Oh vast Rome, your ruin approaches!

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Subject:  Oh vast Rome, your ruin approaches!


Massive church closures in Boston
Thursday, May 27, 2004
Bishop O'Malley
O'Malley took over after the sex scandal forced his predecessor out

The Roman Catholic archdiocese of Boston has said that it is to close one sixth of its parishes.

Church officials say the move was prompted by declining congregations, a dwindling supply of priests and a shortage of funds.

The diocese has experienced a significant decrease in collections.

But it was a series of abuse scandals two years ago that proved most costly. Boston recently paid out $85m in compensation to sexual abuse victims.

Perhaps more importantly though, the scandal stripped the Catholic Church in America of much of its prestige and trust.


Austria probes priest sex claims
Monday, July 12, 2004
The Roman Catholic Church has been rocked by child abuse scandals

An investigation is under way in Austria after media reports of sexual misconduct at a Roman Catholic seminary at St Poelten, west of Vienna.

According to the reports, priests were photographed fondling and kissing trainee priests and pornographic images were found on the seminary computers.

The school director and his deputy have resigned.

The Austrian Bishops' Conference has promised a full and swift internal investigation.

"Anything that has to do with the practice of homosexuality or pornography has no place at a seminary for priests," it said.


Austrian news magazine Profil published the pictures of the alleged abuse at St Poelten, about 80km (50 miles) west of the capital, Vienna.

It also reported that a police investigation had uncovered as many as 40,000 images and videos - some allegedly including child pornography - on computers at the seminary.


Church condemns HBO celibacy film
Monday, June 28, 2004
Archbishop John Patrick Foley
Vatican Archbishop John Patrick Foley was interviewed for the film

The Catholic Church has condemned a documentary linking celibacy to child abuse scandals within the clergy.

The programme, to air on HBO on Monday, was made by British film-maker Antony Thomas, who interviewed abuse victims, historians and psychologists.

A review from the Catholic News Service, written by David DiCerto, called the film "a polemic against the Catholic Church's entire sexual ethos".

Thomas said he wanted to examine the spate of abuse cases within the church.

"Why celibacy? Why do people accept it? What are its effects?" said Thomas.

"I felt I had to make this film for my own education."

The documentary was filmed in 10 countries, featuring interviews with current and former priests, including one who underwent castration because he could not control his sexual urges on entering the priesthood.

It also features a former parish priest and Franciscan nun who left the church to marry and raise a family together.

Thomas says he was just trying to answer questions raised by the spate of sex abuse scandals that has seen the Church pay an estimated $1 billion (540m) in legal settlements so far.




Nostradamus Nostradamus Nostradamus Nostradamus Nostradamus
The prophecies of Nostradamus


Oh Vast Rome, Your Ruin Approaches

"Oh vast Rome your ruin approaches,
Not your walls, but your lifeblood and substance;
Someone with a sharp tongue will make a dent in you,
Harsh chains will be around it all." 

Century 10:65

Manuela Dunn Mascetti and Peter Lorie
Nostradamus: Prophecies for Women
(Nostradamus: Prophecies for Women, Simon & Schuster, 1995, p. 110.)



"As we have already seen, Nostradamus was a firm believer in divine retribution... . His harsh view of the Church may, therefore, be not so much anti-Catholic as pro-Christ....

The "harsh one of the letters" is the investigator(s) into Vatican conspiracies whose revelations will expose the corrupt custodians currently destroying the spiritual substance of the Church. In my opinion, David Yallop will be remembered as a prime candidate for that "harsh," though uncompromisingly brave, ("one of letters") who risked his life to expose the extend of drug money laundering in the Vatican Bank.

If Nostradamus is describing divine retribution here, he may be suggesting that the first two corruptions — of fascism and drugs — will lead the Catholic clergy toward a literal plague affecting the blood in their veins... . current estimates, by homosexual activist priests such as AIDS-sufferer Father Robert L. Arpin, indicate that over 40 percent of the priesthood are practising homosexual behavior in secret."

Henry C. Roberts, The Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus, Crown Publishers Inc., 1994, p. 165


"The Roman Catholic Church, however, has insisted upon celibacy even though many Popes, among them Sergius III (904-11), John X (914-28), John XII (955-63), Benedict V (964), Innocent VIII (1484-92), Urban VIII (1623-44), and Innocent X (1644-55), as well as millions of cardinals, bishops, archbishops, monks, and priests throughout history, have repeatedly violated such vows. Not only has celibacy made sinners of the clergy who engage in fornication, but it makes harlots out of those with whom they secretly cohabit. Rome is indeed "The Mother of harlots"! Her identification as such is unmistakable. No other city, church, or institution in the history of the world is her rival in this particular evil.

History is replete with sayings that mocked the church's false claim to celibacy and revealed the truth: "The holiest hermit has his whore" and "Rome has more prostitutes than any other city because she has the most celibates" are examples. Pius II declared that Rome was "the only city run by bastards" [sons of popes and cardinals]. Catholic historian and former Jesuit Peter de Rosa writes:

Popes had mistresses of fifteen years of age, were guilty of incest and sexual perversions of every sort, had innumerable children, were murdered in the very act of adultery [by jealous husbands who found them in bed with their wives].... In the old Catholic phrase, why be holier than the pope?

As for abominations, even Catholic historians admit that among the popes were some of the most degenerate and unconscionable ogres in all of history. Their numerous outrageous crimes, many of which are almost beyond belief, have been recited by many historians from preserved documents that reveal the depths of papal depravity, some of which we will cover in later chapters. To call any of these men "His Holiness, Vicar of Christ" makes a mockery of holiness and of Christ. Yet the name of each one of these unbelievably wicked popes, mass murderers, fornicators, robbers, warmongers, some guilty of the massacre of thousands - is emblazoned in honor on the Church's official list of popes. These abominations that John foresaw not only occurred in the past but continue to this very day." 


"The Great Apostacy of the "Last Times" Announced by Holy Scripture

To someone who was questioning her on the content of the Third Secret, Sister Lucy one day replied: "It's in the Gospel, and in the Apocalypse, read them." She has also confided to Father Fuentes that the Virgin Mary has made her see clearly that "We are in the last times of the world."

This does not mean, one must emphasize, the time of the end of the world and of the last judgement, since the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary must come first. Cardinal Ratzinger himself discreetly alluding to the content of the Secret of Fatima, has mentioned three important elements: "The dangers threatening the faith," "the importance of the last times" and the fact that the prophecies "contained in this Third Secret correspond to what has been announced in Scripture." We even know that one day Lucy indicated Chapters 8 and 13 of the Apocalypse.

That is why, in the last two chapters of my book, I take up the great teachings of Our Lord, of St. Paul and St. John so ignored today! - Announcing the troubles, the heresy and finally the great apostasy which will arise in the Church during the "last times." And the objective comparison of the prophecies of Scripture - very particularly those of the Apocalypse - and the great prophecy of the Virgin of Fatima, at the dawn of our Century shows indeed very numerous and quite striking parallels."

Brother Michael of the Holy Trinity


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