Difficult children feeling the Wind of the Tree of Life - from a Finnish SYogini

From:  "jagbir singh" <www.adishakti.org@gmail.com>
Date:  Tue Dec 14, 2004  1:39 pm
Subject:  Difficult children feeling the Wind of the Tree of Life - from a Finnish SYogini
I'm also a teacher - or in fact I'm studying now to be a
teacher, but I've been many years working as a teacher already.

So, I wanted to share with you my experience about giving
realizations at school. It was three years ago when I got a new
fifth class to teach. It was in the most difficult area in the
capital of Finland, Helsinki. Their old teacher had quit because it
had been too difficult class. It was 27 pupils from which 1/3 were
foreigners and many of them didn't speak Finnish or even English
language. Many of the children were also from alcoholic families and
some of their parents were in jail... So it was a total mess when I

They were behaving so badly and some of them even so violently that
in the end of the day I was always so tired and sad like somebody
would have beaten me! It was so horrible. Many times I decided to
quit also but always the meditation helped me to carry on.

So, one year passed and STILL the class was full of problems. I
started to be hopeless! But then I heard about one Swedish yogini
who had given realisations to her class by using this kind of story
about "the tree of life" or "tree of peace and silence" which is
inside of us.

So, I decided also to try the same. Next day I started the day with
this story. Usually so wild children were totally focused and very
silently listening. And in the end of the story when I asked them to
feel above their head if they feel anything (it was a sign if the
tree of peace had woke up inside of them that it was moving its
branches and leaves and making this little "wind") and they ALL felt
it!!! It was so joyous moment!

After that day the whole class changed totally! They became
immediately more peaceful and nicer to each other. In fact they
started behaving so well that the other teachers started joking that
I've started giving them some pills! Everybody said now that it
was the best class to teach!

After that the children started many times (almost daily) speaking
about God and many of them said that they had started believing in

It really was such a nice year with them. I still miss them! They
were so full of humor - just like yogi children!

So, this was my story but if some of you have also experiences about
this topic so please share them with us. It would be very nice to
hear them!

Your sister Tiina

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