Miracle from the Andaman Islands: All 50+ SYs are safe and sound!

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Date:  Sat Jan 1, 2005  10:08 am
Subject:  Miracle from the Andaman Islands: All 50+ SYs are safe and sound!

India 'delivers aid to islands'
BBC, Sunday, 2 January, 2005, 09:17 GMT

Relief supplies arrive in Port Blair
Relief supplies have begun arriving in Port Blair

The Indian army says planes have dropped food and water to tsunami survivors on all the inhabited islands in the Andaman and Nicobar chain.

There was criticism that aid has been slow to reach survivors, thousands of whom may be sheltering on high ground.

The military commander in charge of the relief effort said the most remote locations had now been reached.

Nearly 9,000 people are known to have died across India, 812 of them in the islands, with thousands more missing.

Difficult conditions

"This is the biggest relief effort in the history of India," Home Ministry junior minister Sri Prakash Jaiswal said from the capital Port Blair, the Associated Press news agency reported.

"We are reaching everywhere with aid. I still have hopes that there will be survivors among the missing people," he added.

About 400 islands, 38 inhabited Islands are peaks of submerged mountain range Indian territory, area of 8,249 sq km Population around 370,000, about 100,000 in Port Blair
Number of tribes, including Jarawas, Onges and Shompens

More than 3,000 people were evacuated to the mainland and relief camps in the capital on Friday.

They said the situation was desperate in some areas.

"There is nothing to eat there. There is no water. In a couple of days, people will start dying of hunger," said Anup Ghatak, an evacuee from Campbell Bay on the southern tip of the chain, quoted by AP news agency.

Relief efforts in the archipelago's 38 inhabited islands have been hampered by the destruction of most of the islands' jetties.

The island chain, close to the epicentre of last Sunday's earthquake, has also felt a number of aftershocks.

More than 5,400 people are still thought to be missing on the islands, but the local police chief has said he believes most of the missing are probably dead.

Some, including many tribal people in remotes areas, may be alive in jungles.

Many bodies are apparently lying in the open air, and there are increasing fears that unless they are buried or cremated, outbreaks of disease will be inevitable.

India 'delivers aid to islands' http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/4140797.stm

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> i have just answered to an ex-SY, Satya (see email right below),
> that is relevant to what i have been trying to say at the thread
> above regarding the Asian tsunami. And from recent private emails
> received from those who have left it is clear that they have
> little idea what Sahaja Yoga is actually all about.....
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> Hi Satya,
> Have you ever considered that getting another job actually saved
> you? Do not belittle the Shakti within you who does all the
> saving, even defying death, as and when necessary.
> So do not think that leaving Sahaja Yoga probably saved your life.
> You have no idea how the Adi Shakti works from within and neither
> do most SYs. Their attention has always been external, including
> yours.
> jagbir

Dear All,

Just received this miraculous news about Andaman Islands. i also
believe that many SYs were saved because when the tsunami struck
many from the affected areas like Andaman and Tamil Nadu were in
Pune attending the Christmas Puja. That all 50+ SYs from Andaman,
one of the worst affected areas, survived is indeed a miracle.

So Satya take care of yourself and be grateful you did not perish.
How the Adi Shakti from within protects and safeguards those who
worship Her is beyond our comprehension. Only those who have
experienced Her miracles can say so with firm conviction.

Jai Shri Mataji,


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Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2005 14:46:11 +0100
Subject: DivineSahajayoga The Power of Shraddha

Miracle from the Andaman Islands
(from Gudrun, Austrian Yogini in Madras)

Over fifty Sahaja Yogis live on the Andaman Islands, near the
epicentre of the earthquake. About twelve were at the puja in Pune.
On the way home to Madras in the train we were shocked to read about
the disaster in the newspaper, and we suddenly fell from heaven back
onto the earth. Then one yogi said, relaxed and peaceful, "My house
is about 300 meters from the seashore. My mother and sister are
there." Another said, "I live 1 kilometer from the beach."

The next news from them came: Everything is okay. The rest of us
were sure that they would have been wiped out. The one yogi had said
on the train in India, "I traveled to Shri Mataji and She is also at
my home. That is logical."

The power of shraddha - Jai Shri Mataji!

Gudrun, Austrian Yogini in Madras

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Date:  Mon Jan 3, 2005  5:05 pm
Subject:  Re: Miracle from the Andaman Islands: another story

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Jai Shri Mataji

While reading this article, I could not stop myself in sharing a miracle happened to my brother who stays in great Nicobar Islands. He is working in Indian Navy, stays with wife & a child.

As told by my brother, in the morning 6.30 (The day tunsami shook the whole island) My brother & family heard a big sound & ran out of the house, the whole building collapsed after few seconds.

Though he was not regular in practising in meditation, but he was carrying a photograph of Shri Mataji, which I gave while he was in India. Also a miracle is that he & family took Self Realization just before leaving to Andamans.

He had told me that he was one of the few family escaped in the whole
island in this great disaster.

Manoj Kumar


From:  "jagbir singh" <www.adishakti.org@gmail.com>
Date:  Thu Jan 6, 2005  9:04 am
Subject:  It is indeed a miracle - ALL SYs in Andaman, Nicobar and Tamil Nadu safe!
To: divinesahajayoga@yahoogroups.com
From: "Suneel Janakwar" <
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2005 03:36:06 -0800 (PST)
Subject: DivineSahajayoga Miracle (or as expected by Mother's
grace!!) story from Tsunami-hit Andaman & Nicobar— update on
Yogis & SY center there

Jai Shri Mataji !

It has been reported in various Indian media that the
Andaman & Nicobar group of islands of India had
suffered around 3000 deaths and little over double the
number were reported missing till yesterday (the
official death count is based on number of bodies
found—the bodies not found are declared missing!).

The leader of Andaman & Nicobar Mr. Manoranjan Saha is
based in the capital of the island group - Port Blair.
The gentleman is very-very simple, even by Indian
standards. He wears a dhoti-kurta (a dhoti is a wrap
around cloth, generally of cotton, that is still worn
by villagers in many states in India and regarded
unfashionable by modern Indians!). His sight is always
towards the Mother Earth or towards Shri Ma. He cannot
speak English (he acknowledges that he had learnt it
in college but cannot speak) but can converse in Hindi
with a Assamese or Bengali (east Indian languages)
accent that is difficult even for a hindi language
knower to understand. It was heard that he is made fun
of even amongst SY's in a center which I too was part
of but his surrender and dedication are what SY's like
me who are nowhere as deep as him should look up to
and learn.

He had presented miracle photographs that came out at
his center to SY's including me when I was based in a
city in South India. The photo had his contact number
at the back. The day before yesterday (4th Jan 05) it
was announced on the Indian Television that
telecommunications with Andaman & Nicobar group of
islands have been restored. On calling him up
yesterday morning he was very happy to receive a call
from a SY. He said that all 150 SY's in the group of
islands are safe by Mother's grace. The center is
intact too. (He runs the center from his house of
which he occupies a very small part & has dedicated
the rest of the house for the center. The center can
accommodate all 150 SY's there!). He informed that a
SY had a house at the jetty. The waves crossed the
jetty's wall but stopped at the wall of this house
(you may have seen in photographs of areas along the
coast in south-east Asia that all structures along the
coast were completely destroyed. This house is not).
He informed that the center was on a small hill and

On asking him whether he needed help in any way he
seemed very hesitant to ask. Here he was in a land
torn apart by Tsunamis and in one of the worst
affected places of India, being asked how he/ the
other SY's could be helped while he kept on talking
only Sahaja matters. He narrated how he had asked the
question at the South Indian Seminar last year of how
to remain in the Sahastrara longer & how he had
received beautiful answers from other SY's. His only
regret was that he had wished to donate some land and
build an old age home by Mother's grace but the water
level has now gone over his land (a number of islands
have gone under water completely or partly).

It was requested of him to check up with other SY's in
the group of islands and to inform if they needed any
help and it was thought that if he himself may have
needs, he may inform subsequently. A contact telephone
number was given to him but he said that it was not
possible to call outside from Andamans till that point
of time. He said that he had wanted to contact Mr.
Nalgirkar (India leader) to take permission for
performing a havan after the disaster but he could not
get through. He also said that he also did not wish to
call any SY in the mainland so that the person may not
wrongly construe it as a call for help.

Though he had been told that he will be called after a
day to check on help needed but I was worried how to
organize (any sum would be a pittance to people whom
I thought would have lost there everything) and then
how to send out the help (bank transfers may not be
working; even if a SY from South India is requested (I
have been brought to Pune by Mother's grace & am no
longer in South India) it would be difficult for him
to go there—and it was anyway too late by the time I
remembered that I had Mr. Saha's telephone number with
me! Also the telephone lines had just started working.
Yesterday I even thought that I will post this to a SY
e-mail group & word will spread. But then I was also
worried how people will talk to him because of his
language constraints mentioned earlier and even if
someone wants to send help the logistics barriers may
be insurmountable for now. The Indian government is
indeed doing a good job of giving help to its affected
people and also other affected nations but the
prevailing conditions are really very bad. All the
time I was thinking how this problem can be solved not
realizing that the divine itself takes care of all its

Today, after trying to leave it to the divine and
giving myself a bandhan, Uncle Saha was called. It was
already afternoon—it had taken me that much time to
surrender and call! When asked whether he could find
out what help was required he again reassured that all
150 SY's in the island are safe and do not need
anything (though the overall situation is indeed grim
since the lowermost point of this group of islands is
just 60 nautical miles from the epicenter of the
earthquake in Indonesia). He said that by Mother's
grace he was pretty well off monetarily (though many
of his lands are under the water now). He also helped/
is helping other SY's in the islands monetarily. He
said that he is telling me about the help he has/is
providing only because I am sounding too concerned;
otherwise he prefers not to tell this. His only grief
now is that his desire to build the old-age home may
not happen or be stalled because of nature's fury.
What he said subsequently demonstrated the
establishment of Shri Mahalaxmi in him. He wants to
donate a huge sum for SY. He asked me that since I am
in Pune I should find out how he can give the money.
He had actually bought the money when he came to Pune
for Christmas Puja but was unable to meet the national
or the city leader because of the huge event (these
were the only means he seems to know through whom to
donate) and had to take the money back. What is
specially touching is that he still wants to give the
same amount in spite of the difficult condition he may
be facing.

More on the miracle—though in SY it is not a miracle
but known fact of Shri Mataji's protective powers. The
SY center in Port Blair had many photo-frames of Shri
Mataji. Though they fell down because of the
earthquake but not even a single one was broken! The
public address system too is intact. It had cost Mr.
Saha quite a sum to purchase this for public
programmes. The center had a couple of televisions and
mud pots of plants. (I can get the center photograph
with me scanned but don't know how to send to the
group without being blocked by yahoo because I see all
attachments removed in yahoo where I receive my divine
sahajayoga group e-mails except the ones kindly posted
by the Moderator whose url i.e. link is specified).
Everything of the center is intact. Most others
buildings around are destroyed and people are saying
that this building remaining and that too with its
contents intact is a miracle.

Many people are leaving the islands because of fear of
inundation of the land and bad conditions there. He
says that because of Shri Mataji he does not have any
fear and wants to remain there to carry on Sahaja
work. A true leader, isn't he?

Jai Shri Mataji !

- a SY from Pune


1. Mr. Manoranjan Saha's telephone no is 03192-235031.
It may have to be dialed +91-03192-235031 from other
than India. He may not understand non-hindi speaking
SY's but will definitely understand Jai Shri Mataji
(Your talk may be limited to that only !!)

The telephone of Andaman & Nicobar centre if any SY
wishes to dial from a country other than India would
be +91-3192-235031. The hyphens(dashes in the number)
are to be ignored i.e. like 00913192235031.

2. Just got a phone call from a SY in Chennai in South
India —of course all are safe there as well - JSMJ !


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