Kalki Avatar, the Coming Prophet by Swami Amar Jyoti

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Subject: Kalki Avatar, the Coming Prophet by Swami Amar Jyoti

Kalki Avatar, the Coming Prophet
Swami Amar Jyoti

of the Divine. They come to set things right, to harmonize, balance
and uplift, to make righteousness and truth prevail. Each time the
Prophets come, They are harbingers of a new age. They come at the
juncture when one age is closing and another is beginning. A Prophet
is not only one who makes prophecies, such as Nostradamus, although
in English that is a usage of the term. Jesus, Buddha and Krishna
are all Prophets, but They did not come only to make prophecies. Far
beyond that. The more accurate word is Avatar, which comes from the
Sanskrit avatirna: "manifest/descent from the Lord." As Sri Krishna
revealed to His disciple Arjuna five thousand years ago, recorded in
the Bhagavad Gita:

Whenever there is degradation of Dharma (virtue/righteousness)
O Bharata, and growth of adharma (wickedness/unrighteousness)
Then I embody Myself
For the protection of the good (virtuous)
For the destruction of the wicked (evil)
To establish Dharma
I take forth a body in Age after Age

Bhagavad Gita IV: 7-8

restore balance and harmony, without which the creation would not
function? Does He leave His abode and come, or does He send His
emissary or Son? How does He take the shape of Spirit embodied as a
Prophet? What is this phenomenon? Who is the Son of God? Who is
Vishnu and Who is Krishna? Who is the Father in heaven and Who is
Jesus? Who is the Buddha and Who the Bodhisattva? How does this
marriage of the Spirit and mind take place? The answer is not new
except in context: God is omnipotent. He can assume any form.
Wherever He takes form, He does not have to leave "there." He can
take an infinite number of forms, simultaneously.

Yogis have proved this, appearing in several places while never
leaving the place where they are. If a yogi can exist in different
bodies at various places simultaneously, then just magnify that for
the Lord—His powers are infinite. Those who are conversant with
Krishna's Ras Lila know that He danced with each gopi, or milkmaid,
simultaneously, and each gopi saw and felt Krishna is with me. It
may sound allegorical but yogically it has been proven.

God assumes form in a particular dimension and combination of
elements, such as on Earth, without leaving His eternal abode. He
can do this simultaneously in billions and billions of forms, in the
twinkling of an eye. If this were not true, how could God be in
everyone? He has already "become" everything. That is God's
omnipotence and omnipresence. We can easily understand from this how
the Kingdom of God is within everyone, how God is in everyone,
Spirit is in everyone. He comes as the Avatar and manifests the
force or power according to the mission of the age.

It does not have to be only one Son—do not limit God. At different
times and places He incarnates differently. Therefore it is useless
to compare one Prophet with another. Comparison is our human folly.
We want to compare and think ourselves great enough to judge the
Prophets when we cannot even remove our own headache. We twinkle too
much. When you repeat the name of God or the Prophets, be humble.

minimum level and it is beyond the sages, holy people or yogis to
raise the consciousness and purify the Earth, then God incarnates to
take care of His children. He comes with special powers and
bounties, among which are prosperity, beauty, strength, wisdom and
justice. According to the Vedic scriptures, human or Earth evolution
forms cycles of approximately twenty-five thousand years. God
incarnates in each cycle, about every two thousand five hundred
years. In the present cycle Lord Vishnu has taken nine Incarnations
or Avatars, among whom are Rama and Krishna. Buddha, the ninth and
last Incarnation, lived around twenty-five hundred years ago. The
Prophet of a particular age may come as peaceful and nonviolent, or
as a warrior to vanquish evil—whatever we have asked for or the
situation demands. To Him, violence and nonviolence are not
opposites but a means to uphold and uplift humanity and
consciousness; Dharma transcends both violence and nonviolence. At
any cost Dharma must prevail; justice will be done; humanity has to
be uplifted. In each age, the Prophet knows best what methods are
required to reach us to the next evolution.

Kalki, as per the scriptures, is the tenth Incarnation. The name
Kalki means literally, "of iron" or "machine." It does not imply
that He is a robot made of metal, but that His birth is in the age
of iron or machines. The Vedic scriptures describe time in a cycle
of four ages or yugas: the Golden Age, Silver Age, Copper Age and
Iron Age. Our present age is the Iron Age, therefore Kalki is the
Avatar of this iron or machine age. There are varying opinions about
the time of Kalki's coming. Some interpretations say that it is very
near. Others say He has come already. These are not mere opinions
but commentaries by great scholars and pundits. The Kali Yuga has
been described as a time of adharma—injustice, unrighteousness,
untruth. If we accept some calculations, we have not even reached
the lowest point of this age. If that is so, imagine what it will be
at its worst!

The scriptures have described Kalki coming "as a blazing Light" when
He descends from heaven; the Second Coming of Jesus is similarly
described. There are parallel beliefs about the coming World Prophet
in various other faiths as well. Kalki is described as coming on a
white horse with sword in hand. Though in today's world of bombs and
lasers, a sword seems outdated, the Second Advent of Jesus is
similarly predicted to appear on a white horse carrying a sword.
Buddha is described a little differently. The Prophet will have a
halo of light around Him. This has been taken by some to be the
aura, but auras everyone has; not everyone has a halo. Everyone is
potentially Divine but the Prophets are already manifestations of
the Divine.

So either there are three Prophets coming together—because the job
is very serious and one Prophet will not be able to do it all (!)—or
the three are One, whatever name or label we give. Their way will be
terrible in any case, what in the Bible is called Armageddon.
According to the predictions, Christ will come and fight the anti-
Christ and his forces. He will not be nonviolent. Whatever the
manifestation may be, this is a time of great change, a quantum leap—
that we cannot dispute. Only the timing we do not know for sure.

Prophet is the same: to uphold righteousness, to save the virtuous
and demolish evil. If previously a Prophet incarnated as forgiving
and suffering, like Buddha and Jesus, that does not mean that He
will come the same way next time. Even if the Prophets could repeat
the same drama in different details for the same purpose, this
present time is such, that not only is humanity in need of
uplifting, but also the Earth's evolution awaits God's intervention.
The planet itself is transforming into a higher dimension, so the
Prophet's mission has to be different. Much of what will occur will
be on the astral levels because the next dimensions, the fourth and
fifth, are subtler than our present gross third dimension.

There is no doubt that Kalki will come and save the virtuous. He may
demolish the evildoers—not every common one but those who are real
devils. Were He to be compassionate or forgiving of them, they would
become more wicked. It reminds me of the story in the Bible of Sodom
and Gomorrah. Abraham was a man of God. When he heard that the
angels were going to destroy the city, he had pity and compassion
for the people. He prayed, Lord, there are some good people there.
Will You destroy the whole city and everybody in it because of some
villains there? What if there are fifty good people? Will You still
destroy the city? And God said, If there are fifty good people, I
won't destroy the city. Then Abraham got more pitying and asked,
What if there are fifty minus five, forty-five good people? Then
will You destroy the city? God said If there are forty-five good
people, I will not destroy the city. It is human nature that when
God relents and yields, we ask for more. So Abraham said, What if
there are only forty good people? In this way it came down to
thirty, twenty-five, then twenty.

At this point Abraham felt self-conscious. He said, God, I have been
really insolent to You and taking too much advantage of Your
leniency, but one last question. God said, What is it? Abraham
asked, What if there are only ten good people? God promised, If
there are ten good people, I will not destroy the city. But there
were only four good people: Lot, his wife, and two daughters. Two
angels entered the city and were guests of Lot; right there and then
the people's wickedness came out against them. Lot's family got
scared but the angels blinded everyone and told Lot, Abscond from
this city safely. No one will see you. And eventually the city was
destroyed. There are many wicked people on Earth and they will come
out more so as time goes by. It will not be hidden anymore.

WHEN THE PROPHETS COME They trigger or accelerate karmas. Then
whatever is inside a person will expose, either good or bad. That
which was previously suppressed or hidden is exposed. In Krishna's
days, He brought out both the virtuous and the evil, exposing people
as they had never been known before. Krishna knew each soul already
and so will Kalki. The Prophets create situations—time, place and
opportunity—which bring forth both the angelic as well as the

During Rama's age, Manthara was a maidservant, supposedly a good
lady, serving Rama's stepmother. But given the right circumstances,
Manthara came out wicked and became the cause of Rama's exile.
Therefore, according to Vedanta, we never take for granted: good as
good, or bad as bad, absolutely. We wait for exposure or unfoldment.
That is the way of the lila or play—to let it unfold by its own
natural laws rather than condemn someone ahead of time. Their coming
and Presence alone triggers exposure. In every Incarnation this is a

Jesus' disciples appeared to be all good people. They followed Him
and gave up everything. How many of them proved to be really
steadfast? Probably a few, including the two Marys—Mary Magdalene
and His mother. Nearly everyone else faltered—the cock crowing three
times, the thirty pieces of silver, etcetera. The Prophet knows but
He may not expose or declare until the right time comes. Those who
are afraid of being exposed, once they are, turn evil, reviling,
revengeful, inimical, negative and so on. Before that they carry on
very well: courteous, honest. Exposure is the test. Whatever the
Avatars do, we know that it will not be easy. If it were easy, They
would not need to come.

Why does God do all this? One very simple word—whether you are
Hindu, Christian or Buddhist—because He loves us. He does "horrible"
things if that is the only way we leave open. We force Him to do
that when we give no other choice. The only alternative is to not do
anything, but would God allow adharma—unrighteousness—to triumph
over Dharma—righteousness? That would be the end of the creation!

Very commonly we hear and read, God loves you, which is true, but
from the Vedic point of view, it is written that God loves us so
much that in every age He comes on Earth to take care of us. If He
did not love us, He would not bother to come and save us. Not only
does God love us—God is Love. What does this mean in relation to the
Prophets? They really love us—but They do not harp on it.

vibrations of love. We have seen that plants grow better when we
lovingly tend them; animals respond to us better if we have love and
harmlessness in our hearts. If we were truly loving, we would not
invite destruction. When you come to love, pure love, you will
easily see why everyone, whether in family life, social life or
ashram life, is hankering after love. That is the only tangible
thing. Try to do spiritual practices for thirty or fifty years
without feelings—it will go nowhere, like bullocks with blinders
going 'round and 'round a mill grinding seeds; in the evening they
are in the same spot where they started; no progress.

You have to truly love and serve the Lord with a very pure heart,
not in competition with someone else or jealousy or prejudice
against other cultures and religions. You cannot get near heaven or
God that way. Your love has to unite with God's Love. What is more
consoling and satisfying than love? If you are trying to serve the
Lord to impress Him, you are doomed. Even Lucifer demanded from God
that he had been near and had every right to be near. But Lucifer
had lost the way and became egotistical, selfish and ambitious. Love
is not a matter of rights.

We do need love; and are hungry after it. That is the only language
we actually understand. God accepts love only when it comes from
purity of heart. If He comes on a white horse with a sword and
throws fire and brimstone, what other option does He have? Some are
afraid to read or hear about such things, but what if we leave God
no other choice? We seldom think about that. We do not realize what
ego has become: stubborn, demanding, willful, selfish. We have
difficulty in loving very purely, unconditionally, as if, by loving
the Lord unconditionally, we become nothing. This struggle goes on.
Therefore I consider His coming in a destructive aspect to be a
blessing in disguise, His mercy. God sees our deeds and our hearts,
but mainly the heart. Whatever is based upon ego separation is the
greatest and worst sin. That is blindness, which is exactly what ego

Humility softens us, purifies us and takes us out of these stubborn
ruts. It is an indispensable prerequisite to reach the chamber of
love. The meek shall inherit the Earth. True humility purifies the
heart. Those who are proud, arrogant, willful, ambitious,
competitive, jealous and untruthful cannot love the Lord, even if
they profess to. They eventually prove to be revengeful betrayers.
Why? Because they were not truly humble in the first place! They may
have looked good simply because they were yet to be exposed. They
did not love the Lord or their Master, they cared only for

Today it is a common "philosophy" that unless you love yourself, you
cannot love others. Quite the reverse. If it were the True Self,
that would be different, but those who proclaim this mean to love
themselves: their ego and mind. That is the travesty or perversion
of this age, the Kali Yuga—boosting the ego. The only language
through which we can unite with the Lord/True Self is love, and
that is the meaning of unconditional love. Every other love is
conditioned and therefore selfish, possessive, attached, which
brings in insecurity and weakness.

Kalki will help us. The Second Advent of Christ will help us. That
is what the Prophets come for; that is Their work. Allow Them to do
it. Stand by Them. Those who stand by God are devotees. Krishna
openly said: I have come to save my devotees. It was not partiality;
He came to save the virtuous. So if you want God's manifestation or
birth on Earth, if you want to be His instrument, you have to be

That ego-demolishing or humbling is what makes you wise. It is
genuine love that God sees, in which ego is non-existent, or at
least humbled. If you have that, the Prophet is with you.
Distinguish between true goodness and so-called goodness. When Jesus
sat at the last supper and exposed his own disciples, they all
shuddered, fearing what He might say. Some would deny Him. Some
would betray Him. Others would leave Him. Had He said more, perhaps
only a few would have remained.

cannot do His work alone. It will be a colossal destruction. The
real test is when we are put against the wall, tight-cornered. Then
our true nature comes out. Do you think, therefore, that the coming
Prophet cannot distinguish? Many surprises may follow; you may be

A wound or sickness must be exposed by a doctor so it can be healed.
Hiding the disease from the doctor will not help. You may not
welcome exposure but accept it with humility if it is true. Then God
will clear it and clean it. This the language of love: He means good
even when it is painful. When a doctor operates, it is very painful,
but then he puts on a balm to heal you. God and Gurus do the same:
They may seem hurtful at times but then They put a balm on the
injury, curing it nicely—if you humbly allow Them.

Have faith. He will take care of your salvation. Live for God's
sake; eat for God's sake; look after your family for God's sake;
earn money for God's sake; be charitable for God's sake; use your
talents for God's sake; sing for God's sake. If you are fearful,
your love is deficient. He does not like us to fear Him. When you
purely, fully love Him, you will be free from all anxiety, fear,
worry and doubt. Instead of focusing on your deficiencies, just love
the Lord. There is nothing greater than that.

Edited from the Satsangs: Kalki Avatar, the Coming Prophet

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> Dear Jagbir,
> This is really a very interesting article. Is there an age that is
> prophesised to come after the Iron age?
> Best wishes, Semira

Dear Semira,

The tail-end of the Iron Age is now merging into the Age of Aquarius
or Satya Yuga. Shri Mataji explains:

"So, now a New Age has started which is called the Age of Aquarius,
(Kumbha) meaning the pitcher carrier of spiritual holy water that is
the work of Kundalini. The activity of the Kundalini is like the sap
of the tree that rises and nourishes all parts of the tree and does
not get stuck at one flower (subtle centre).

Moreover these are special times. This is the Resurrection Time (Al-
Qiyamah). The Last Judgment is done by the Kundalini. On the
fingertips one can feel oneself and can judge oneself. Moreover the
All-pervading power has become very activated, so the Kali Yuga
(these modem times or Age of Darkness) is passing into Krita Yuga of
Brahma Chaitanya (activated All-pervading power). This is helping
the en-masse enlightenment and self realisation.

After this will be Satya Yuga (Age of Truth). We have to take
advantage of this activity of the Brahma Chaitanya by all the time
being corrected with the All-pervading Power and achieving our
realisation and establishing it. After such a state a person becomes
very dynamic and compassionate. His race, sex, nationality and age
do not hamper his dynamic life."

The Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi

Only an Incarnation can commence a new Yuga (age) and they do not
know Shri Mataji has done just that.

But that does not mean we are going to have an earthly paradise
soon. According to the Qur'n the present Night of Power
(Resurrection) will end in the Day of Noise and Clamor (Doomsday).
The incarnation of the Divine Mother is but a merciful reprieve to
delay the manifestation of Shri Kalki, the Man on the White Horse
prophesied in the Hindu Holy Scriptures. The sending forth of the
Comforter by Lord Jesus to warn humankind of the Last Judgment is
necessary prior to His Second Coming of death and destruction. The
scriptures of Islam, Hinduism and Christianity are in complete
agreement that Lord Jesus will come to destroy the evil forces, that
His Second Coming will manifest as prophesied. Whether it is Jesus
being the Sign of the Hour (Qur'n) or Shri Kalki (Puranas) or
Second Coming (Bible) these three major religions confirm that the
same destructive End will be completed by Shri Jesus.

So after the Iron Age humans are supposed to begin experiencing
Satya Yuga. The SYs are the first to confirm and understand Satya
Yuga, also known as Krita Yuga or Age of Purity:

And the minds of those who live at the end of the Kali age, shall be
awakened, and shall be as pellucid as crystal.
The men who are thus changed by virtue of that peculiar time,
Shall be as the seeds of human beings,
And shall give birth to a race who shall follow the laws of the
Krita Age, the Age of Purity.

Vishnu Purana 4.24

Only those having their Self-realization are having their minds
awakened to participate in the Last Judgment and Resurrection. The
Adi Shakti has indeed given (second) birth to a race that shall
follow the laws of the Krita Age, the Age of Purity. Her Divine
Message is awakening the minds of those who live at the present end
of the Kali age. The vast majority of humanity has no idea of what
is actually taking place on Earth and are still living in the Iron
Age. Kali Yuga has still to run its course of death and destruction.
However, a small but increasing number of humans are being stirred
awake by conscience and begun looking for the Sure Signs of the
Divine. Despite that they yet have no idea that Satya Yuga has
actually begun. But they will over time.




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