Our Mayan web page rockets to #1 Google rankings in just 7 days!!!

From: "jagbir singh" <adishakti_org@yahoo.com>
Date: Tue Feb 28, 2006 2:42 pm
Subject: Our Mayan web page rockets to #1 Google rankings in just 7 days!!!

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> > Dear All,
> >
> > May we all have a special meditation and desire Feb. 21, 2006
> > that Satya Yuga ushers exactly seven years from date. i assure
> > all that we can fulfill Shri Mataji's Vision by 2-21-2013 and we
> > have ample time. i have pasted the previous posts to remind all
> > that we should now collectively work 24/7 to usher Satya Yuga,
> > the Age of Truth. And what a better way to start than to seek
> > the blessings of Shri Ganesha on this most auspicious 2-21-2006.
> > Great deeds and difficult tasks can be accomplished by seeking
> > His blessings on a Tuesday.
> >
> > Jai Shri Ganapathi,
> >
> > jagbir
> >
> >
> i have just uploaded the Mayan Prophecy web pages at:
> http://adishakti.org/mayan_end_times_prophecy_12-21-2012.htm
> http://adishakti.org/mayan_end_times_12-21-
> 2012/shri_mataji's_horoscope_the_tribulation_and_satya_yuga.htm
> The new www.adi-shakti homepage was also uploaded:
> http://www.adi-shakti.org/
> which i will be populating over the next few months. Thus we now
> have three websites upholding the Divine Feminine of all religious
> traditions and Her Divine Message to humanity. We have exactly
> seven years from today to bring forth Satya Yuga into the
> consciousness of humanity. We can and will succeed this time.
> Jai Shri Ganapathi,
> jagbir

Today i was casually searching for "mayan end times prophecy" on
Google and was thrilled to see it ranked #1. It was just last week
that the web pages were uploaded and already Google has ranked it #1.

Then i did a "mayan end times" search and it was #5. Following that
i did "mayan end times 2012" and it was # 5 too! Now i just finished
typing "mayan end 2012" and it was #16. So we have great rankings
with the combination of these search words (and i can always improve
on that over the years). Many will thus visit these pages in future,
substantially increasing in numbers as 2012 draws.

This is just absolutely wonderful and should give us the confidence
and evidence that we can and will do it this time i.e., fulfill all
aspects of Shri Mataji's Divine Message, including commencing Satya
Yuga by 2013. That is why i again ask Her bhaktas to help. All you
need is to spare a few minutes a week and leave links wherever
possible. We now have more than 1500 web pages. All you need do is
pick a religious or spiritual forum/blog that interests you and get
a topic discussed. Then go to www.adishakti.org and search for
similar information. Chances are you will almost always find
something relevant. Then copy/paste/post that information with that
all-important link. There are tens of thousands of forums/blogs and
they are all growing in numbers. It is that easy - just a
few minutes once a week. Those who have space provided by their ISP
can even make a simple webpage with the links. You never know who
will join Shri Mataji after reading your post or web page (which
remains permanently on the internet). i just cannot stress more how
huge a role the internet will play in spreading Shri Mataji's Divine
Message in future.

We have Shri Ganesha's blessings. He will remove all obstacles for
those who truly want to fulfill the express wishes of His Mother,
the Great Adi Shakti who has incarnated on Earth as Shri Mataji
Nirmala Devi. We can and will spread Her Divine Message to all
humanity and usher Satya Yuga by 2013. We still have 2549 days, 9
hours, 38 minutes left for Satya Yuga (Age of Truth) to commence!

Jai Shri Ganapathi,




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