Long-awaited Avatar who will establish true religion, and inaugurate a new age

From: "jagbir singh" <adishakti_org@yahoo.com>
Date: Thu Jun 30, 2005  8:00 pm
Subject: Long-awaited Avatar who will establish true religion, and inaugurate a new age

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> i know She is always within me in my Sahasrara. i for one will
> never be affected in any way if the physical Shri Mataji leaves.
> Many SYs do not understand Her eternal nature. The day they
> realize that nothing will disturb them anymore. So learn about the
> Adi Shakti within your Sahasrara and meditate on Her at all times.
> That is where Shri Mataji was and will always remain long after
> She leaves Earth. The faster you realize this truth the least you
> will affected when Shri Mataji leaves. She will live within us for
> the rest of our lives.
> According to Jesus, the Comforter "will abide with us forever"
> (John 14:16). Shri Mataji will abide within and guide us for the
> rest of our lives. The Adi Shakti and Her Divine Message to
> humanity will triumph. So please be at peace and not react anymore.
> Jai Shri Mataji,
> jagbir

"Most religions contain teachings that anticipate a time, beyond the
present era of suffering and injustice, when human history will be
consummated by a decisive act of God. Evil will be destroyed and
goodness will triumph.

Typically, the course of events includes three phases: a time of
tribulation and confusion when evil and suffering grow more and more
rampant; the Last Judgment when God intervenes decisively to destroy
all evil; and the coming of a new age of bliss, often called the
Kingdom of Heaven. Furthermore, this decisive transformation is
often said to require a great leader, a Messiah, who will wield
divine authority to destroy evil, establish the saints, and found a
new age of unlimited happiness.

Teachings about eschatology are found in most religions, though they
are most characteristic of the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic
scriptures. Judaism anticipates the coming of the Messiah who will
inaugurate an age of peace and justice on earth. Christianity
teaches broadly that Christ, the Messiah, has already come to offer
salvation, and he will come again to judge the world ; In Islam the
Last Judgment is a cardinal doctrine. While it is sometimes
understood as a spiritual judgment of the individual soul after
death, many passages in the Qur'n clearly describe it as a world-
transforming event to occur at the end of time, when the earth will
be destroyed and all people will see their just reward as they are
sorted into groups bound either for Paradise or hell.

Hinduism, Buddhism, and Zoroastrianism contain teachings that the
world is going through a cosmic cycle in which morals and religion
have gradually decayed and have reached a state of dire corruption
in this present age, identified as the Kali Yuga or Age of
Degeneration of the Dharma. This Kali age will give way to a
renovation of faith as the cycle turns and the earth enters a new
golden age, the Krita age. Some texts predict that this cosmic
change will be initiated by the advent of the new Avatar (Hinduism),
the Maitreya Buddha, or the Saoshyant (Zoroastrianism.)

Millenarian beliefs are a minor part of the teaching of most
religions ... Christianity itself began as a messianic sect of
Judaism; Muhammad preached Islam, believing that the Last Judgment
was imminent; and the Baha'i Faith began as a messianic movement
within Islam, to cite three examples. Millenarian movements among
the oppressed indigenous peoples of Africa and the Americas have
been significant forces which have fostered self-respect and
encouraged economic and political independence. Considering the
unprecedented pace of social change in the nineteenth and twentieth
centuries and the unparalleled social dislocations and cultural
challenges which have resulted from the world wars, liberation
movements, industrialization and technological change, the atomic
bomb, the environmental crisis, and the shrinking Global Village, it
is not surprising that a large number of new religions and new sects
of old religions have arisen which believe that the present is the
time of tribulations preceding the appearance of the Messiah, and
that their leader is either a forerunner of or is himself the long-
awaited Avatar or Messiah who will destroy the evil world-system,
establish true religion, and inaugurate a new age."
World Scripture, Int. Religious Foundation, Paragon House Pub.,
1995, p. 773-74



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