Materialisation of the Spiritual Body of Jesus: To rise from death that men might know way to rise from death.

These reviews are from: The Aquarian Gospel Of Jesus The Christ

The Aquarian Gospel, January 27, 2007
By Aquarian Gospel Church

The title page states that the book is"transcribed from the Book of God's Remembrance, known as the Akashic Records.” Now, unless one has penetrated the ethers to the point where he has seen for himself that the Akashic Records do exist, how can he believe it possible for Levi to transcribe from them the story of Jesus' life? Yet, even if a true seeker has not yet had the good fortune to experience the truth about this matter for himself, if he but read the Aquarian Gospel with an open mind, he cannot help but be impressed by the book.

Those familiar with the New Testament will find nearly all the well- known stories, sayings and parables; but now they are presented in the actual order in which they occurred, instead of the disconnected, jumbled accounts we find in the four gospels. Many familiar passages take on new meaning, simply because we didn't have the whole complete story before; reading them in the context of the events which surrounded them throws new light on what Jesus meant by what he said and did. Plus, now that we have so much more new material which we never had before, the effect upon first reading it is mind-blowing.

When we consider that the material in the four gospels was at first circulated orally by the apostles and their disciples, and was only years later written down, it is safe to assume that many of the words attributed to Jesus may not be his exact words. We have to accept the fact that much of what we have is probably corrupted by paraphrase, additions and subtractions. (One only has to compare the gospels with each other to realize that this is so.) But when we compare gospel passages with corresponding ones in the Aquarian Gospel, we find that the latter invariably prove to be of superior quality and clarity.

Indeed, each passage rings true in a way which leaves little doubt that these must be the actual words which were spoken., The sublime wisdom of Jesus' teachings is revealed to us like never before. It is as though a door has opened up and we are transported into the past, and are ourselves sitting at the feet of the master.

Treat Yourself to the Book God intended for us to read,Jan. 5, 2001
By Timothy Rosen (Brick, NJ USA)

This review is from: Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ (Hardcover) What I know to be true is this much, the modern versions of the new testament like King James is full of information added by the many transcribers from years past. Then there is a lot of Jesus' life left out to also suit the whole puritain way of thought. Those versions are quite hard to read as well. They suit the whole ritualistic way of spiritual life. Jesus himself said to beware of men in fancy garb who think that by performing rituals that they are holy. I've read the reviews that are disgusted with this book. Those people are holding onto what has been engrained in them. They claim that there is no proof that this is the real words of christ. Have an open mind and I promise you will not be dissappointed. Once you have read it, your own heart will tell you whose version is truth. You don't need any proof. Christ himself said that those who believe without seeing proof are thrice blessed. Don't let someone else make up your mind for you about what's right and what's wrong. I pray you to at least give this book a chance. If you don't, you could be missing out on what just might be the most profound and greatest book you have ever read. Give yourself a chance to decide what version you believe is real.

Wisdom hidden for centuries, October 18, 2003
By CCD"Easy_Kid" (Cleveland, Ohio United States)

This review is from: Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ (Hardcover) I was completely blown away by the wisdom in this book, and how easily I was able to recognize and validate many of the learnings and teachings of Jesus. It was truly relieving to find out that Jesus was an ordinary man like us, who had to find his way to Godhood. It definitely tells me that his words 'everything I can do, you can do too and more' ring true.

Having lived in India for a substantial period of time, an interesting point that stood out for me was that an American priest properly captured the very essence of Indian caste-culture. Assuming that the author did not live in India at all, it is entirely incredible for him to have captured it to such detail 100 years ago.

On traveling to India, Jesus learns the art of healing, and studies the Vedic texts. He travels to Nepal and the Himalayas where he learns the Buddhist doctrine. In Tibet, the ancient manuscripts are revealed to him. In Persia, he explains the concept of good and evil, and how evil is man's own creation. In Egypt, Jesus is taken in as a student of Heliopolis and goes through the seven tests and receives the seven degrees.

A real eye opener, as to what has been missing from the Bible all these years. It's a book that help us connect the dots as to direction of life on this Earth. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone seeking the Truth, along with Linda Goodman's Star Signs. Other books that can help one validate these Truths are books by Dr. Paul Brunton & Vera Stanley Alder. One will need to get these books, read, practice the teachings & re-read the books again, till one makes it their own.

The original Gospel of Christ - expanded., November 28, 1999
By Michael F. O'Keeffe (Sioux Falls, SD)

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ contains the epic of the entire life of Jesus. The reader is privy to many private conversations between Jesus and other masters of His time. We can hear instructions and explanations He spoke to His apostles. By listening in on these conversations, the reader is given a clear and concise explanation of the nature and origin of Christ, and the nature and origin of man; and our destiny. He explains the nature of the process we all are undergoing, as well as what is expected of each person; and He advises that His return will coincide with the harvest time of souls (the judgement day), and we must prepare.

This book was written with much love and respect, September 24, 1999
By Christina ( (near Los Angeles, CA)

It's a deeper, clearer image of Jesus as a teacher of the human race and God's divine messenger. Having grown up as a disenchanted Catholic girl, I welcome this new/old synopsis of Jesus' life, from his education and training abroad, to his practice of Reiki healing among the people. The parables are enhanced by expanded background descriptions of those who were listening and why. Levi relates a real world of travelers, politicians, and common folk of that era. No wonder Jesus could inspire and terrify so many. This is the Christ I feel close to— a bright burning fire of love and mercy, practical, courageous, waiting to guide us home.

Recommended for intelligent, open-minded readers interested in matters of Spirit and the human heart.

Like an Old Friend, May 27, 2005
By CloudWalker (Alabama, USA)

I was given my copy by a dear man that showed me reading about Jesus in this book was not like any other works. This is not your average Bible—this is more of a diary of Jesus' life. When you read this it is like reading a best selling novel—you know a bit about what is going to happen but it is told more in the 1st person. This makes it much more personal- the way I am sure Jesus actually talked and acted.

I wholeheartedly say to read this, even if you never read any other thing about Jesus.

Materialisation of the Spiritual Body of Jesus
Chapter 173

(Jesus appears, fully materialised, to his mother, Miriam, Mary of Magdala and to Peter, James and John.)

1. Now, when the rabbis took the body of the Lord and laid it in the tomb of The Mother of the Lord, and Mary Magdalene, and Miriam were there.

2. And when the body was entombed they went to Joseph's home and there abode.

3. They did not know that Jewish soldiers had been sent to guard the tomb, nor that the Roman seal was placed upon the stone;

4. So in the morning of the first day of the week they hastened to the tomb with spices to embalm the Lord.

5. But when they reached the tomb they found the terror-stricken soldiers running frantically about.

6. The women did not know the cause; but when they found an empty tomb they were excited and aggrieved.

7. The soldiers did not know what had transpired; they could not tell who took the body of the Lord away.

8. And Mary Magdalene ran with haste toward Jerusalem to tell the news to Peter and the rest.

9. She met, just by the gateway, Peter, James and John; she said, Some one has rolled away the stone and carried off the body of the Lord.

10. And then the three disciples ran toward the tomb; but John was fleet of foot and was the first to reach the tomb; he found it empty; the body of his Lord was gone.

11. When Peter came he went into the tomb, and found the grave clothes neatly folded up and laid aside.

12. Now, the disciples did not comprehend the scene. They did not know the meaning of their Lord when he informed them just before his death that he would rise from death upon the first day of the week.

13. The three disciples went back to Jerusalem; The Mother of the Lord and Miriam went not away.

14. And Mary looked within the tomb, and saw two masters sitting there; they said, Why do you weep?

15. And Mary said, Because my Lord is gone; some one has carried off the body of my Lord; I know not where it is.

16. Then she arose and looked around; a man stood near and said, Why do you weep? whom do you seek?

17. And Mary thought it was the gardener and said, If you have borne away the body of my Lord, O tell me where it is that I may lay it in a sacred tomb.

18. And then the man came near and said, My Mother! and Mary said, My Lord!

19. The eyes of Miriam were opened up and she beheld the Lord.

20. And Jesus said, Behold, I told you as we walked along the way up to the cross that I would meet you at the sepulchre upon the first day of the week.

21. Now, Mary Magdalene was sitting not a great way off, and Jesus went to her and said,

22. Why seek the living 'mong the dead? Your Lord has risen as he said, Now, Mary, look! behold my face!

23. Then Mary knew it was the Lord; that he had risen from the dead.

24. And then Salome, and Mary, mother of the two disciples, James and John, Joanna, and the other women who had come out to the tomb, saw Jesus, and they talked with him.

25. And Mary Magdalene was filled with joy. She sought again for Peter, James and John; she found them and she said,

26. Lo, I have seen the Lord; and Miriam has seen the Lord; the mother of the Lord has seen the Lord; and many more have seen his face; for he has risen from the dead.

27. But the disciples thought that she had simply seen a vision of the Lord. They did not think that he had risen from the dead.

28. Then Mary found the other members of the company and told them all about the risen Lord; but none of them believed.

29. Now, Peter, James and John were in the garden of Siloam; were talking with the gardener about the happenings of the day when John beheld a stranger coming up the walk.

30. The stranger lifted up his hands and said, I am. Then the disciples knew it was the Lord.

31. And Jesus said, Behold, for human flesh can be transmuted into higher form, and then that higher form is master of things manifest, and can, at will, take any form.

32. And so I come to you in form familiar unto you.

33. Go speak to Thomas, and the other men whom I have called to be apostles unto men, and say to them,

34. That he whom Jews and Romans thought was dead is walking in the garden of Siloam;

35. Will stand again before the priests and Pharisees within the temple in Jerusalem;

36. And will appear unto the sages of the world.

37. Tell them that I will go before them into Galilee.

38. Then Peter, James and John went forth and found their brethren, and said, Behold, the Lord is risen from the dead, and we have seen him face to face.

39. The brethren were amazed at what the three disciples said; but still they looked upon their words as idle talk and they believed them not.

Materialisation of the Spiritual Body of Jesus - Part 2
Chapter 174

(Jesus appears, fully materialised, to Zachus and Cleophas as they journey to Emmaus, but they know him not. He tells them many things about Christ. He eats the evening meal with them, and reveals himself to them. They go to Jerusalem and tell the news.)

1. Towards the evening of the resurrection day, two friends of Jesus, Zachus and Cleophas of Emmaus, seven miles away, were going to their home.

2. And as they walked and talked about the things that had occurred a stranger joined their company.

3. He said, My friends, you seem discouraged and are sad. Has some great grief upon you come?

4. Cleophas said, Are you a stranger in Judea, and know not of the thrilling things that have transpired here?

5. The stranger said, What things? To what do you refer?

6. Cleophas said, Have you not heard about the man from Galilee who was a prophet mighty in both word and deed?

7. A man whom many thought had come to found again the kingdom of the Jews, and drive the Romans from the city of Jerusalem and be himself the king?

8. The stranger said, Tell me about this man.

9. Cleophas said, His name was Jesus; he was born in Bethlehem; his home was up in Galilee. He loved the people as he loved himself.

10. He was, in truth, a master sent from God, for he had matchless power. He healed the sick and made the deaf to hear, the blind to see, the lame to walk, and even raised the dead.

11. The Jewish scribes and Pharisees were jealous of his fame and power, and they arrested him; by perjured witnesses they proved him guilty of a score of crimes,

12. And on last Friday he was taken to the place of skulls and crucified.
13. He died and he was buried in a rich man's tomb, out in the garden of Siloam.

14. This very morning when his friends went to the tomb they found it empty; the body of the Lord was gone.

15. And now the news has spread abroad that he has risen from the dead.

16. The stranger said, Yes, I have heard about this man; but it seems strange that after all the things that Jewish prophets long ago foretold concerning him that when he came men knew him not.

17. This man was born to demonstrate the Christ to men, and it is just to say that Jesus is the Christ.

18. According to the word, this Jesus came to suffer at the hands of men, to give his life as pattern for the sons of men;

19. To rise from death that men might know the way to rise from death.

20. And then the stranger told the two disciples all about the Law, the Prophets and the Psalms, and read to them a multitude of things that had been written of this man from Galilee.

21. And now the men had reached their home, and as the night was near they importuned the stranger to abide with them.

22. And he went in with them and as they sat about the table at the evening meal, he took a piece of bread, and blessed it in the name of Christ.

23. And instantly their eyes were opened up, and they perceived that he, the stranger, was the Lord, the man from Galilee; that he had risen from the dead; and then the form of Jesus disappeared.

24. When he had gone, the two disciples were amazed. They said, Did not our hearts burn with delight while he was talking to us by the way and opening up the testimonies of the Law, the Prophets and the Psalms?

25. Then Zachus and Cleophas went back to Jerusalem, and everywhere they went they said, Lo, we have seen the Lord;

26. He walked with us to Emmaus; he ate with us the evening meal, and broke for us the bread of life.

(from the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ by Levi H. Dowling)

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