Jesus: "They will set up their own churches in the image of my Body"

“'As long as you remain in mortality,' he (Jesus) continued, 'you will not be able to discern who is in what group, for they grow as tares among wheat, but those who ascend to live on a spiritual plane will be called out by the More Sure Word of Prophecy and brought into the Body of the Firstborn through a holy anointing so that you will know them. Others may not know them, but you will know them, just as you will be known by them. Those who are deaf and blind to Truth will join together, for mortals prefer the company of their own kind, and they will separate themselves from you, for they will be uncomfortable in your Light. They will set up their own churches in the image of my Body, but there will be no Life in them except that which they borrow from my teachings, so that while they may have the illusion of life for a little while, they will eventually die and dissolve into that darkness which is their Source.

Ultimately there are only two churches, the Church of the Lamb of the Eloheim and the church of the gods of darkness. You can know them by their fruits, for people do not gather figs from thorn bushes or grapes from thistles. As long as a church is leading people toward Light, it is the Church of the Lamb of the Eloheim, but when it sets stakes around them to confine them within its dogma, it becomes to them the church of the gods of darkness. You will know them by their fruits.”

"Once there was a single Christian group, Jesus of Nazareth's tiny band of twelve apostles; now there are thousands. It has been estimated that there are some twenty-two thousand separate and distinct Christian groups around the world.”

Charles Templeton, Farewell to God,
The Canadian Publishers, 1996 p. 130.

“Honorius was condemned as a heretic by the Sixth Ecumenical Council. He was condemned as a heretic by Pope Leo II, and by every other pope until the 11th century.

Stephen IV came to power with the help of an army that conquered the previous Pope. Stephen gave orders for his papal rival to be flogged, have his eyes cut out, have his kneecaps broken, and be imprisoned until he died. Then Pope Stephen sentenced a second man to die a slow, agonizing death, by having pieces of his body cut off every day until he finally died.

Cardinal Christopher put Leo V in prison and became Pope. Then Christopher was put in prison by Cardinal Sergius. Sergius killed Leo and Christopher while they were in prison. He also killed every cardinal who had opposed him.

John XII was a violent man. He was so lustful that people of his day said he turned the Lateran Palace into a house of prostitution. He drank toasts to the devil. When gambling, he invoked pagan gods and goddesses. He was killed by a jealous husband while in the act of committing adultery with the man's wife.

Silvester II was murdered by his successor, John XVII. Seven months later, John was poisoned.

Benedict VIII bought the papacy with bribery. He was known for torture, maiming, and murder. When Benedict VIII died, his brother seized power and became John XIX. He had himself ordained a priest, consecrated as a bishop, and crowned as pope, all in the same day.

Urban II called for a Crusade to take Jerusalem back from the Muslims. This was a"holy war.”The Pope said that Crusaders would have full remission of their sins, and if they died in battle they would be martyrs. As the Crusaders went through Europe on their way to Jerusalem, they slaughtered European Jews. When they reached Jerusalem, many Muslims were beheaded, but some were tortured and then burned to death. This began a conflict between Islam and the West that is still going on today.

Benedict IX became Pope through bribery. He squandered the wealth of the Papacy on prostitutes and lavish banquets, and he had people murdered. The citizens of Rome hated Benedict so much that, on two occasions, he had to flee from Rome. Benedict sold the papacy to Gregory VI. As part of the deal, he continued to live in the Lateran Palace, with a generous income. Benedict filled the Lateran Palace with prostitutes.

Boniface VIII ordered that every man, woman, child, and animal in the Italian town of Palestrina be slaughtered. He was known for torture, massacre, and ferocity.

Clement VI ordered the slaughter of an entire Italian town. He lived a life of luxury and extravagance. He openly admitted that he sold church offices and he used threats and bribery to gain power. Clement purchased a French palace, which became famous for its prostitutes.

Julius II became Pope through bribery. He was ruthless and violent. He had a reputation for lust, drunkenness, rages, deception, and nepotism.

Leo X mixed paganism with Christianity. He had performances of Christ's crucifixion and ancient mythology. He filled Rome with splendid Church processions and statues of Greek gods and goddesses. He put a statue of himself in Rome's Capitol, to be saluted by the public.

Gregory VII required kings and emperors to kiss his foot. Gregory and his successors used forged documents in order to expand the power of the papacy. Some Roman Catholics tried to expose these forgeries, but they were excommunicated for it. However, the Orthodox Church kept records and wrote detailed information about the forgeries. Gregory said that he knew of more than 40 men who became Pope by means of bribery.

Innocent III said that the Pope is the ruler of the world and the father of princes and kings. He claimed that every priest and bishop must obey the Pope, even if the Pope commands something evil. He forced the King of France to kill hundreds of thousands of French citizens. He commanded that every person in the region, including the Catholics, be killed. He gave the Albigensian Crusaders the guarantee that, if they died in battle, their sins would be remitted.

None of these men met the biblical requirements for being an ordinary bishop, let alone Pope. Therefore, they were not valid popes. There are so many breaks in the chain of apostolic succession that it is not a chain at all.”

From: "Unmasking Catholicism"by Mary Ann Collins, a former Catholic nun.

"Your avarice has plunged the World into the Dark shadow of spiritual Desolation, trampling down good men so that you might exalt evil-doers. Of Shepherds like you did St. John the Evangelist write in his vision of the Apocalypse, revealing you to be that Great Harlot who sits upon the many Waters committing fornication with the Kings of the Earth; She, the seven-headed Beast, whose ten horns thunder forth Her vain Glory, deceiving her divine Spouse with Her false Virtue. Of gold and silver you have made your God, no differently than does the idolater, save that he worships but one Abomination and you one hundred. Ah Constantine! to so much wickedness did you give birth when you conferred temporal power and wealth upon the Holy Father.”Dante, Inferno, xix, 104-117

Moved by the spirit of poetic prophecy, Dante"chants"These words to the infernal shade of Pope Nicholas III, who held the Keys of St. Peter during a period of great schisms in the Church (1277-1280 A.D.), a time of ruthless struggle between the French and the Italians for domination of the Holy See. Indeed, Nicholas himself had, in his efforts to undermine Charles of Anjou, played a most foul role in the notorious massacre known as the"Sicilian Vespers", in which 8,000 Frenchmen perished. Such a Pope we might well expect to encounter as one of the wretched denizens of that precinct of Hell in which the sinners are buried face-down in a hole, with only their lower bodies protruding — a punishment modeled on that which was meted out to assassins under the law of 13th Century Florence.

In Dante's turbulent times, assassination was indisputably an efficacious instrument of Vatican policy and a not-infrequent factor in the Papal succession itself. But before we hasten to banish these sinister practices to the back pages of ecclesiastical history, we might do well to first recall the mysterious death of Pope John Paul I in 1978, or the shooting of John Paul II in St. Peter's Square in 1981; we might do well to entertain at least the possibility that the assassin's hand, though now perhaps hidden in the shadows, is still poised to strike at the heart of the Holy See.

Though most assuredly the greatest poet of the Roman Church, Dante did not flinch from equating the criminally degraded Papacy of his day with the Scriptural Mother of Abominations," drunken with the blood of the Martyrs.”After all, had it not been the Caesars of Rome whose provincial governor had ordered the Crucifixion of Christ? Had not the Caesars of Rome martyred countless of Christ's disciples, including Saints Peter and Paul? Yet, had not the Caesars of Rome also dispensed, from the hand of the Emperor Constantine the Great, a portion of their dominion to the Roman Pontiff? And hence, if the Church is the mystical Bride of Christ, then had not the Bride lain down in the carnal embrace of her divine Husband's butcher and made of herself the Great Harlot?

So inured to evil has the general Opinion of Mankind become that it finds nothing at all incongruous in the opulent puissance of the modern Papacy. But surely those who would call themselves Christians (as well as those non-Christians who, like the Author, respect the spiritual teachings of Jeshua the Nazarene) cannot but marvel at the vast moral gulf which divides their Prophet — who in the wilderness of Jordan spurned the Tempter's offer of worldly kingdoms — from his Vicars — whose white robes are sprinkled with the blood they have wantonly spilled in the furious pursuit of power and riches. And if, like Dante, we summon the vision to peer down into the profound spiritual abyss into which the Holy See has descended, must we not also discern that we are living in the Time of Tribulation — the Time of whose coming Christ forewarned his Apostles (Matthew 24:15), when men should come to behold the"Abomination spoken of by Daniel" standing in the Holy Place?”

Apokalypso: The Fall Of The Papacy

The Vicarius Christi or Antichrist

Catholic Christianity begun with the satanic alliance between the barbaric, concubine-sired Constantine and Pope Sylvester (Bishop of Rome.) Constantine had by then already murdered Crispus (his son by his first wife) in 326, drowned his second wife in the bath, killed his eleven-year-old nephew, and then his brother-in-law. Both benefited enormously from this unholy alliance between Altar and Throne, the power of the Pulpit aligning with the terror of the Sword, a formidable foe that crushed all opposition.

The Prince of Carnal Life His Holiness (Sanctitas) Benedict XII throbbed for the sister of the great scholar, Petrarch, who rejected his offer of a cardinal's hat. This lusty pope still managed to bed this pretty lass by bribing her brother, Gerardo.”Petrarch described — anonymously, since he did not want to be burned — the papal court as 'the shame of mankind, a sink of vice, a sewer where is gathered all the filth of the world. There God is held in contempt, money alone is worshipped and the laws of God and men are trampled under foot. Everything there breathes a lie: the air, the earth, the houses and above all the bedrooms.'"

His Holiness Benedict IX was eleven years old in October 1032 when he became pope in the footsteps of his father Pope John XIX. His exploits with women brought an early puberty and by the time he was fourteen he had surpassed the exploits of all predecessors. St Peter Damain has this to say: "That wretch, from the beginning of his pontificate to the end of his life, feasted on immorality.”Another observer was more precise: “A demon from hell in the guise of a priest has occupied the Chair of Peter.”

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