"God intervenes directly only in one supernatural religion that exists"

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Date:  Tue Dec 21, 2004  3:00 pm
Subject:  "God intervenes directly only in one supernatural religion that exists"
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> > Dear Jagbir,
> > Thank you for your kind reply to my questions. I can see that
> > you are honest and sincere in what you are doing. Your response
> > has been very helpful.
> > 'It is the Divine Message that matters the most, not the divine
> > messenger. It is the inner guidance of the Goddess that matters
> > most..'
> > This is true, and at last I am able to understand and accept
> > this.
> > Regards, Semira
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> Dear Semira,
> Thank you for this kind compliment,
> You may meditate on any form of the Divine Feminine within you are
> most comfortable with - Adi Shakti (Hinduism), Comforter/Holy
> Spirit (Christianity), Ma Adi/Ruh (Islam), Mai Treya (Buddhism),
> Great Mother (Taoism) and Aykaa Mayee (Sikhism). It does not
> matter whom you choose as they are all one and the same. What
> really matters is your belief and comprehension of the Great Event
> ordained for all humanity.
> In a nutshell, it means living a righteous life and meditating
> twice a day for about 15-20 minutes. Once you are truly rooted in
> the Divine nothing will stray you from this spiritual path. How
> can anyone who embraces all religions, accepts all messengers and
> believes in all scriptures ever go wrong in the eyes of the Divine?
> It is only on Earth that we humans are fighting and killing in the
> name of religion. In the Spirit World all messengers feast, sing
> and rejoice in each others company. They are all together and emit
> only love to all.
> The Last Judgment and Resurrection compels all who believe in this
> Great News to unconditionally accept all His messengers. This
> gives peace of mind and spiritual fulfillment since you can love
> all. It is so liberating to love all His messengers. Deep in your
> heart you know it is the Truth that has set you free.
> jagbir

The war of religions has made Cardinal Newman to exclaim: "O how we
hate one another for the love of God!"

Mircea Eliade, the great historian of religion, used to make the
necessary distinction between the revealed truths and the religions
built around them, and daringly asserted: "I do not believe that
certain primordial revelations could disappear ... But what I am
sure of is that the future forms of religious expression will be
completely different from the fossilized, obsolete and meaningless
forms that we meet in Christianity, Judaism, Islamism. I'm sure that
there will be other expressions to come." The Benedictine monk and
mystic Bede Griffiths assumes that "The only way is to rediscover
the perennial philosophy, the traditional wisdom, which is found in
all ancient religions and especially in the great religions of the
world. But those religions have in turn become fossilized and each
has to be renewed... so that a cosmic, universal religion can
emerge... This is the task for the coming centuries as the present
world order emerges from the ashes of the old." That perfectly
matched the forecast of Nostradamus about a new Messiah being one
who will shake down the dogma of fossilized religious thought.

The comprehension of the divine message in its essence, the
liberation of the archetypes from the artificial network created by
man, could lead to a pure, universal religion (Vishwa Nirmala
Dharma, in Sanskrit), thus fulfilling the contemporary (but not
only) dream of many exponents of the great religions who, however,
are hindered by the dogmatic conservatism of the intolerant,
exclusive institutions driven by thirst for power and wealth that
have nothing to do with the spirituality of which they are
pretending to be the sole, authorized representatives. Schuon
referred to the "natural mysticism" précising that here the
term "mysticism" is "what relates to a supra-rational communication
with Divinity. In his view, that concept included the "spirituality
not entering into the framework of a given religion which is held to
be the sole and supernatural religion." He adds: "God intervenes
directly only in one supernatural religion that exists, and not
outside it."

Dan Costian, Bible Enlightened (Foreword)

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