Last Judgment: "Only those whose beings remain rooted in Spirit may hope to negotiate the Great Transition.

“Born early in the early years of this Millennium (1095 A.D.) Malachy O'Morgair was a holy man, reputed to have had miraculous powers of healing, levitation and clairvoyance. After being named Archbishop of Armagh in 1137 A.D., he embarked upon a difficult pilgrimage from his native Ireland to Rome to confer with Pope Innocent II (See Note 4). When finally the seven hills of the Eternal City appeared below him, Malachy fell into an ecstatic trance, in which he beheld a line of Popes, beginning with Celestine II, the successor to Innocent II, and extending to the last of the line, identified as"Peter of Rome.”After emerging from this trance, Malachy recorded a brief"motto"for each of the Popes he had seen in his vision and presented them to Innocent II at their meeting. While, after Malachy's death, the Church would affirm his miraculous works and would canonize him as the first Irish saint, his prophecies would lie neglected and forgotten in the Papal archives for over 450 years before being rediscovered and published — yet they would ultimately be dismissed as spurious by"official" Vatican scholars.

Nonetheless, St. Malachy's descriptions have proven to be uncannily appropriate for each of the Popes in the centuries since his death, with each characterization simultaneously revealing something both personal and archetypal about the corresponding Pontiff. Thus, the first Pope of the 20th Century, Leo XIII was styled"Lumen in Caelo", or"Light in the Sky", a fitting title for a man whose family crest featured a comet, as well as for a papacy which inaugurated the century prophesied to end with the Advent of Christ as a great light appearing in the clouds of the heavens. Malachy names the first of the final five Popes"Pastor et Nauta", the"Pastor of the Sea", which describes Pope John XXIII (1958- 1963), both as the former Patriarch of Venice, and as the Pontiff whose reign would usher in the Time of Tribulation, in which Daniel and John the Evangelist envisioned the four apocalyptic beasts emerging from the sea (Dan.7:3,Rev.13:1). His successor Pope Paul VI (1963-1978) was dubbed"Flors Florum", or the"Flower of Flowers", a fitting appellation in view of both the fleur-de-lys motif of his papal coat-of-arms, as well as the theme of his historic encyclical Humanae Vitae, which defined the Church's position on procreation.

To the papacy of John Paul I, which ended in his mysterious death after only a month, St. Malachy applies the most apt phrase"De Medietate Lunae", referring to the phases of the Moon, symbolic emblem of the emerging post-Christian spirituality which promises to supplant the solar archetype of postdiluvian religion. Indeed, the dominant monotheistic concept of God in historical times clearly derives from the Egyptian solar deity Amon-Ra, and the Sun has long been metaphorically linked with Rome and the Roman Church. It is therefore quite significant that Malachy denotes Pope John Paul II as"De Labore Solis", which means"The Eclipse of the Sun.”While the ominous symbolic flavor of this descriptive is self-evident in terms of the destiny of the Holy See, even more incredible is its individual relevance to Karol Wojtyla, who was born during the solar eclipse of May 18, 1920!

It bears noting that the eclipse of the Sun has frequently figured as a"celestial sign"In apocalyptic prophecies, and such eclipses were, judging by the astronomical orientation of Stonehenge and other ancient megalithic sites, an evident preoccupation of antediluvian humanity. Moreover, the metaphysics of pharaonic Egypt linked the eclipse of the Sun to the"second death"— that most- dreaded punishment of the unjustified dead condemned to spiritual annihilation. This notion of the"second death"Also finds its way into the Scriptural scenario of the Last Judgment and the Lake of Fire, in which are consumed the resurrected bodies of those who have betrayed the HOLY SPIRIT and have accepted the mark of the Beast. In all of this imagery we should comprehend the unfolding of the"cleansing"foretold by Daniel — an utter transformation of the material basis of the universe, quite literally a"new Heaven and a new Earth", in which only those whose beings remain rooted in the Spirit may hope to negotiate the Great Transition.”

Apokalypso: The Fall Of The Papacy

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