Sahasrara Puja '04 -Nargol, India

Date:  Wed May 19, 2004  3:11 pm
Subject:  Sahasrara Puja '04 -Nargol, India
Dear Brothers & Sisters,

This is how it went.

We arrived at Sanjaan station and from there proceeded to Nargol, which is about twenty minutes by road from the railway station. The collectivity was housed in a Parsi Association Guest House which is located right there where Shri Mataji first opened the Sahasrara
first in 1970.

As soon as we arrived at the Railway station and climbed the bridge, I could feel the vibrations coursing through every pore of my being, clearing away my insides of the tiredness associated with the whole
night's work in office before.

As we arrived, we freshened up and then after taking note of the schedule, I went to the sea beach, which is a stone's throw from where we were standing.

Now, waterfronts are always special and unique places for me and this one was even more special because of its spiritual significance. And I was right there on the ocean, with no one around me, maybe just three or four people in the stretch of half a kilometre on either side from where I was standing.

Mother says that the Ocean is our Father, and we have to respect Him. And, there I was, standing in front of our Father watching in awe and respect.

And there He was, in His full glory and magnificence, with His arms extending as far as one could see, with the strength of a thousand volcanoes and with the calm of a million moons.

The moment was so unique, so peaceful and so awe-inspiring and the vibrations were so sweet and loving that I felt that my outer shell has vanished and I was not the flesh and blood that we are, but I was only the spirit—an ansh (part) of the Parmeshwar, a beloved son of God Almighty. I felt elevated three feet above the water. I closed my eyes,
and the vibrations flowed through each and every pore of my physical self, elevating me to the state of Nirvicharita and I let the vibrations take me wherever they wanted. I floated through endless galaxies and
many a million miles, before the cool and soothing water lapping away at my feet on the sand brought me back to my senses, where I was.

It was so beautiful that I cannot tell, I cannot describe. And, I felt the love of our Father surrounding me, enveloping me from all four directions. And, overwhelmed, I said," Father, here I am, your beloved son, in front of you. Aren't you glad to see me?”

And in reply the little waterfronts continued to wash on the shore and lap away at my feet.

This continued for maybe three or four minutes, and I could feel the clearing taking place, as we all know that you can foot soak when on an oceanfront. And, I kept on talking with my Father all the time," I
am so glad to see you, and it is so peaceful here, I wish all the Sahaji brethen were here. How beautiful it would be"

And the waves and the foam continued to wash ashore.

I could've sat there forever, and all of a sudden I was envious of all those who stayed near to the rivers and seas—Sahajis or non-Sahajis.

But then all of a sudden, the waves started coming in fast and strong. And the water breaking on the shore started pushing me back, forcing me back by two or three inches from where I was standing.

I said," Father, why do you want me to go? It is not even a quarter of an hour I have been with you. Aren't you happy that I am here? Why do you push me away?” And there were tears in my eyes.

But, He wouldn't listen, He wouldn't consider. The water still started coming in fast and furious, and I was again pushed back three inches, and I could feel him in the Nirakaar (formless) telling me in my
Sahasrara," Go, Go, Go.”

Sadly, I said," All right, if that is what You wish.”

And, with a prayer of gratitude and a Pranaam from the bottom of my heart, I turned around.

And I was walking through the small trees there on the shore, back to the guesthouse, when a fellow Sahaji told me," Do you wish to see the tree where it all started? The place where Shri Mataji opened the
Sahasrara first in 1970?”

I said," Yes"And went along with him.

The tree was right there, as it was, 34 years ago, the place where the resurgence started, the place where the light of the Spirit was first awakened in our mortal shells, the starting of Kritayuga, the place
where the Super-consciousness first descended on this planet.

And, it was another over whelming spectacle, an occasion which left me speechless, overawed by the enormity, the love and yet the simplicity of the place.

The tree is cemented at the bottom, in the form of a square, in order to preserve it. You can feel the cool breeze even in the noon sun.

Next to this tree close by is another tree where the Sahaji brethen had last year tied a scarf with the words"Jai Shri Mataji"After taking out a small procession.

I went and sat there for some time.

And before I know I had dozed off. I could feel the vibrations clearing my subtle system while I slept, and I could feel myself being refreshed in mind, body and spirit.

I got up an hour later and went back to the guesthouse in order to prepare for the evening's programme and Puja.

First there was a small collective meeting where general things were discussed.

Then there was a Hawan there in the evening, when the 108 names of Shri Mataji were taken and we meditated in the Sahasrara.

The vibrations were as always, beautiful and soothing.

Then after dinner, Sahaji brother Deepak Verma (who is a singer) held the stage with beautiful beautiful bhajans, which were as comforting as they can get.

"Jaago Savera Aaya Hai"," Jaago He Jagdambe Jaago He Jwala"," Shri Jagdambe Aayi Re Meri Nirmal Maa", "Haasat Aali Nirmal Aayi"Were all sung by everyone in collectivity and a few of the brothers and sisters danced in front of Mother with abandon and joy.

The organisers had rented rooms of the hostel of the Parsi association for staying overnight, but half of the Sahajis took cloth sheets and went and slept beneath the tree where it all started !!!

And, the other half, slept in the tent, which was bound to host the programme and the Puja !!!


The next day in the morning we got up early at six for morning meditation. And immediately after the Bandhan, balancing of left, right & centre and the morning Dhyana, all Sahaji brethen got together and took a pole on which was tied a saffron scarf which has"Jai
Shri Mataji"Written on it. The entire collectivity was there, and there were Nirmal Bhajans from everyone's lips.

Shri Radha-Krishna Sakshaat floated through our Vishuddhis and everyone was singing effortlessly in unison with the"Jai Jai's"of Shri Mataji.

The collectivity took the pole to the cemented tree.

And there a Sahaji bhai climbed up the tree and tied the scarf and the pole.

All the while everyone was singing in unison

The brothers and sisters danced in unison around the tree, with the sheer joy of being Nirmal, of being Nishkalank, all in the love of our beloved Mother.

Mother says that when you are in Sahaj, you are not the mind, the body, the flesh, the blood, but you are the Spirit—the purest form of God Almighty.

That which cannot be cleaved, that which cannot be burnt, that which cannot be destroyed.

And that which cannot be tainted

The Spirit is Nirmal.

And so are you all.

You are the Moon without the blemish in it.

Each one of you is Nishkalank (spotless).

The greatest joy on this planet besides being a Sahaji is to be proclaimed Nishkalank (spotless) by our beloved Mother, by the Primordial Being, by the Viraat, by the Adishakti, by the Holy Spirit—H. H. Mataji Nirmala Devi.

It was dances with angels, dances with the divine.

It was awesome. I wish you were there.

After meditating there in peace beneath the tree, we all went to the seashore, the entire collectivity. And, there all of us did balancing in the water, barefoot, in the meanwhile praying to our Mother and
to our Father in Heaven.

Some of us put our first fingers in the ears and chanted"Allah—O—Akbar" And all of us just enjoyed the atmosphere. Going back we had breakfast and lots of lots of Tea. And, then we all got ready for the Puja.

"Gaaiye Ganapati Jag vandan, Shankar Suwan Bhavani
Nandan ......”

"Riddhi Siddhi Gaj wadan Manohar .............”

Vibrations vibrations everywhere.......

Through the Ida, through the Pingala, through the
Sushumna ..

From Mooladhara to Sahasrara ...

Through the Bhavsagara, through the Anahad, the three
Vishuddhis and the Agnya..

Sat Chit Anand - only in Sahaj.

The love of God Almighty—only in Sahaj.

Moksha—only in Sahaj.

The Divine—only in Sahaj.

At the end of it all the state leaders told us that everyone can and should come back to Nargol in a group of 15-20 atleast once a month.

There is provision for accommodation and food, which is very very affordable. You can bring photos of Mother, light candles beneath
the tree, and do Dhyana.

But to do a Puja there, (i.e. collection of money and like, whenever the Pujas happen at our centres) is not allowed.

That is against protocol.

Otherwise, for Dhyana and for meditation, there are no restrictions.

We, from Gujarat, do have a Shuddh Iccha to go there again.

Let's see when it materialises.

From India, I send you pure love.

May Mother Bless Us All.




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