It is easy for people to confuse Chi (Cool Breeze) with the air

> i) the Hindus/Buddhists must know they can meditate on His Shakti/
> Devi within after Atma Jnana (self-realization) and feeling the
> Prana;
> ii) the Sikhs must know they can meditate on the Aykaa Mayee
> within after opening of their Dsam Duar and experiencing the Prana;
> iii) the Christians/Jews must know they can meditate on His Holy
> Spirit/Shekinah within after Second Birth/experiencing His Ruach;
> iv) the Muslims must know they can meditate on His Ruh within after
> the Baptism of Allah/experiencing Wind of Qiyamah;
> v) the Taoists must know they can meditate on the Tao within after
> experiencing the Original Breath (Yuan Chi);

April 20, 2007

Note: It is easy for people to confuse Chi (Cool Breeze, Prana, Ruach, Wind of Qiyamah) with the air that we breathe. In fact the vast majority are unaware of this subtle Chi. Amongst those aware, few know how to instantly activate this flow of Divine Breath and meditate on The Mother Tao within to attain immortality. Thus those who are experiencing Chi daily must know they are evolving, a slow and steady metamorphosis long promised by the scriptures. Shri Mataji calls it the Blossom Time, the age to become the spirit.

Main Entry: meta-mor-pho-sis
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural meta-mor-pho-ses
1 a : change of physical form, structure, or substance especially by supernatural means
b : a striking alteration in appearance, character, or circumstances
2 : a typically marked and more or less abrupt developmental change in the form or structure of an animal (as a butterfly or a frog) occurring subsequent to birth or hatching

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

Basic Theory of Zhineng Qigong
An excerpt from Dr. Pang's book

What is chi?

It is easy for people to confuse chi with the air that we breathe. Therefore, qigong has been translated as breathing exercises and this is a misleading concept. Although, breathing is an important aspect of practice for various schools of teaching, the chi that we cultivate in qigong is different from the air which we inhale and exhale. From the point of view of ancient Chinese culture and traditional Chinese theory, we can understand chi from the following aspects:

a) Chi of nature:
it is the finest building block of the universe and everything within it. It is formless, shapeless, invisible, intangible, it fills the whole universe. It is infinitely expansive without any boundaries, what is within is without. It is the most extremely finest element without any interior. It is also called Yuan (primal), Yuan chi (primary chi), Tao chi , T'i chi, T'i yi (primal unity). Ancient sages believe this formless chi is the source of all form ,matter, and all existence. Zai Zhen speaks of changes of the universe"The formless primal origin is the substance of chi...the process of its' dissipation and condensing, induces all form of change....

b) Chi within the human body:
it is a special substance or force that sustains human life....

c) Exchange of chi between human and nature:
According to qigong theory the process of human life is a process of exchange of chi and the transformation of chi between human and nature....

Definition of qigong:

Based upon ancient Chinese metaphysical cosmology, Qigong, internally cultivates activity of the mind upon ones own initiative, intention, or will (which includes cultivating heart, fine tuning body, and regulating breath ). It is a practice to inform, perfect, and improve the conscious potential of the body as a whole thereby uplifting the human instinct to the consciousness of autonomous wisdom.

This definition indicates the theoretical foundation of qigong, while it clarifies specific methodologies and practices, and also defines the objective of qigong science.

The basic theory of integrated oneness

1. The universe is an integral body consisting of many levels of material form , which co-exist with each other while transforming from one to another.

2. The human body is an integral form centered around five organs and six glands and nurtured by blood and the vital force called chi in the meridian system. Thus, the body is an integral system of the physical , chi, ad mind.

3. Human and nature are one. We are part of the whole system. As a part of that system we mirror each other and the system as a whole. Therefore, ancient sages named the body as microcosmic. A human body can be perceived as a conglomeration of energy fields, a concrete and sealed unit within which energy can flow and from which energy can exchange and transfer to other bodies and everything in the universe. The integral theory of oneness is not only the theoretical foundation of the school of qigong, it is also the essence of Chinese culture.

Dr. Pang, Basic Theory of Zhineng Qigong

"In the book Yi Jing (I Ching), the first hexagram is the Creator - Heaven over Heaven. The essential reading of this hexagram is"Yuan, the beginning of Chi.”In Ancient China, Yuan Chi was defined as the Chi of creation and the life essence. In some translations, Yuan Chi is the"Inborn"Chi," primordial"Chi or"genuine"Chi. It is the most fundamental and important Chi in the human body.”

Chi and Libido by Tom Tam

"These ascended Tao masters are said to hang out in a state of pure openness called wuji. It looks like emptiness, but its not. It is filled with the original Oneness, called in China Original Breath (Yuan Chi). Wuji is another way of saying"primordial state", and yuan chi is often translated as"primordial breath.” Wuji is the Taoist equivalent of the Godhead, the direct doorway to the Tao itself, from which Original Chi first breathes life into Creation. Tao is the undefinable totality of Nature. It embraces non-being as well, so Tao is even beyond our concept of a Creator-God.

Wuji is thus like the Godhead without a God or Goddess sitting in it. It the closest that humans can aspire to returning to the Origin, the formless One source of all life before Creation begins birthing what Lao Tzu calls"The ten thousand things.”

Michael Winn

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