I just used the word"THIAN"Instead of"Shri Mataji.” And it just worked.

> >
> > Krishna says in the Gita: 'O Arjuna, I am born in this world again
> > and again'. And Arjuna asks: 'How am I to know this?' Krishna
> > replies: 'O Arjuna, I know all the lives, thou knowest them not, I
> > know them all and I will continue to come. Whenever virtue is on
> > the decline and evil in the ascendant, in order to restore the
> > balance of virtue I take birth again and again'.
> >
> > Who is this 'I' who takes birth? It is the Lord omniscient and
> > omnipresent, called Ishwara, God the Father. It is He who is
> > saying so. Brahman, the infinite, immortal, absolute, has no
> > death and no birth, but He has a second phase by means of which
> > we explain the world — Ishwara, the personal God, and it is He
> > who says 'I am born again and again'.
> >
—- In adishakti_sahaja_yoga@yahoogroups.com," jagbir singh"
> Dear devotees of the Great Adi Shakti,
> i consider this article to be one of the most, if not the most
> important and enlightening of knowledge since my 1993 self-
> realization. It contains the deepest and profound of knowledge
> unlike anything i have read before as it encompasses so much of
> what i have learned from Shri Mataji, the Holy Scriptures and
> Incarnations.
> There is another reason it has touched me so. Just last week i
> was again trying to understand Shri Krishna viz a viz Brahman. In my
> heart Brahman was beyond everything but Shri Krishna incarnation
> caused some tension. What i understand is that anything that
> incarnates has to be part of Shakti, the creative aspect of Brahman,
> as has been all incarnations. But i wanted to be sure. Now i know
> for certain that"Brahman, the infinite, immortal, absolute, has no
> death and no birth, but He has a second phase by means of which we
> explain the world — Ishwara, the personal God, and it is He who
> says 'I am born again and again'.”The incarnation of Shri Krishna
> makes perfect sense now.
> Yesterday i was discussing religion and spirituality with my
> brother-in-law who had come down. i told him that in all my years
> prior to self-realization i grasped1% of the Truth. Then from 1993-
> 2007 i realized another 1%, and that i am confident of realizing at
> maximum about 4-5% of the Truth in my remaining years. i am just
> like an ant trying to understand the universe.
> And talking about the universe, just yesterday i saw an excellent
> National Geography documentary. Since i know that the universe
> expanded from something smaller than the nucleus of an atom i just
> watched in rapt silence at its mind-boggling size, unfathomable
> complexity, and present-day acceleration in expansion ............
> a process that has continued since billions of years ago!
> All one can do is to spend the remaining years in Silence. That is
> the only way to grasp Hari Prasad Shastri's"Doctrine of
> Incarnation.” If there are any who can understand this truth, the
> fundamental, basic and rock-bottom truth, that is, the identity of
> the localized spirit in man with the supreme and absolute spirit,
> he needs no prayers and no rituals, nothing except a Guru. And when
> the Guru without is the incarnation of the Great Adi Shakti within,
> one and the same, then know you have an unprecedented opportunity
> to attain Brahman. You need no external prayers, rituals or images
> to merge and be one with Brahman. Tat Twam Asi - there is no
> greater or more important truth than _realizing_ it over the years
> through Silence! It will take time.
> Shri Krishna is also part and parcel of Brahman ....... just like
> Jesus, Rama, Buddha, Nanak, Muhammad, Moses and others. For me
> probably this is the last doubt that had to be cleared by the
> Primordial Guru. There seems to be nothing left to be answered.
> Jai Shri Ganapathy,
> jagbir

Dear Bagus,

Thank you for the email that helped me make some corrections. i would like to quote part of your email for forum members:

"And here is my experience:

Actually I got my self-realization from internet...online from www.sahajayoga.org and at the beginning I was afraid to ask Shri Mataji. At that time, I believed that in spiritual path, I must not ask any other"beings"than formless God, the Almighty, because other beings might be evil and by asking them, they might possess me. So, I just used the word"THIAN" (pronounce: Dhyan), the way Confucians in my country call God Almighty (I was born in Confucian family), instead of"Shri Mataji.” And it just worked.

Jai Shri Mataji.


Thian/God Almighty/Brahman exists within us as Light and that is why it just worked. This Light is always above His Power/Holy Spirit/ Shakti who has incarnated in the form of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. It is almost impossible to believe this fact but all religions, Holy Scriptures, Incarnations and sages uphold His Light within all humans. Thus when you used the word"Thian"Instead of"Shri Mataji"It worked because God and His Power are one and the same.

So you were cautious. At least you went that far because there is no way i would have done the same. i had given up on religions and gurus because none could provide me evidence that they were the true path to the Divine.

But all that changed beyond my wildest dreams late 1993 and the rest is recorded revelations unprecedented in human history. No human or religious organization can now dispute that the Adi Shakti incarnated Herself for the first time ever.

Bagus, i truly regard:

Doctrine Of Incarnation by Hari Prasad Shastri

to contain all the enlightenment, wisdom and guidance for the rest of your life. There is nothing better than this article ....... yet. Please read it occasionally over the months/years in times of need and reassurance. It will always continue to guide you closer and closer to God and eventually silence you. i desire that you begin realizing that your comprehension of God Almighty will be as successful as that of an ant understanding the Universe. In that humility you will only wish to remain Silent for all eternity. Then, and only then, you will be always in Sat Chit Anand - Being, Consciousness and Bliss. It is a long journey Bagus but a very, very, very beautiful one. So learn to be an ant first.

Jai Shri Mataji,


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