Semira, She indeed is the Mother of the Millennium that has followed the millennium

From:  "jagbir singh" <>
Date:  Sat Dec 25, 2004  9:48 am
Subject:  Semira, She indeed is The Mother of the Millennium that has followed the millennium
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> I have always known that Semira was an advanced soul... in a way I
> am her messenger... but I have never thought that after only one
> week of meditation she could write this.. imagine her in 10 years
> from now?...God bless her.
> Simcerely, danny

Dear Danny,

It is my firm, irrevocable belief that there are many millions of
great advanced/very advanced souls like Semira out there. By this i
mean they are far better than some SYs i have met. But the Sahaja
Yoga of lemons and coconuts will never attract them. On the
contrary, it will repel and make many disgusted and never to return.
This conclusive comprehension and apprehension comes from the
feedback i am getting from those disillusioned by local collectives.
The latest that came yesterday has this to say:


"I joined Sahaj Yoga in around 1999. From the first time I did
the "Self Realisation" exercise I felt something move at the bottom
of my spine - like a kind of "energy" but not the "cool breeze"
business - which I did not feel or the "vibrations" and I refused to
say I did when I did not. Also I got this thing about the "grand
cross alignment" of all the planets lining up, as they did around
that time, which I believed signified we were all kind of inside a
large "body" which at the time I thought was Sri Mataji's body!
Although I seemed to have got a lot out of Sajah Yoga and can't say
much wrong against it, I left after only about 18 months as I did
not find some of the people in it very loving or friendly, and they
seemed to be prepared to go along with a lot of things I found quite
silly. I did not leave under bad terms and did not like having to
say I was leaving to my local leader and his wife who were nice
people whom I felt I was letting down to some extent.
I don't think I could go back to Sajah Yoga as I feel I would just
leave again due to the same reasons. Yet I do know there is a lot in
it and that it served to "awaken" me to what goes on in the world,
and I am truly amazed as to the way so many people seem to have
behaved who were once in the organisation, I mean those who left
and are now so violently against it. Did they experience anything
whatsoever whilst in the movement? Did they like sheep, go along
with what other people were doing/saying - even to the extent where
they "went along" with others when they started leaving and
denouncing it?"


It is SYs themselves and their religion of lemons and coconuts they
practice and praise to high heaven that the religiously intelligent
and spiritually wise find disgusting. It saddens me greatly that SYs
still do not have that common sense to asses the great damage being
done daily to the movement by their own behavior and rituals. The
fact that even decades of failure does not bring wisdom to those in
charge is heart-wrenching.

Semira is fortunate that she has learnt about the Divine Message
first _before_ having any contact with SYs in collectives, all
engaged in ritualistic cleansing. i have my doubts if she could have
lasted long. That is why i advise her to continue her journey on her
own, lest she experiences the same religion of lemons and coconuts
in local collectives that have caused many to flee. That i also fled
should be sufficient proof. That i am able to advance further and
comprehend the Divine Message far more than many SYs should by
reassuring for those who wish to continue their spiritual journey
alone. This may just save them from those who want to save them.

From: "semirafields" <semirafields@y...>
Date: Fri Dec 24, 2004 7:47 am
Subject: Re; The Truth behind Sahaja Yoga [Resp to Simon]

>Simon wrote about raising the Kundalini; 'Well, frauds like Mataji,
>Muktananda and dozens of other fake gurus can do it.'

> It is not quite so cut and dried.
> More important even than what kind of person the guru is, or what
> they have or haven't done, is the criteria that the followers
> believe that the energy exists within themselves. The existance of
> Divine energy and the Divine message is not dependant on the
> actions or character of people.
> Messengers are usually considered to be frauds. Jesus Christ is
> considered to be a fraud by many. Among other miracles He walked
> on water, healed the sick, raised Lazarus from the dead, and Himself
> rose from the dead. He claimed to be the Son of God, and was
> rejected and crucified. People can either believe these things or
> call it all a huge fraud. Let us not forget that Jesus was betrayed
> by one of his closest disciples, who had even been present at the
> time of many miracles, and who therefore knew the Truth.
> The prophet Mohammed had Divine revelations. He also had several
> wives, the youngest being about thirteen. He is still one of God's
> chosen Prophets, and revealed many important truths.

i am very impressed by the compassionate eye and penetrating vision
that allows her to encompass and embrace all of His messengers,
defending them unconditionally. The fact that she defends Prophet
Muhammad goes against the mindset of most Christians and their
continuing centuries-old trend to demonize Islam.

But what really stunned me was the way she protected the Divine
Message with an astute, unassailable defense. i will be hard-pressed
to better her reasoning powers and critical insight. My pranaam to

> What is the value of special experiences in religions?
> The value of having a special spiritual experience is that you
> become assured of a meaning to your life, you are assured that
> death need not be feared and that the soul continues after death,
> you have a way of overcoming personal problems and you can find
> security and happiness in your life.
> Without spiritual experience, what is the point of life? Can one
> really find satisfaction in material things and pleasures alone?

What can i say? i joined Sahaja Yoga to find answers to these

Why was i on Earth? What was i born for? Why is there death? Is it
the end of all existence? Why are humans in a constant state of
struggle for power and possessions? Why is the vast majority under
constant subjugation? Why are billions striving and suffering? Why
so much hate, violence and unhappiness in the lands of plenty? Why
so many tears, anguish and sufferings in the lands of less? Why all
these ceaseless confusions, delusions and illusions? Why all these
religions of division, differences and hate? Why all these different
Allahs, Gods and Prabhus? What is the Truth? Who knows this Truth?
Where is this Truth? How to reach this Truth?

As Robert de Niro put it so eloquently in the movie, Angel
: "They say there is just enough religion in the world to make
men hate each other, but not enough to make them love." At last i
have found a way to rid of the demons of hate and division that
torment religious fools and fanatics. Not only that but i have also
thoroughly understood the Great Event ordained for all humans. That
Divine Message allows me to unconditionally accept and embrace all
His messengers, religions and holy scriptures. At last i am free
from all that divides and haunts humanity.

That brings into sharp focus what knowledge seekers are looking for.
Only the Great Event ordained for humanity gives the most assuring
answers and hope, a pledge of salvation and promise of eternal life
that in entrenched in eschatology and all holy scriptures. The
present SY religion of lemons and coconuts and deliberate
suppression of the Divine Message for fear of offending the public
is an unforgivable insult to the Divine. This great obstacle must be
battered till it is destroyed.

> Simon wrote; ''Why would she allow her 'children' to be sexually
> abused and then blame the victims and protect the abusers?
> You're right, it's absurd, too much to believe.
> But 10s of 1000s do believe.''

This is one absurd allegation. Simon is falsely accusing Shri Mataji
of _deliberately_ allowing her children to be sexually abused? This
is a monstrous lie!

There was only one incident in the SY International School where a
teacher was alleged to have touched one of the pupils. The moment
that student complained Shri Mataji immediately expelled that
teacher, even though the charges were inconclusive. We just can't
blame her for what this teacher did.

This is the only incident since the school opened about a decade
ago. My children were there and they never heard any such stories,
though they had other minor complaints. However till today they
still recall the many fond memories of friends and adventures of Her
school surrounded by the majestic, snow-topped Himalayas.

> There is no excuse for condoning abuse. There can be no mitigating
> factors for the abuser; after abuse a child's [or any victim's]
> life is ruined for always. Again, though, this is a widespread
> problem in many institutions where you have leaders, or people in
> authority.
> Control of sexual desire is a major problem for a lot of men
> especially when they are in a position to take advantage of their
> power. It is a problem in all institutions, and even more so in
> religious ones. The more rigid the rules and expectations [as in
> the Catholic Church for example] the more prevalent sexual sin is.
> Does it follow that these men are entirely evil and without God?
> No, I don't think so. It means that they made a serious mistake,
> and gave in to temptation. Most men do give in to temptation when
> faced with it.
> This still does not mean that there is no Divine energy, or Divine
> message.
> Regards, Semira

i could not agree more. Thank you Semira for this great post that
has give me another way to overcome those who want to destroy the
Divine Message to humanity. On this really cold morning in Montreal,
Canada and temperatures dropping to -17 Celsius with the wind chill
factored in, your post has made this Christmas so warm and
comforting for me.

i wish today that the world be blessed with more souls like you. i
know many are still waiting to take birth on Earth and help spread
the Divine Message to all humanity, to awaken us to the Savior's
promise of the eternal Afterlife for all His children. Despite
obstacles from those opposed to God Almighty's Divine Plan for all (it)
will eventually reach all nations and peoples of many tongues. This
Millennium of The Mother is just four years-old! The first rays of
Light are just faintly visible as they struggle to break though the
darkest hours of the Dawn of this Divine Millennium.

Semira, you are one of the first to catch them while the Adi Shakti
still walks on Earth and enlightens all to the greatness of Christ,
the universal Savior. Thousands are celebrating Christmas with Her
today at Ganapatipule, India - Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Christians,
Muslims, Sikhs, Jains - in true brotherhood and love. Semira, She
indeed is The Mother of the Millennium that has followed the

"When the millennium that follows this millennium ends, Men will have finally opened their eyes.
They will no longer be imprisoned in their heads and cities,
But will be able to see from one end of the Earth to another, and
understand each other.
They will know what makes one suffer hurts another. 
Men will form one huge body of which each will be a tiny part.
Together they will form the heart of this body.
There will be a common language spoken by everybody, and thus, finally, a glorious humanity will come into existence ...
Woman will arrive to reign supreme; 
She will govern the future and decree
Her philosophy to Man.
She will be the
Mother of the Millennium that follows the millennium.
She will, after the days of
the devil, radiate the gentle sweetness of a mother.
She will, after the days of barbarity, embody beauty.
The Millennium that follows the millennium,
Will metamorphose into an age
age of lightness:
Men will love each other, sharing everything, dream, 
And dreams will turn into
Reality ....
Thus Man will have his
second birth. 
Spirit will possess the mass of men, 
Who will be
united in brotherhood.
So an end will be proclaimed to barbarity. 
It will be an era of a
new strength of belief.
The dark days at the beginning of the Millennium that follows the millennium, will be ensued by days of jubilation: 
Men will once more find the
righteous path of humanity,
And Earth will find harmony once more....
There will be
roads that connect one end of Earth, and the sky to the other;
The woods will once more be dense, the desert will once more be irrigated, and the water will once more be pure.
The Earth will be like a garden: 
Men will take care of every living thing,
And he will clean everything he dirtied, 
He will understand that the whole of
Earth is his home,
And he will think with wisdom of the morrow. 
Man will know everything on Earth and
his own body.
Diseases will be cured before they are manifested, 
And everybody will cure themselves and each other.
Man will have understood that he has to help himself to stay upright;
And after the days of reticence and avarice, 
Man will open his heart and his purse to the poor;
He will define himself curator of human species, 
And so, finally, a
New Era will begin.
When Man has learnt to give and share, 
The bitter days of solitude will be at an end.
He will once more believe in the
And barbarians will once more be unheard of ...
But all this will happen after the wars and the fires. 
And this will arise from the ashes of the burnt
Towers of Babel.
And a strong hand will be needed to bring order to chaos, and to put Man on the
right path.
Man will learn that all creatures are bringers of light, and all creatures must be respected.
Man, in his lifetime, will live
more than one life
And will learn that the
Light never goes out."

(John of Jerusalem, The Book of Prophecies)

Merry Christmas and peace on Earth,



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Date:  Sat Dec 25, 2004  11:50 am
Subject:  Re: Semira, She indeed is The Mother of the Millennium that has followed the millennium
—- In, "jagbir singh"
<adishakti_org@y...> wrote:
> Semira, you are one of the first to catch them while the Adi
> Shakti still walks on Earth and enlightens all to the greatness of
> Christ, the universal Savior. Thousands are celebrating Christmas
> with Her today at Ganapatipule, India - Hindus, Buddhists, Jews,
> Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Jains - in true brotherhood and love.
> Semira, She indeed is The Mother of the Millennium that has
> followed the millennium:

From: "rabi ghosh"
Subject: FW: Fwd: 1140 Sahaj links and first Christmas Info from
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 2004 01:05:27 +0000

Dear Family,

Jai Shri Mataji,

This is to confirm from the site that the event of havan is at 1030-
1100hrs on 24th Dec and the Yogis/yoginis registered under staying
category has overflown 14500 marks, while, the non-staying category
as I was conveyed from the members from Indian Registration counter
until now is expected to touch another 8-9,000 mark that makes
approx expectation of 25 k Yogis/Yoginins to attend the Puja
tomorrow on 25th Dec across the globe in this capacity of 100 k
sitting capacity of Stadium on the grass and the gallery. I visited
Washi Health Centre yesterday on 23rd. Already it was overflowing
with our non-Indian bro. and sisters. There was a collective
meditation and already found the divine fragrance flowing with the
message of love and Christmas across with the more numbers of Yogis
and Yoginis from abroad.

Shall try to bring you more news as I attend the today's events in
the Stadium at Havan and evening Programme. Until then let the
Silent Night prevail as Shri Jesus and Mother Mary blesses us
through Sakshat our beloved Mother in Pune in Her Sakkar Form or in
Her Nirakar Form for the entire universe.




From:  "semirafields" <semirafields@y...>
Date:  Sat Dec 25, 2004  2:18 pm
Subject:  Re; The Truth behind Sahaja Yoga [ Resp to Simon ]
Simon wrote; 'Yes, but the central plank of the message is the
divinity of Mataji. Given that her actions call this into question, we must also question her other claims. Mataji has called her message into question through her own behaviour and grandiose claims.

> Messengers are usually considered to be frauds. Jesus Christ is
> considered to be a fraud by many.

Many real frauds are also considered frauds. Mataji is one of

This is your personal opinion.
Fraud is something done knowingly and willfully with particular
intent to deceive. There is no evidence at all to show that Shri
Mataji does not believe that She is who She says She is. There is
also no evidence that She doesn't believe in the Divine message.
This means that your calling Her a fraud is unfounded.
The central plank of the message is that you find and experience the
Adi Shakti within.

Simon wrote;' This issue of the sexual abuse is that Mataji has
protected, even promoted the abusers. This demonstrates that she is
a fraud and the central plank of her message is a big self-
aggrandising lie that allows her to exploit thousands of innocents.
Sure, this doesn't mean that there is no such thing as divine energy
or a divine message. It takes more than one fraudulent guru to prove

Again, the issue of sexual abuse has nothing to do with being a
fraud or not. It also has nothing to do with the central plank of
Her message being true or not. Looked at from another angle, perhaps
the issue of sexual abuse has more to do with being forgiving.
Divine energy and the Divine message do not depend on things that
people say for it or against. People should not rely solely on what
they are told by others, because each person has a subjective view
based on their own experience. You yourself have to believe it in
your heart, and experience it for yourself.

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year, Semira


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