The Disappearance of the Universe

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Date: Sat Jan 14, 2006 7:27 pm
Subject: Re: The Disappearance of the Universe

Dear Chandra,

Thank you for that timely warning/information about what Shri Mataji has said. i do not have the book anymore, so cannot check the vibrations. Also, as i read one (or perhaps two) books years ago before becoming a Sahaja Yogi, i did not check the vibrations.

i agree that there is a lot of 'how to' spiritual books these days, and i tend to stay away from ones which are obviously 'channelled' by someone, rather than them coming from the direct inspiration of the author themselves, due to Shri Mataji's warning on this, but i always check the vibrations of any book before buying/borrowing it. In fact i find if a book is not dharmic, i can feel sharp pain/tingling or heat coming from off the book, in which case i do not buy/borrow it as according to my vibrational knowledge it is not 'kosher'.

There is definitely a difference between inspired writing, and the use of another spirit entity to pass it on.

i have always wanted to know this. Can information be channelled from another being to a person, and i mean a Spiritual Being through the Sushumna Channel, a being that is Living and not Dead.....and in this sense i am talking about "Living" Spirits of God, residing in the Collective Consciousness of the Sushumna Nadi as opposed to the channelling from the "dead" or deceased spirits residing in the Collective Subconscious of the Ida Nadi Channel?

For example, by an Angel....

"The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show to His
bond-servants, the things which must shortly take place; and HE SENT AND COMMUNICATED IT BY HIS ANGEL to His bond-servant John".(Revelations 1:1)

Isn't this a case of an angel being the channel for the Revelation to John? We should read in the Bible and study all cases so we can know the difference, as iwould really like to know the truth about this.

Maybe the difference of received information can also be seen between the
'channelled' information that Shri Mataji warns about and the 'non-channelled' information that is, for example, evidenced in Levi's writing of the Book of God's Remembrance which we know as The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ.

Levi does not claim to receive channelled information from another spirit, but through meditation this information came through to him. He saw directly and wrote from that. He did not use the medium of another spirit. i think the way Levi operated was much like when Jagbir's children go into meditation that they see and experience directly. It does not come through a secondary spirit being (what Shri Mataji calls a deceased person from the Collective Subconscious of the Left Channel, Ida Nadi).

Here is how Levi's 'Seeing' is described:

Regarding Levi, the transcriber

As I stated (in the FAQ's page), The Book of God's Remembrance is a recording—imprinted on disc-like plates smaller than atoms. Every event that ever occurs leaves an imprint on these elemental particles, which continuously emit extremely fine energy waves. Anyone who knows how to fine-tune certain mind-receptors to the frequencies to these tiny transmissions can witness all events that have ever occurred; and this sacred recording can never be revised or edited.

It was only a matter of time before someone would become strong enough to open our Father's Record Book. As God's Children, our souls grow stronger and wiser with each incarnation. (Much of the human race has now reached adolescence of soul.) Levi H. Dowling (1844 - 1911), an American who lived in Ohio, attained enough strength and knowledge to open The Book of God's Remembrance.

Levi became strong enough (and worthy enough) sometime after his fiftieth year on Earth. He gained the strength and know-how through many years of practicing all-night sessions of meditation, combined with fasting. After reaching his goal, he was able to focus his mind on particular persons, places and times, and clearly view ancient events—as if happening "here and now."

During meditation, Levi was able to re-play events (as many times as necessary) in order to provide us with a perfect transcript. He spent many months transcribing the events he directly witnessed in "The Book of God's Remembrance" (also called The Akashic Records). His original manuscript is entitled "The Aquarian Age Gospel of Jesus, the Christ of the Piscean Age," however it is widely published under the title, "The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ," andis commonly referred to as simply, "The Aquarian Gospel."

People who are known as psychics and remote viewers have occasionally caught fleeting glimpses of our Father's recording. Prophets and seers have been more successful— sometimes able to clearly view some past events (as well as portions of the future); but Levi gained complete access to Nature's hidden portico. He is the first person in Earth's History to be granted full access to the Mystic Records of Time, with permission to write down what he witnessed.

Levi concentrated on just a small portion of God's History Book; he focused on "the little book"—that tiny part of World History that is the record of Jesus' life. There is no longer any reason to wonder who was Jesus, or to speculate or debate what He said or did. The entire story is now available in the Aquarian Gospel, and anyone who wishes may read.


In regards to Mariane Williamson, like you say, this person gave advice, but not how to have the Second Birth of the Spirit. None of her information actually really helped me, except for a mental understanding of the 'logical-ness' of following the spiritual values. i must say, however, that, there was no Spiritual Liberation in just the reading of that, and it did not have the powerto change my life. It was nice words and nice platitudes, and i never really understood Spiritual Values Truly until i had my Self-Realization, because true spiritual values do not come from thinking and mentally visualizing them or anything like that, but from the Power of Self-Realization Itself.

Like you say, Chandra, only a True Guru can lead a person to the Moksha
(Spiritual Liberation) within.

i would like any more comments from people like Chandra and Jagbir and others on this please, because i think we need to see these issues much more clearly and really talk about them and athrash' them out. Why should we all stay in the dark about these matters?

Warmest regards,


—- In, "my2pai" <my2pai@y...>

Dear Violet, John and All,

I myself have not read the book "The Disappearance of the
Universe" and so I too am not in a position to comment on it. But I have
looked into the ACIM website at and so would like to
offer my two pennies' worth in the light of what Shri Mataji has spoken
regarding the subject of mediums, spiritualists, channellers,
black magicians and healers; this was the subject of a post here on this
forum recently:

Basically, ACIM originated from the channelling experiences of a
doctor when she acted as a "scribe" while this bhoot named "Jesus"
dictated to her "a course in miracles," hence ACIM. I have not
looked into the details of this course but from what I can gather
it is about spiritual values and other high-sounding platitudes. (We
too have a bhoot on this forum named "Joseph of Arimathea"
aka "Vishnu." The difference is that our "Joseph" here, as far as
we know, has not dictated any impressive-sounding document to the
human he has possessed.)

We have to remember that all the false gurus also carry out the
same agenda of spouting highfalutin niceties like love, compassion,
charity, etc. What they don't tell you about is your Self, the
Spirit and the next step in your evolution, your self-realization,
the awakening of the Kundalini. The false gurus offer you every
pleasant-sounding ideal except That which is the Truth. So we have
to know that at this crucial time of the Last Judgment the false
prophets have made their appearance in sly and devious ways to
distract and divert the unwary seekers from the path of Truth.

Blindly following the teaching of these spirit teachers is
extremely dangerous. As Shri Mataji has spoken: "...that you should know
what are the dangers; I've already told you - moving to the left and
the right and the spiritualists are moving to the left. They're using
spirits and it's very dangerous. You don't know how to protect
yourself; unless and until you get your realization you will not
even know how spiritualism is wrong. Absolutely it is most

These spirit teachers are also busybodies, as Shri Mataji has put
it. Regarding this, Shri Mataji has said: "It's very dangerous,
don't go near them. Christ has already told you; he's the one who
told so plainly, he took them out and put them in the pigs and
pigs went into the sea. You have heard of that or not; so why do you
want to bring them back? Put them in the pigs. If they don't want to
reside in the area where they are suppose to reside, let them go
to pigs. They've no business, they're busybodies, you know."

These spiritual teachers are also meddlesome "do-gooders" who have
not accepted the fact of their death and are still hanging around
interfering in human affairs. You can read about the bizarre tale
of the late Dr. Lang in post 5431 and this is probably the same with
the spirit teacher "Jesus" in the case of ACIM.

Here is the concluding warning from Shri Mataji: "Don't go near
the spiritualists; don't do that, it's very dangerous, for you, for
the progeny, for everyone. I must warn you; it's the most dangerous
thing and should not do that. Even if you don't like it I have to
tell you. I don't want to tell you something that's not true. You
depend on yourself, on your own spirit, on your own being; why to
depend on somebody who's dead, let them be alone."


—- In, "Violet"

Dear John and All,

i have never read the book "The Disappearance of the Universe"
so cannot comment on it, but would be interested in your sharing with
us whatever spiritual insights you come across. That would be
really nice, if you would do that, John.

i have read books by Mariane Williamson, and ACIM is based on
her work, i believe. From what i have read.....Mariane can explain
better than almost anyone else.....why it makes sense to follow
spiritual values in one's life. She shows better than most anyone
else i know, how not following spiritual values, means you are
really cheating yourself. She is able to explain things in a way,
that is very logical and makes sense, and makes a person wonder
why they never thought of that themselves.

John, you ask:

"I'm wondering how ACIM relates to yoga. Forgive me, from the
Christian perspective, but does yoga put you into a 'no-mind'

You could say that ACIM relates to yoga in that it is a tool to
help you to introspect. Introspection helps a person to realize
where they may be having wrong understanding/values in their lives
that can be adjusted to more spiritually real values. Yoga is
about the union of all our parts, which need to be integrated into One.
Yoga is about the integration of the spiritual values in our
lives, so that we can be fully integrated and functioning smoothly as

That said.....a person still needs the Light and Power of Sahaja
Yoga, and that can be experienced through the awakening of the
Kundalini within, which when it rises, goes past the forehead, and
takes your Spirit with Her to the throne at the Kingdom of God
within (a.k.a. the Sahasrara Centre or 1000 petalled Lotus). When
this happens, the Light of the Spirit awakens within your being,
and you have the Light and Power of Union. It is like the turning on
of a switch in the brain of the 1000 petalled Lotus, which also
correspond to the 1000 Nerves in the brain. It is a Real 'En-
Lighten-Ment', which allows you to see yourself and gives you the power to
become the Real You that you have always wanted to be, which is
really the Spirit. (Most SY's never managed becoming their 'Real
You" or Spirit until they had that connection, btw. It is
an actualization'.....not just a mental concept....when this

"Does yoga put you into a 'no-mind' state?"

It is called "Thought-Less" Awareness. It is still "Awareness",
but your focus is within instead of Without. The yoga or union....
gives you the you practice meditation, to stop the
thoughts that intrude. These thoughts are all around us in
the 'mind field' in the atmosphere. We begin to have the power to stop those thoughts and when we have done that (which is not forced by the
way, but is a by-product of the meditation practice) then the Higher
Awareness starts to flow in.......because it can........because
all the intruding thoughts in the atmosphere around are not blocking
the flow of the Higher Awareness.

It is not so much a 'no-mind' state, but it is a 'no-thought' state. It is actually a Higher Mind State, in which you can receive the Higher Awareness of the flow of Love, Bliss, Higher Knowledge,
Inspiration, Intuition.....all of which flow via this "Thought-
less" Awareness".

None of this Higher Awareness comes in the form of "thoughts",
though. That is very important to realize. It comes in the form of
an "Internal Knowing". This is also called "Gnosis".

"Gnosis" has to be experienced, and nobody can do that for you.
It is an individual journey within. With practice, dedication, and
genuine spiritual seeking, a person can experience it.

i hope this helps.

Warm regards,


—- In, "John Foxworthy"

Hello All,

I have recently ordered the book The Disapearance of the
Univese and look forward to reading it. It's based on A Course in
Miracles. Has anyone else read it/have any opinions on the book?

I'm wondering how ACIM relates go yoga. Forgive me, from the
Christian prespecitve, but does yoga put you into a no-mind state?


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