Relationship between Vibrations and Scriptures

From:  "jagbir singh" <>
Date:  Thu Apr 29, 2004  8:12 am
Subject:  Re: hot n cold - Question 4

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> 4. Now, i did complain last time that i got a sever
> and indescribably terrifying catch when i met fellow
> sahaj yogis at a doctors place some time after mothers
> 81st birthday puja. Even then, i dont think i have
> missed one single day of faith in the
> lord almighty/mother is (i hope) firm. I'm coming to
> the point regards shri mataji, i have felt
> the vibrations, ok. I have felt the kundalini at the
> crown of my head, like something moving on my scalp,
> ok. I have felt a cool breeze coming down from the
> top, on my head, and further down over my shoulders
> too i think, ok. No text book knowledge, no
> visualisation..all real and felt on my central nervous
> system. But But But....the string of thought thats
> bothering me is that no scripture mentions any of
> these phenomena...Mr.Jagbir, im talking of the
> actually talking of:
> a). The collectivity required to meditate
> b). Left and right subtle system....not even known
> clairvoyants or master pranic healers have made
> mention of this, despite their additional powers
> c)Not even Patanjali, in his yoga sutras has made
> mention of either the vibrations(hot/cold etc) or the
> grace flowing down, or the sudden and complete change
> in character of the this i mean the
> segregation between the unreal and the real
> d)I'm too sleepy to remember the other things

Alex, you are experiencing just what hundreds of thousands of SYs are
also feeling on a 24/7 basis. Vibrations are the Mystical Wind that
the Bible proclaims will be proof of those born of the Spirit.

Vibrations are also the Wind of Qiyamah that the Qur'n proclaims
will be one of the Sure Signs that the Resurrection has begun.

Vibrations are also felt by those whose Kundalini is awakened or Dsam
Duar (Tenth Gate) opened.

Alex, if SYs had given you the facts you would never had asked me
question 4. That is why i recently told you that your collective will
not tell you the truth, or even have the required scriptural
knowledge to explain you about the heart and soul of Sahaja Yoga.
They are so infatuated/caught-up in the subtle system that they just
cannot progress beyond this kindergarten class.

Hundreds of thousands of seekers have left Sahaja Yoga over decades
and continue to do so because, unlike you, they never had anyone
explaining the very questions you are asking. And even if questions
were answered there is no mention of this taboo subjects of the Last
Judgment and Resurrection. When SYs do not even have the faith or
conviction to discuss it at national seminars what chances are there
that the general public will be revealed knowledge that, according to
the enlightened elite priests, will cause worshipers to flee from SY

No guru, even the greatest of the past and present, had any knowledge
of the commencement of the Last Judgment and Resurrection, or "has
made mention of either the vibrations (hot/cold etc) or the grace
flowing down, or the sudden and complete change in character of the
sadhak." These are experiences of those born of the Spirit (Mother
Kundalini) and nothing else. No guru, except for Shri Mataji, can
trigger this instant kundalini awakening (second birth) on those
desiring to take part in the Last Judgment and Resurrection.

You Alex, by stating the feeling of vibrations, are confirming that
it is the Golden Age promised by the holy scriptures. The Bible and
Qur'n is clear that this preordained Age is God Almighty's exclusive
prerogative. The timeless Sanatana Dharma, unlike the present
corrupted Hinduism, remains the fount which issues and embraces the
multitude prophets and scriptures of all religions.

The primordial Divine Mother continues to rejuvenate that timeless
Sanatana Dharma as She has done in Her previous incarnations as Shri
Rama, Buddha, Krishna, Guru Nanak and others. All, i mean ALL barring none, trace their origins from Her as they descend time and again to protect, renew and uphold the Sanatana Dharma. It is no different now.

Her present incarnation Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi was sent down to
announce this Good News of the Kingdom of God (Bible) and Great Event of the Night of Power (Quran) to enable humans of all religions or no religion to participate in the Last Judgment and Resurrection. That is why you are feeling the vibrations which are purifying you in
mind, body and soul to enter the eternal spiritual Kingdom of God,
which is not for "dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and
murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever love and makes a lie." Period!



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