Is Thoughtless Awareness like this?

From:  "v_koa" <>
Date:  Thu Feb 10, 2005  10:07 pm
Subject:  Is Thoughtless Awareness like this?
Dear all,

I had a question that arose in my mind today as I was walking in a
quieter part of the city that is covered in trees, has birds flying
about, and is really very nice. I am not a sahaja yogi yet, as
everyone should know, but I had a fleeting glimpse of something and
wanted to know if anyone could give me any insight or conformation
in regard to that.

Today I took a walk in a neighborhood by the ocean here in Vancouver
Bc Canada, which is very quiet and free of all most all trafficless
a car or two here and there which drives by) though right downtown,
and it was a cold but beautifully sunny day. As I walked down the
street I made a Conscious effort to notice everything in great
detail, from the smells, to the birds flying over head, to the color
in the grass, the designs in the bricks which I was walking on;
everything. As I did that, suddenly I found myself not making an
effort to notice these things, yet noticing everything in greater
detail then when I first started. Not only that, but colors were
more vibrant, sounds and smells more pronounced etc. The thing that
was really amazing is that I stopped thinking and had no thoughts,
just a deep enjoyment of all that was around, how everything worked
together perfectly, and was not consciously thinking about why the
things I was seeing were making me happy. I simply was enjoying
these things without any thoughts behind them what so ever. It was
more then that, I was happy and it was as if I wasn't " me", IE not
identifying with how I look, what I was wearing, ego stuff or my
past. IT was as if I didn't have a body and was suddenly aware of
how I was actually behind this mask(body) and not the mask itself.
I felt simply as though I belonged and was connected to everything
and everyone. Even if I saw people smoking, or yelling, or sleeping
on the benches in the park, looking through trash bins in the alley,
I wasn't disgusted, saddened, fearful, just happy, peaceful and
looked at these things with a sense of "love" I guess you could say,
though I can't say for sure what it was.

THE thing was, as soon as I began to analyze why I was feeling this
way or questioning why I was enjoying these things, these feelings
stopped and I felt once again disconnected from everything and
brought right back into the real world and all its problems and my
opinions/outlooks on all these things.

No my question to EVERYONE out there is- IS being in thoughtless
awareness in meditation and eventually on a daily basis in SY like
this in anyway? I know if it is its to a degree many times greater
then anything I experienced today, but was just curious if
thoughtless awareness is anything like what I described above. I
must say, if thoughtless awareness is like what I experienced above
but to a degree much greater then that, I would not want to
experience anything else or live in another ay but in that state at
all time. It was amazing.

I look forward to any responses I can get.


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Dear Kyyan,

The exercise you did, is one that Sri Mataji has mentioned, i.e.
that we look at things without thinking of them. She once mentioned
that for example if someone has a beautiful carpet, rather than
thinking how much that carpet costs, enjoy the beauty of the carpet
without thinking and that you will then feel the "joy" of the
creator of that carpet.

When you viewed how you did, the nature around you, you started to
feel the joy of the Creator who created it all. You were witnessing
with the "eyes" of your spirit and it gave you joy.

In our materialistic societies, we have too much focus on our
bodies, and minds and not on the spirit. You can stay at this level
as you practice more and more to look with the eyes of your spirit.
It is a very interesting learning curve and one you will find very
joyful and it will give you a sense of the Real and of Reality. You
will have insights which you never had before on the Oneness of All.
These are all insights and spiritual knowledge that you already have
but didn't consciously know because you may previously identified
yourself more with your body, rather than the spirit.

When you look with the eyes of your spirit, everything looks more
vibrant because you are looking at the Reality and the reality is
made up of Light. I remember when I "saw everything in a different

Not only that, you felt the Reality of yourself. That is how it
feels to feel or be your own Spirit, which is the real you. "you are
not the body, not the mind, not the emotions, you are the spirit."
It's wonderful isn't it!

SM has often said that looking at the sky, the grass, and nature
which God created; it helps us go into "thoughtless awareness."

In meditation, we experience "thoughtless awareness" and have a
similar feelings of the "oneness of All", the Lightness and the
Peace and Joy.


—- In, "kriptodanny" <kriptodanny@y...> wrote:

Dear Kyyan

Yes, Kyyan, this state is the thoughtless awareness. It is a state where
you become the,,witness,,. When all your thoughts cease to menace your attention, and you just ,,see,,.In this state of mind you are in the
,,present,, moment, and there is no past and no future, and you know you ARE a beautiful spiritual being. In this state if you walk by a
beautiful tree and say ,,hello,, to him, and he answers you back:)),you
won't be surprised at all, because you understand the unity of creation
in all things. While this state can be achieved though intensive
control of the mind by numerous practices (won't go in details right
now), all these practices aim to,, empty,, the mind, so that in one day,
after years or decades, one could have a chance to be one with his
true nature. In Sahaja Yoga, you have a chance from the very first
moment to connect with the power within (your true self, the immortal
one, the one made in God's image.) It's like without spending years,
decades, or lifetimes, somebody gives you glimpse of God's beauty,
reflected by your spirit, your true essence.
From the very first moment you are connected, and then if you continue to meditate, you will experience higher and higher levels of
bliss, knowledge, and comprehension..

Once the kundalini has risen, the connection (the path) will always be
there for you. The most you can do it is stop meditating, and getting
caught in the superego/ego trap...but Mother Kundalini never forgets
her children. When the true desire will come back, She will be there for
you, to remind you about the lost paradise...

In Sahaja Yoga, the Holy Spirit or the Ruh of Allah, is the one who
sustains the thoughtless awareness...and connects you with the power
of love, the only true power in this universe. It's done not by will,but
by simple attention, and it's effortless.

Kyyan, the lost paradise is the kingdom within, and it's your destiny to
find it.!!



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