Last Birth on Earth

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Date:  Mon Apr 26, 2004  4:37 pm
Subject:  Re: Jagbir - The spirit world you write of so often
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> As for this being the last birth on earth....i dont
> know who gave you that detail, but yes from what i
> understand and believe, quite a few advanced sahaj
> yogis should attain moksha. In patanjalis yoga sutras
> and also in the commentary given by some Kriya Yogis,
> it is said that upon death the soul can leave the body
> through any of eight orfices. i.e, the eyes, nose,
> ears etc. But if the soul leaves through the crown
> (sahastrar) then a person is freed from the cycle of
> life and death. Advanced sahaj yogis will obviously
> have attained this state. Thats my inference anyways.

What i know is quite different and is not about the soul leaving a
dead body. It is based on knowledge/devotion/merging with the Great
Goddess and achieving moksha while still on Earth. Never in my life
have i been more sure of SYs achieving this noble goal:

The soul performs diverse acts, the single cause of virtue and vice.
Thereby it attains birth in various wombs and experiences happiness
and sorrow.
Again, under their determining influence, ever intent on new actions
of various sorts, it attains new bodies of various kinds and
experiences further happiness and sorrow.
Like a water wheel, this cycling never ceases.
Ignorance alone is its root; from that springs desire, from that
Therefore a person should ever strive for the destruction of
For one's birth is fruitful when ignorance is destroyed.
One thereby attains the ends of human existence and the state of
being liberated while living.
Wisdom alone is competent for the destruction of ignorance.

The Song of the Goddess, 4.4-9

During ancient times the Great Goddess instructed Her devotees to
find a guru well-versed in the Vedas and absorbed in Brahman, in
order to realize Her identity and attain assured liberation. How can
anyone not achieve it when She Herself has incarnated on Earth in the
form of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the Guru of all Gurus to destroy
ignorance and falsehood?



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