It will obliterate all Muslim resistance to the Great News of Al-Qiyamah

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Subject:  It will obliterate all Muslim resistance to the Great News of Al-Qiyamah.

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> Jai Shri Mataji
>   Dear Jagbir and all the members of Mahdi-unite group, pls refer to
> the post by "The Renaissance" in the Mahdi group. He has 
> mentioned that Shri Mataji in not the Mahdi as I had stated in the 
> article. Pls reply to his post
> The Renaissance <therevitalization@y...> wrote
> And Just for your Knowledge I forgot to mention that Mahdi is not
> a woman. He is a man, originally named Muhammad himself, a
> descendant of Prophet Muhammad SAW from the children of her
> daughter Fatima (R.A) and cousin/son-in-law Hazrat Ali (R.A), and
> the description of his physical appearance and the circumstances
> and conditions of time after which he will appear is available.
> So by any means Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, with all due respects to
> her and with no offense to your feelings, is not Mahdi. Because of
> the so many reasons i have discussed, and if you ask I can tell
> you in detail about Mahdi apart from the brief stuff i have told
> in this and the last mail.
> Thanks,
> Bilal Khan
Dear Mahesh,

i was waiting for an answer to the post below but it has not come:

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Subject: Re: [MahdiUniteMuslims] Who is the Mahdi?


This is my first post here and I am honored that I should be allowed
to do so. My comment is only an observation about prophesized
saviors. There seem to be many or could they simply be one? The Jews talk about their great hero who will come to them someday and lead them to great victory over the world, the native American Hopi's
talk of the rise of their true brother who will unite them at a time
when most of the world will perish, the Christians believe their
savior will return in a time of turmoil. The ancient Aztecs of
central America, believed in the return of their sacred
Quetzaquartal, and mistook the Spanish conquistadors for him and his allies. Surely one must hold out hope that some great spiritual
leader can help us human to rise to a more just and compassionate
world, but one must be careful in this it seems to me. One must
trust both their head and their heart and pray for divine guidance
it seems to me.

Just wondering,



It is obvious for that the Mahdi - whether of Muslims, Christians,
Jews or others - will be one and the same. It just does not make any
sense that different mahdis will come separately as this figure is
supposed to end all human division and ignorance, and usher an age
of unprecedented enlightenment. i quote:

"Engineer Madani: Is belief in the promised Mahdi confined to the
followers of Islam, or does it exist in other religions too?

Mr. Hoshyar: In fact, this belief is not limited to the Muslims alone.
In almost all religions and heavenly creeds one can find a similar
belief in the future savior. The followers of these religions
believe that there will come a time when the world will become
corrupt and engulfed in a crisis. Evil and injustice will become the
rule of the day. Disbelief will cover the entire world. At that
time, the universal savior of the world will appear. With remarkable
divine help he will restore the purity of faith and defeat
materialism with the help of divine worship. Not only are the
tidings to be found in revealed books like the Zand and Pazand, and
Jamaspname of the Zoroastrians, the Torah and other Biblical books
of the Jews, and the Gospel of the Christians, such information can
also be seen, more or less, among the Brahmins and the Buddhists.

The followers of all religions and traditions maintain such a belief
and are awaiting the appearance of such a commanding figure under
the divine protection. Each tradition recognizes this figure with a
different name and specific title. The Zoroastrians call him
Saoshyant (meaning the 'savior of the world'); the Jews know him as
the messiah, whereas the Christians regard him as the Savior
Messiah. However, each group believes that this divinely ordained
savior will be among them. The Zoroastrians believe he is Persian
and among the followers of Zoroaster. The Jews maintain that he will
be among the Children of Israel, and the follower of Moses. The
Christians think he will be one among them. Muslims believe that he
will be among the Hashimites and among the direct descendants of the Prophet. In Islam he has been fully introduced, whereas in other
religions this is not so. ...

It is not appropriate to confine the deliverer of the world, the
Mahdi, to one particular nation. He will actually come to fight
against all discriminatory claims of racial, creedal and national
distinction. Consequently, he should be regarded as the Mahdi of the
whole of humanity. He is the savior and deliverer of the people who
worship God. His victory is the victory of all the prophets and all
the righteous ones on earth. He will be restoring the religion of
Abraham, Moses, Jesus and all of the heavenly revelations, namely,
Islam; he will revive the pure religion of Moses and Jesus which had
foretold the prophethood of Muhammad.

Let us be clear that we have no intention of proving the existence
of the promised Mahdi by referring to the ancient books, nor are we
in need of doing so. Our intention is to demonstrate that the belief
in the appearance of the unique savior of the world is a common
religious belief, stemming from divine revelation, of which all
prophets gave glad tidings. All nations are awaiting his emergence,
but they have made errors in identifying him. . . .

After having demonstrated the necessity for general prophethood to
guide humanity to its this- and next-worldly goals, it is accurate
to hold that the same proof can be utilized to establish the fact
that, whenever the prophet dies, there must exist in his place
someone who can lead the community to those ends. This person should be someone who can continue the work of the prophet in providing the divine ordinances and reach out to the people in their search for the religious and spiritual path. God's purposes cannot be fulfilled without such a person existing among the people to promulgate those laws without errors of omission or commission. Thus, in the absence of the prophet, God's benevolence makes it necessary that there should be someone among the people to make sure that divine revelation is protected from human interference and interpolations, and that divine laws are made accessible to the people at all times.

This outstanding person must also, like the prophet, be immune and
protected from committing any error and mistakes in receiving,
recording and delivering the divine ordinances to establish the
proof that God's guidance for the people is intact. Moreover, he
should be fully knowledgeable about the truth of the religious
ordinances and should himself act upon those ordinances so that
others can bring their own acts and opinions into conformity with
his and follow his example in their search for truth, without
falling into doubt and confusion and without resorting to excuses
for not having found the proof of religious truth. Since the Imam
must also be protected from committing any error in carrying out
this great responsibility, it must be pointed out that the Imam's
knowledge is other than that acquired through sense perception.

Hence, his knowledge is different from the knowledge of an ordinary
person. Through the Prophet's own guidance the Imam possesses clear insights into religious knowledge. Moreover, he is endowed with
direct experience of the truth through his inner eyes. It is because
of this that he is protected from any error or forgetfulness, and so
acts in accord with this experience and direct observation of
religious truth. More importantly, it is this attribute that
qualifies him to assume the Imamate of the Muslim community.

In other words, there must exist among the people a perfect
individual, one possessing absolute faith in God's revelation and
exemplifying the best character and personal qualities in order to
lead people in the minutest details of God's ordinances. At all
these levels he must be protected from error, forgetfulness, and
acts of disobedience. He must be ma'sum. It is the coming together
of faith and action, knowledge and practice, that makes him the
personification of all the possible human potentials of perfection.

The realization of these potentials indisputably anoints him the
leader of humanity. If humanity, at any point, is deprived of this
leadership, the situation could lead to the disappearance of the
divine ordinances which were proclaimed for the betterment of
humankind. Moreover, it could lead to the discontinuation of divine
help and could sever the connection between the divine and human
realms.In other words, there should always be a person among the
people who is endowed with special guidance from God and is
protected through God's benevolence in order for him to provide the
necessary guidance and lead the people to their perfection in accord
with their divinely endowed potentials. Moreover, through his
knowledge and in any way possible, he should aid them in their
journey towards their Creator. It is the existence of the sacred
presence of the Imam as the Proof of God and as a perfect example of religious life that can make the divine presence known and divine
worship possible in a society. Without the Imam's existence God
cannot be known or worshipped perfectly. The inner self of the Imam
is the receptacle for God's knowledge and divine secrets. It is like
a mirror that reflects the realities of the material world, and
people derive benefit from these reflections."

The eschatological requirements of the Muslim Mahdi, Jewish Messiah, Christian Comforter, Zoroastrian Saoshyant, Buddhist Maitreya have been fulfilled by the Shakti of the Sanaatana Dharma, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. There seem to be many but all are simply one Mahdi in the form of the Adi Shakti Shri Mataji. SYs just have to present these facts to the public. The earlier this is done the easier will it be for those awaiting the Mahdi become aware that such a figure has come.

i think an important point in Bilal Khan's post is worth mentioning.
None of the MahdiUnite members reacted violently to your claim that
Shri Mataji is the Mahdi, bearing in mind this is a Muslim site to
uphold their revered Savior. The reason is that many also know that
the Mahdi can be from any tradition, not necessarily a Muslim. Thus,
when you question religious fanatics about the mahdis of other
traditions they just have no answer. There is just no way to fit
their narrow views and exclusive figure in the collective
expectation of an all-embracing universal savior that represents,
synthesizes and transcends all religions, traditions and scriptures.

The only divine personality who has accomplished the collective
expectations of various religions is Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. She
is the Mahdi of the whole of humanity. She is the savior and
deliverer of the people who worship God. Her victory is the victory
of all the prophets and all the righteous ones on earth. She has
restored the religion of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and all of the
heavenly revelations, namely, Islam; She has revived the pure
religion of Moses and Jesus which had foretold the prophethood of
Muhammad. That is why moderators of Muslim groups do not want others to know about as it effectively destroys all future expectations of a Muslim Mahdi, and more. The sheer size of the site and overwhelming volume of irrefutable verses from the
Qur'n instantly silences all Muslims. They are left speechless as
Shri Mataji has turned Islam on its ear, warning them that these are
the Days of the Resurrection. You know they fear what the Adi Shakti
has revealed regarding the Resurrection, and are powerless to rebut
it. The Truth is just too much for them to bear or believe.

In the past few weeks i have tried to post replies with links to the site without success. i am not interested in
responding anymore. That does not mean i have given up. i know that just a single full-page advertisement in a major newspaper in the future will do. Keep repeating and it will obliterate all Muslim
resistance to the Great News of Al-Qiyamah. Period!

to do the impossible you have to see the invisible,


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