"It's a sign from God ... He's giving us a sign that we must learn fast"

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Date:  Tue Jan 4, 2005  10:54 am
Subject:  "It's a sign from God ... He's giving us a sign that we must learn fast"
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> The future is only going to get worse and you have to really learn
> how to cope with this reality. Maybe now you will realize why God
> Almighty sent the Comforter to announce the Last Judgment as the
> death and destruction is only getting worse. Now those like me who
> believe in Him and His Call to commence the Resurrection have
> begin to heal ourselves and live righteous lives. Don't you think
> these souls who believe in His Divine Message be protected by
> Him? ...
> We humans are responsible for what is happening on earth. Don't
> feel so guilty or helpless as the Divine is not going to let
> humans destroy themselves. Let's not question those who are doing
> their duty and spreading the Divine Message to humanity. Don't you
> think Shri Mataji has done Her job?

Is the world coming to an end?


NEW DELHI: Top astrologers in the country are hinting that the tsunami strike might indeed be a step towards Nostradamus' prediction - End of the world in 2010.

Minutes after panic gripped southern India following warnings of a fresh tsunami strike on Thursday, one of India's top astrologers, Kewal Anand Joshi, warned: "It's not over yet."

"We (a group of astrologers) are currently diagnosing the calamity. There's going to be another major strike in June 2005, somewhere in
the world. It will continue in 2006 and even in 2007 taking millions of lives," Joshi almost assured.

"And we have reason to believe, besides tsunami strikes, there'll be a series of natural catastrophes which could destroy parts of the world," he added.

Toll in Saturday's tsunami-strike has already reached 80,000 of which 13,500 were killed in India alone. Experts feel the total count "will rise to 1 lakh", making this one of the most catastrophic natural disaster to have struck the world ever.

Delhi-based Tarot Card reader, Pinki Vaid, took time to make some
sense out of this through her cards. "It's a sign from God," she says.

"He wants us to know that materialism means nothing if compared to
the lives around us. He's giving us a sign that we must learn fast or else we'll be the cause of our own destruction."

"Our destiny is in our own hands now," Pinki says.

She adds, "If we want, we can change Nostradamus' prediction. But we
first need to learn that working in a multi-national company or making a lot of money is not what was meant to be our nature of existence."

Pinki's colleague, Deepak, however, analyses the tsunami strike a little differently.

"Since 1999, humans started becoming a lot more spiritual. But then
there are still a lot more people who are not. So there's a big clash. The transmutation of positive and negative energies was the cause of this strike. It's the planet Earth's way of reacting to humans," he explains.

"If we hope to survive, we need to erase negative energies and transform them into positive energies. Else, chaos is just round the
corner," he said.

Is the world coming to an end?


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