Passion of Christ - It will be an insult to the Savior

From:  "jagbir singh" <>
Date:  Mon Sep 20, 2004  7:31 am
Subject:  Passion of Christ - It will be an insult to the Savior.

Dear members,

i just watched "Passion of Christ" with my family yesterday and it
lived up to its brutality, excessive to the point of overtorture.
Mel Gibson went too far to whip Lord Jesus for way too long with
that flesh tearing, steel-hooked cat-of-nine-tails. For the length
of time and sheer force the two Roman goons laboured to whip Him —
beginning with canes, taking a break and then proceeding with the
cat-of-nine-tails and becoming exhausted in the process— Jesus
should have been stripped bare of flesh. (One of the Roman guard
actually hit his commander's table with that gadget, ripping off
smalls chunks of wood, to demonstrate its devilsih capabilities.)

This is what they say officially about the film:

"Directed and co-written by Mel Gibson, one of Hollywood's most
respected actors and directors, The Passion of The Christ
dramatically and graphically captures the last 12 hours of Christ's
life on Earth, based on the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
The film-a project in which Gibson invested 12 years of his life and
$25 million of his own funds-became the Oscar-winning actor's unique
passion as he researched the details of the story that, in his
words, "heals me."

"Making this film has been the most difficult thing I've ever done,"
Gibson told Outreach Magazine. "And watching it is not easy to do.
It's difficult, because Christ's Passion was difficult. But in
watching it, I've found it's actually purged me. It somehow heals me
to watch it. It's a strange thing. I've never experienced a film
like it."

The film has stirred controversy, from difficulties finding a
distributor to outright media hostility. "There have been a lot of
obstacles thrown in the way," says Gibson. "It's dangerous material.
You're talking about the single event that... influenced
civilization as we know it now.... It's affected every possible
aspect of anyone's life, whether they know it or not... this is big
stuff you're dealing with."

Gibson set out to make the most authentic film about Christ ever
made. He feels that the story of Jesus' death and resurrection has
never been filmed accurately according to the four Gospels, the
historical setting of first-century Palestine, and the physical
brutality of the crucifixion. "I don't think it's ever been told as
it should be," he says.

By Mel's own admission the film is very graphic, earning an R rating
for violence. "There's nothing gratuitous in the film," says actor
James Caviezel, who plays Jesus, "The violence is there for a
purpose." Gibson explains, "My aim is to profoundly change people...
The audience has to experience the harsh reality to understand it."
He adds, "But when you finally see it and understand what He went
through, it makes you feel not only compassion, but also a debt. You
want to repay Him for the enormity of His sacrifice." "

i have read what SYs think about the film. Hope they do not become
unduly tortured or traumatized by the fact that, compared to how one
man stood against a very brutal and violent age and nation to
declare the Truth, they are chickens when it comes to even
announcing Jesus sending the Helper, let alone Her message of the
Last Judgment.

And don't they even think of repaying Him for the enormity of His
sacrifice. It will be an insult to the Savior.



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