Nirbhau Nirvair - Fearless and All-loving is He

5. Nirbhau Nirvair - Fearless and All-loving is He

"These two words, Nirbhau and Nirvair, are adjectives qualifying the Lord of the universe, Ishwara, the Kartaa Purakh. On a higher and subtler level, the same adjectives indicate the qualities necessary for the seeker on the quest for Truth.

The Lord is nirbhau or "fearless" because there is none higher than Him; at the same time, there is nothing other than Him. "Higher" in the sense that there is no one more powerful than Him, nor is there anyone more knowledgeable than He is.

Also, since He is the Cause of everything, there is no one older than Him whom He needs to fear. There is no one to boss over Him, so to speak. He is the Supreme Boss.

Fear is always of something other than oneself. One is never afraid of oneself. When you are all alone, there is nothing to fear. But if you are on a street and you hear footsteps, you are afraid. Even when we are alone, the fear is not of ourselves but of an imagined someone hiding somewhere. Fear is always in reference to another. Why, even a friend or close relative can cause us harm! Thus, for the Lord who knows that He alone is, there is no fear.

Fear can also be of the unknown. But then the Creator is All-knowing. One also fears the loss of something dear, or the non-fulfillment of one's desires. But the Lord is Infinite. As such He experiences no loss and is never incomplete. by the same token He is without desire. Hence He is totally Fearless.

One may think that such a powerful, fearless person could be a terror, a mad sultan or a dictator ever ready to punish anyone who displeases Him. He the Fearless One would thus Himself become our greatest fear. No! Guru Nanakji says the Lord is Nirvair, He is "without hatred, enmity or vindictiveness"; for there is no one separate from Him.

Think: do you hate any part of yourself? Would you in your proper senses inflict any harm on yourself? How many times must your own finger have poked your eye and caused you pain! Did you can and throw away that finger? Or do you hate it now, even a little? In fact the very eye that was poked carefully examines the same finger when it is cut. Does the eye say, "You poked me, so now you should suffer"? No, because we know that all the parts form one body.

The Lord who sees all as His own Self, how can He hate anyone or harm anyone? He is All-loving. He who wants to know this Nirbhau, Nirvair, Kartaa Purakh should himself become fearless and un-vindictive, for fear and vindictiveness sabotage our peace of mind, create countless agitations and cover the blissful divinity lying within. A saadhak or "seeker" cannot afford to entertain any of these negative qualities.

It is because of our lack of faith in the all-powerful, omnipotent, loving and compassionate Lord that we have fear. A devotee need not fear anyone or anything. Even the fear of not reaching our goals should be dropped. The Lord is just and ever compassionate.

Subjectively live in the knowledge that no harm can ever come to the Atman, the Self. Only the very rare, courageous few (kashchid dheerah), the Upanishads declare, can tread the path to perfection. Fear dissipates all the mental stamina one needs to grasp the subtle knowledge and meditate on the Reality.

When there is fear in the mind, where is there place for God? Neither is there any place for God where there is enmity. It is interesting to note that one hates one's enemy and sometimes even wishes the latter were dead, but all the while he keeps that enemy alive in his own memory, in his heart.

Realize: we alone keep the enmity burning in our hearts and suffer. He who has devotion to the Lord, how can he hate anyone? All are Him alone in the different forms, all are His expressions. Seen from the subjective standpoint, the one Self alone is, so what is there for me to fear, and what is there for me to hate?

The ego, this sense of individuality with all its likes and dislikes, false expectations and desires, is the cause of all fear and enmity. Surrender this ego at the feet of the Lord. Give up the sense of distinction. Give up even the thought that God is separate from you, for if you don't, there will still be the fear of being punished. In love come to identify with Him.

There is nothing to fear or hate, not even the terrible devil who is sometimes over-glorified (i.e. over-emphasized) in certain religions. God alone is and He is All-loving. So love all and hate none. He who has no enemies has nothing and no one to fear.

One may say all this is fine, but the greatest fear in this world is of death!

He who has no fear of death fears nothing. Therefore Sri Guru Nanakji glorifies the lord as Akaal Moorat.”

5. Nirbhau Nirvair - Fearless and All-loving is He

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