Om, take Alex's advise and do Sahaja Yoga for about 6 months at least.

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Date:  Sat Nov 20, 2004  7:58 am
Subject:  Om, take Alex's advise and do Sahaja Yoga for about 6 months at least.

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> So to understand this question of death, we must be rid of fear
> which invents the various theories of afterlife or immortality or
> reincarnation. So we say, those in the East say, that there is
> reincarnation, there is a rebirth, a constant renewal going on and on
> and on-the soul, the so-called soul. Now please listen carefully. Is
> there such a thing? We like to think there is such a thing, because
> it gives us pleasure, because that is something which we have set
> beyond thought, beyond words, beyond; it is something eternal,
> spiritual, that can never die, and so thought clings to it. But is
> there such a thing, as a soul, which is something beyond time,
> something beyond thought, something which is not invented by man,
> something which is beyond the nature of man, something which is
> not put together by the cunning mind? Because the mind sees such
> enormous uncertainty, confusion, nothing permanent in life-nothing.
> Your relationship to your wife, your husband, your job-nothing is
> permanent. And so the mind invents a something which is
> permanent, which it calls the soul. But since the mind can think
> about it, thought can think about it; as thought can think about it, it
> is still within the field of time-naturally. If I can think about
> something, it is part of my thought. And my thought is the result of
> time, of experience, of knowledge. So, the soul is still within the
> field of time...So the idea of a continuity of a soul which will be
> reborn over and over and over again has no meaning because it is
> the invention of a mind that is frightened, of a mind that wants, that
> seeks a duration through permanency, that wants certainty, because
> in that there is hope.

Dear Om,

Since you are still around looking for answers let me first and foremost say that it is your own mind that has led to your disbelieve. i have no idea where you got that soul-is-invention-of-mind theory. This is akin to dumping the Bhagavad-Gita, Bible, Koran and Guru Granth Sahib on the ground and urinating on them. Next your mind may say there is no such thing as the Creator or Divine Mother, that scriptures are books of fiction induced by flights of fantasy, or anything that your mind wants to reject.

We cannot force believe onto you because your mind is already filled up. But if you want to learn something that no other guru can teach then you have to begin emptying it i.e. learn to be thoughtless. i am talking about the Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. Maybe a powerful teacher can make even skeptics experience the joy. Shri Krishna made the Kauravas see his powers even though they didn't believe him and Jesus healed even those who did not have faith in him.





Take Alex's advise and do Sahaja Yoga for about 6 months at least. You must know that Sahaja Yoga is a daily experience of the Spirit in the form of cool breeze or vibrations or Chi energy. You will have to self-certify if you feel the Creator's energy within and a new awareness. It is not a mental baptism that pastors and preachers administer but a genuine spiritual experience. You will feel the Cool Breeze of the Spirit - hundreds of of thousand have felt The Mother Kundalini rise from the Mooladhara up to the Sahasrara and out through the Brahmarandhra. Christians call this the Breath of God. Sikhs say it is the opening of the mystical Dsam Dwar (Tenth Door). Hindus call it Self-realization and the union of Shakti (Yin) with Shiva (Yang). Tao called this the Chi energy which is overwhelmingly felt by SYs, even on a 24/7 basis, than any other spiritual path i know.

Thus in order to "
absorb and integrate the external universal energy we must learn to integrate and strengthen the fundamental life force within. Chi healing is an ongoing process of cultivating and strengthening the Yin (female) and Yang (male) of our being. Good health is learning to live and be in balance with the all aspects of our internal world - the body, mind, emotions and spirit so that we may be in balance and good relationship with all aspects of our external world."

If you do not feel this universal energy then just dump Sahaja Yoga and find another path. But before you do please try to understand that Sahaja Yoga is not just about the subtle system. This assumption by many newcomers is the main cause of Sahaja Yoga's dismal failure and the reason the vast majority leave quickly. i have a quote from a seeker that seems to provides evidence to this effect:


First i have to say i'm usually a man not rich in some sensational experiences. When i attended for first time the classes in Varna, i was given the so called "Self-realisation" which of course doesn't have to be mistaken as the enlightenment. It's just a transfer of energy from the pic of Sri Mataji. The first time after the classes i had experiences of something new in me...i felt the different vibrations as soon as i went out of the sahaj club. So i began practicing the sahaj meditation as per the instructions and i noticed first results - more joy, spontaneity, better meditation and so on. And have to make a remark that the effect is stronger in the group meditations....where i fell several times in deep meditations. Of course there was people not content with sahaja yoga but i think that's due to the impatience and the lack of the earnestness. Though i'm not now in sahaja yoga, i feel grateful to Sri Mataji for she opened for me the door for my further practice. And if u have no results....first check urself, be more perseverant, follow what u are taught and then if u still don't feel anything u can try to search for something else but not before it.  I mean that's the case with the most students - they are in hurry to put the blame on the path and the teacher but don't look at themselves.

I wish u good luck!

P.S. I hope my english is good enough for u to understand me.


Yes, Om, if you think Sahaja Yoga is just about transfer of energy you will also eventually leave. i am afraid that the catch-conscious mindset of the collective may confuse you, despite all that wonderful experience of Self-realization. After all there are more conducive yoga paths to continue your spiritual journey than the fear/catch-inducing bhoots-are-everywhere surroundings you may experience while trying to learn Sahaja Yoga. (Most SYs are still putting their heads in the sand and refuse to acknowledge how confusing and apprehensive some of their treatments sound to newcomers. Even worse is the quality of some SYs in the collective whose ignorance/fanaticism puts others off.)

But if you know why you need this energy to take part in the Great Event ordained for humanity you will probably never leave. Then this great piece by Om Prem will eventually make sense:

Paths are many, but Truth is One. There are many routes to the top of the mountain but they all converge at the top and share the same view.

It is instructive to read the saints and seers from different religions and spiritual disciplines. Even though they are unaware of each other, live thousands of miles away, and are perhaps centuries apart, they tend to use the same language, even the same metaphors, and describe a common view. This suggest to me that there is a single Absolute Reality that initially is perceived in many ways or presented in many ways to accommodate different karmas and psychologies but as
sadhana progresses and the minds thin out, the Pure Mind apprehends a common Reality.

So Om, if you continue meditating regularly and at the same time try understanding Shri Mataji's message of the Last Judgment and Resurrection you will be among the first to reach the top of the mountain. Only then will you be able to share the same view that the Creator has for all of us. Then you will neither be a Hindu, Muslim, Jew, Christian, Buddhist, Jain or Sikh but a sum of all put together, .......................  and more. The Pure Mind will eventually apprehend a common Reality for all humanity.

In the end you will realize that everything is within your own being. Then you will not need any teachers to continue for the Silence within will help you realize the Pure Mind of Collective Consciousness.

Till then stay on this forum so that your growth will be sustained and you will not leave just because you can continue your subtle system journey under another guru. Once you know in your heart that no external guru can teach you about the Great Event ordained for humanity you will stay and learn to become your own inner guru.



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