The reasons why we needed

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Date: Sat Mar 11, 2006 2:03 pm
Subject: The reasons why we needed

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> To bring forth the sea of change necessary to sustain our
> collective push to usher Satya Yuga by 2013 i actually set up the
> following:
> (Divine Message of Divine Feminine)
> (Divine Message of Divine Feminine )
> (Divine Feminine of Hinduism)
> (Divine Feminine of Taoism)
> (Divine Feminine of Sikhism)
> (Divine Feminine of Islam)
> (Divine Feminine of Christianity)
> The last two were not mentioned earlier as i had to tie up some
> loose ends. Yes, now we have individual sites of Adi Shakti, Tao,
> Aykaa Mayee, Ruh and Holy Spirit to collectively declare Her
> Divine Message. After all, they are one and the same. All we need
> is to provide evidence to that effect.
> We have seven websites as our seven chakras and the top three are:
> (The Sahasrara)
> (The Agnya Chakra)
> (The Vishuddhi Chakra)
> The (The Vishuddhi Chakra) will remain
> as it is because it was the first site established in North
> America to communicate Her Divine Message to the rest of the world.
> (The Agnya Chakra) will be
> handed over to Violet and other SYs with a Christian background to
> establish the Holy Spirit, Mother and Comforter as promised by
> Lord Jesus. The Narrow Gate where Lord Jesus resides guards the
> entrance to the Kingdom of God (Sahasrara). The site will reflect
> that.
> Violet and her chosen company will be completely free to use
> their creative talents and knowledge to populate it. i will only
> upload and maintain the website but play no part in filling it
> with knowledge. i have great confidence that Violet will rise to
> the challenge and spread Lord Jesus' promise of salvation prior to
> His Second Coming. This work carries great responsibilities and
> tireless, fearless dedication to the Truth. Violet has more than
> met the requirements.

Today i received an email that justifies the need to have a website
entirely dedicated to the Holy Spirit. (i think some SYs may have
questioned the need for seven different sites.) The email reads:


Thank you for the quick reply

The reason I am writing is because a friend of mine gave me the link
to your website, and I now have a question or two that I can't find
the answer to on there. I do pray you can and will answer them for

1) Does your belief system allow that Jesus Christ is God Almighty as
proclaimed by the prophet Isaiah in Isaiah 9:6 and by Jesus Himself
in the book of Revelation chapter 1 verse 8?
2) Do you believe that Jehovah/Yahweh and Allah are the same Deity?
3) Do you promote the Adi Shakti to be the same Holy Spirit of God
that was poured out on the day of Pentecost in Acts chapter 2 as
prophesied it would be in Joel 2:28 and was confirmed by Peter as
being such in Acts 2:16-17?

Thank you so much!



It can be seen that some people are uncomfortable and maybe even
confused with non-Christian teachings. i can sense the existing
tensions between Christianity and Islam, and that is a hindrance. i
did foresee such problems with site and that is why
separate sites were needed as more seekers are visiting the main
multi-religious site. They need sites based entirely on their
religious background and upbringing.

Violet will have to use exclusive Bible-based Christian teachings in
www.holyspirit-shekinah to make Christians like J. comfortable. Once
they have absorbed the contents seekers will be able to understand
the Divine Message at better. Anytime they feel
uneasy they can always return to and
regain their faith and confidence. (The same goes for all other
traditions.) Anyway, all sites will have the same Divine Message but
based strictly on their Holy Scriptures. However, they will all be
synthesized at the main website.



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