Resurrection Time, when you cannot afford to follow blindly and think you are safe just following the spiritual crowd. Now is the Time to become your own Master, Teacher and Guru.

Becoming your own Master, Teacher, and Guru only happens when the Spirit of God within arises and becomes that within you. This Holy Spirit within will rule and guide you, over and above the rules and regulations made by mere man. This Holy Spirit will cause you to have the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in your life, which give immense peace, love, joy, and everlasting life. This Holy Spirit in your life will make you never fear about any"Mark of the Beast", because She/He is much more powerful and you will come to know this. You can come to know this Holy Spirit by having your Second Birth of the Holy Spirit. You will then be guided by the Christian Comforter as Jesus promised, who will teach you all things from within, rather than being taught false Christian dogmas and doctrines from without.

with sincerest wishes to all Christians and others,


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