Jesus said: "If the Son sets you free, you will be actually free." (John 8:36)

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Subject:  Jesus said: "If the Son sets you free, you will be actually free." (John 8:36)

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> O Ek suki yaha lakoh mein.
> O Only one in a hundred thousand is in bliss.
> Ansoo hai croroh ankhoh mein.
> There are tears in millions and millions of eyes.
> Hum neh gin gin har takdir dekhi.
> I have counted and seen every fate for years,
> Ek hasta hai dush rote hai
> Only one soul laughs while ten are in tears.
> Kuch bhol Prabhu yeh kya Maya
> O! Speak Almighty GOD what is this Illusion,
> Tera khel samaj meh nah aya
> Your Divine Play is all confusion and delusion.
> For weeks the Divine was asked, amid a profusion of tears, to
> reveal the Truth. Repeatedly He was implored to answer the meaning
> of life, creation, and this useless, empty human existence. Above
> all, He was begged for the Truth that would destroy the falsehood
> that the religious regimes had deluded him and the rest of
> humanity. What was desired was the Absolute Truth of the All
> Mighty Creator, not the conflicting gods of various organized
> religions. Any god that could not explain and account for the
> other Messengers was not God. Any yahweh that only cared for his
> kind was not Yahweh. Any allah that had only one messenger was not
> Allah. Any prabhu that was found only in a single scripture was
> not Prabhu. Any buddha that had no Knowledge of His kingdom was
> not Buddha.
> The Supreme Creator had to be the Lord of all Messengers that came
> on Earth. His Truth had to be found in all Scriptures that humans
> possessed. His Reality had to be Absolute, Irrefutable, and All
> Compassing. Then, and only then, will He be acknowledged as God
> the Almighty.
> On the night of September 28, 1993, i was sitting all alone,
> completely drunk, and somehow listening to the relaxing music of
> Kitaro. My children were fast asleep and wife still at work.
> Nothing stirred. i was peace with myself and Earth.
> Suddenly, out of nowhere, a thunderous voice bellowed, "JOIN SHRI
> Now after a decade of joining Shri Mataji i know for sure why i am
> on Earth! And i have also found that Brahman is the Lord of all
> Messengers that came on Earth. His Truth is found in all Scriptures
> that humans possess. His Reality is Absolute, Irrefutable and All
> Compassing. The most important and priceless of all knowledge, in
> my opinion, is the Shakti's removal of Maya to reveal that Brahman
> is within myself. She has taught me this Highest Tuth that has set
> me free from decades of delusion and ignorance.

The Truth Will Set You Free

"You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." So
declared Jesus as he was teaching the multitudes in the temple in
Jerusalem. (John 8:32) Jesus' apostles could readily identify Jesus'
teachings as the truth. They had seen abundant evidence of their
teacher's divine origin.

TODAY, however, some may find it difficult to identify the truth
Jesus spoke about. As in the days of the prophet Isaiah, today there
are "those who are saying that good is bad and bad is good, those
who are putting darkness for light and light for darkness, those who
are putting bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter." (Isaiah 5:20)
With numerous opinions, philosophies, and life-styles being promoted
nowadays, many people feel that everything is relative and that
there is no such thing as truth.

When Jesus said to his audience that the truth would set them free,
they responded by saying: "We are Abraham's offspring and never have
we been slaves to anybody. How is it you say, 'You will become
free'?" (John 8:33) They did not feel a need for anyone or anything
to set them free. But then Jesus explained: "Most truly I say to
you, Every doer of sin is a slave of sin." (John 8:34) The truth
that Jesus was talking about can open the way to freedom from sin.
Jesus said: "If the Son sets you free, you will be actually free."
(John 8:36) So the truth that frees people is truth about Jesus
Christ, the Son of God. It is only by faith in the sacrifice of
Jesus' perfect human life that anyone can be freed from sin and

On another occasion Jesus said: "Sanctify them by means of the
truth; your word is truth." (John 17:17) The word of God as
expressed in the Bible is the truth that can bring freedom from
superstition and false worship. The Bible contains the truth about
Jesus Christ, which leads people to put faith in him and opens the
way to a bright hope for the future. It is a splendid thing to come
to know the truth of God's Word!

How vital is it to know the truth? Many religions today, while
claiming to follow the Bible, are largely influenced by human
philosophies and traditions. Often, religious leaders seem not as
concerned with the accuracy of their message as they are with its
acceptance by the masses. Some feel that God is satisfied with any
form of worship, as long as it is sincere. But Jesus Christ
explained: "The hour is coming, and it is now, when the true
worshipers will worship the Father with spirit and truth, for,
indeed, the Father is looking for suchlike ones to worship him."—
John 4:23.

If we want to worship God acceptably, we must know the truth. This
is an important issue. Our eternal happiness depends on it.
Therefore, everyone should ask himself: 'Is my way of worship
acceptable to God? Am I genuinely interested in learning the truth
of God's Word? Or am I afraid of what a careful investigation might
reveal?' "

The Truth Will Set You Free
The Watchtower, October 1, 1998


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