Nothing less than the Gospel message of salvation is at stake.

Dear devotees of the Comforter,

Namaskaar, i bow to the Holy Spirit who resides in you!

The New Encyclopedia Britannica (1992) states that the idea of the Last Judgement has often become incomprehensible to the modern world.

For the most part, the churches of the latter part of the 20th century no longer have the courage to uphold the Christian teaching of life after death. The church has long neglected teachings about the entire area of the last things. The New Testament responses presuppose the imminent expectation and thus leave many questions unanswered that arose because of the delay of the Parousia.

On the lips of Jesus Christ the term"Kingdom of God"unquestionably summarized the very heart of His Message. The Kingdom of God within is the central theme of the teaching of Jesus, and it involves His whole understanding of His own person and work.

Anthony Buzzard, The Kingdom of God: Present or Future? questions the lack of knowledge regarding this central theme of Christianity: "Yet the voluminous discussions of the meaning of the Kingdom of the God, the heart of the Gospel preached by Jesus, and therefore the Christian Gospel, continue to leave the impression that the subject is complex in the extreme, indeed that the truth of the matter is virtually beyond recovery. An enormous amount of scholarly energy has gone into analyzing the biblical and non-biblical evidence in an effort to explain what Jesus taught as His central theme. Can it really be that our New Testament records provide no clear idea of what Christ and the Apostles meant us to understand by the Kingdom of God? Nothing less than the Gospel message of salvation is at stake.

The Comforter Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi has come to declare, clarify and explain in detail Jesus' Last Judgment and Kingdom of God, the central theme of Christianity that has often become incomprehensible to the modern world. She is the incarnation of Holy Spirit/Devi/Ruh within (Shri Lalita Devi), and has spent the last three decades traversing the globe to reach as many nations and people as possible. Despite the controversial and radical aspect of Jesus' Last Judgment and Kingdom of God Shri Mataji has never ever publicly wavered or watered down the message.

While Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi spread Jesus' message on Earth, Shri Lalita Devi revealed the metaphysical aspect of the same message from within the Sahasrara (Kingdom of God). i believe that this is crucial in making the Last Judgment and Kingdom of God comprehensible to the modern world. ....... and She had to give evidence to that effect.

The Holy Spirit has given much priceless evidence spanning more than a decade. One of the most cherished is allowing Kash to bear witness to the Resurrection of Lord Jesus. i find this paragraph particularly powerful:

"Kash noticed that the burial place consisted of a"hole in a rock.” The object plugging the entrance to the burial chamber had apparently been removed, exposing a cavity in the knoll. Though he could not see the actual body as it was dark inside, he knew that the Crucified One was within as the entire Divine Unity of God Almighty had encircled it.”

In 1994 i knew little of Christianity and Kash even less at that young age. Despite that handicap, Kash described his journey with astounding accuracy and clarity. But his observation of a"hole in a rock"Is probably the most crucial clue confirming the authenticity and power of the Holy Spirit to go two millenia back into the past.

Today, as we celebrate Easter, be assured that our own resurrection is taking place and the daily experience of the Ruach (Cool Breeze) is proof that we have all undergone a genuine second birth by the Spirit. Lord Jesus, by His unsurpassable sacrifice, has proven to humanity that we are the eternal spirit.

The Last Judgment and Resurrection (Al-Qiyamah) are central to Jewish, Christian and Islamic eschatology, and to a lesser degree related to Hinduism and Buddhism. Only the Adi Shakti is capable of explaining to humanity the all-embracing unity of the Santanna Dharma that will end all irreconcilable differences between organized religions and enable all His children to partake in the Last Judgment (Christianity) and Al-Qiyamah (Islam) through the Adi Shakti (Hinduism). It will be the collective triumph of all these three great religions and their holy scriptures to attain eternal life (moksa) in the Hereafter.

Jesus said in John 14:26 "But the Comforter, which is the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.”

The Comforter Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi has since the late 1970's taught us all things about God Almighty and brought all things to our remembrance. She has also declared Jesus' Last Judgment and Kingdom of God. Now nothing less than the Gospel message of salvation is at stake. No stone should be left unturned to reveal and declare to all humanity this unprecedented evolution into the eternal spirit.

Happy Easter to all,


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