Sahaja Yoga, Osho and Zen represents struggle to cross the Void or Bhavasagara

—- In, Sambhav
> Hi all
> I won't write a long mail. because I appreciate short and
> meaningful discussion.
> I was in school(XI) at that time and we had magazines in the
> Library. As I was always searching God I used to read a magazine
> of a spiritual leader. I used to read that magazine daily and got
> to learn a lot from it. Our family was already in SY by that time
> and one fine day someone discussed about Rajneesh and than I came
> to know that Rajneesh is also known as Osho. And that magazine was
> of Osho. So I stopped reading it.
> And recently after about 6 years, I was searching a book on
> Buddha. I don't knwo why but I bought the one called This very
> body the Buddha by Osho. After reading it I had a greater
> understanding about many things including life, enlightenment and
> death. Also he mentioned about Zen teaching. I than searched
> theory about Zen on the internet.
> I think that sahaja yoga, Osho and Zen are all absolutely the
> same. In fact I now understand sahaja yoga much better. I would
> appreciate response from those who have read, understood or
> practiced the above 3 ways. I think its all the same depending the
> follower should be eager to attain enlightenment.
> Thanks
—- In," jagbir singh"
> Dear Sambhav,
> i will seek any knowledge that leads me to the One who created me.
> Having found Her i will strew bit and pieces of that knowledge to
> mark the path taken to guide others to the same bank so that they
> too may cross to the Other Shore. Sahaja Yoga, Osho and Zen are
> useless words that will only weigh and slow down your journey. To
> cross the Void you will have to leave all of them behind.
> regards,
> jagbir

"As the Kundalini rises into the third part, next to the Nabhi Chakra, we become absolutely righteous. This area, which we call as the Ocean of Illusion, is enlightened by ten principles of mastery. The great masters have created these ten centres of commandment which are enlightened and we become holy. There is no need to be strict in one's behavior. We automatically become really spiritual. Like an egg becomes the bird, we are born twice. In Sanskrit a Yogi or the one who knows about Brahma, meaning the All-Pervading Power, is called Dwija and a bird is also called Dwija, meaning twice born. There were Abraham and Moses and all the ten Primordial Masters who have been born again and again on this Earth. Zoroastra has been born five times and also so many of these were born in different places in different countries to guide the people to take to religious life to establish the necessary balance for the ascent.

By talking about religious life it does not work. By reading scriptures we get lost in the web of words (Sabda Jalam). We innately feel the existence of universal pure religion within ourselves after awakening when the Kundalini rises into this part called the Ocean of Illusion (Bhavasagara or Void which is the circled area around Nabhi Chakra). When this centre is fully enlightened and established in spirituality, we become automatically righteous. We respect our value system, we become moral, we become honest, non-violent and we become innately compassionate. All these qualities becoming so evident within ourselves that we change and get transformed into a new being who is extremely righteous and who is like a saint. To such a person there is no need to talk about the do's and the don'ts.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

The Void, the Ocean of Illusion (Bhavasagara) surrounds the 2nd and 3rd chakras: the Swadisthan and Nabhi chakras. When the Kundalini is awakened the ten valencies (The Ten Commandments) are awakened within. The religion becomes innate, and our whole priorities change. For the religion in Sahaja Yoga is the ultimate of every religion of any form. It is not limited to one religion, but has the best of all religions. All real religions are leading to one aim, to one goal. That goal is to achieve Self knowledge through our second birth.

During the period of human evolution to date there has been a constant battle against ignorance and illusion. This state of ignorance is something that has to be overcome before humans can actually experience the beauty and Reality of the Spirit. The area that represents this struggle to cross over from illusion to Reality is known as Void, or the Bhavasagara (Ocean of Illusion). The Void is the gap between the Kundalini and the vagus nerve of the parasympathetic system. It represents all spaces and time from the beginning of creation to the peak of our evolution in human awareness. It is the vacuum which separates our awareness from the Absolute, the critical gap that no religious institution or spiritual school has able to cross — till now.

The Void is the centre of our own mastery. As the Kundalini energy enlightens this area we become our own Guru and attain gravity. This grounded state is one of the primary ways that we remain in balance in the midst of our turbulent existence. When the Kundalini rises and fills the Void our Attention is led out of confusion and Maya, and into the awareness of the higher Reality. In this way we can take control of our own evolution without relying on external forces. Eventually our own introspection will provide answers and keys during our meditation. We become our own masters, far surpassing the most enlightened religious prisoner.

In a lot of cases the key will be to recognize a solution to our problem presented to us externally, but as we become our own master we are able to discern the right from wrong, the Truth from falsehood from within. The other side of the coin is the principle of discipline. It is important for us to recognize Truth in a humble and open-minded and give advice with the gravity of a Master. The great Masters throughout the ages have been most humble. In this way they surrender their ego to the Divine and are able to teach with absolute authority, even when directly challenging the established wisdom of the time.

Sahaja Yoga, Osho and Zen represents the struggle to cross the Void or Bhavasagara (Ocean of Illusion). We must leave them behind to advance and continue the silent journey within amidst all the noisy distracting external turbulence, confusion and delusion. The journey on Mother Earth nears its end when we realize our Self to be Devi/Brahman, and begin daily grounding our being and existence in that Consciousness. That is far easier said than done. It is indeed a very difficult struggle to cross the Void (Bhavasagara - Ocean of Illusion) to the Other Shore.



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