Semira - The 2nd dream seems to point to the End and Second Coming!

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Date:  Thu Jan 27, 2005  10:57 am
Subject:  Semira - The 2nd dream seems to point to the End and Second Coming!
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> Dear All
> ..An interesting email from Semira...thank you Semira.:))
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> Semira wrote:
> Having seen how religious doctrine has always been
> used to further social control over the masses, is
> what makes me realise that this is not how it should
> be and that things have gone wrong in all religions.
> Also, there were a lot of the teachings of Jesus that
> made no sense to me at all until I read about these
> things on the site. Now I understand
> much more about things that I have always wondered
> about and that the Church did not ever explain. Also,
> the Muslim teachings are perfectly explained now.
> I believe absolutely in the Divine Message of Sahaja
> Yoga; though at first I was very afraid and resistant
> to the Truth. It was overwhelming for me because of
> everything I had been taught up till now, and also, to
> have absolute certainty is frightening in itself. With
> this certainty comes a responsibility. I am still
> trying to come to terms with it and to keep calm, and
> I still don't know what I must do about it.. Even
> before I saw and felt the Divine Energy surrounding
> the SY that I saw, I have had some unusual experiences
> during the last year. About a year ago I saw people in
> flames and it was much later that I found out that
> these people believe in the message of Sahaja Yoga and
> are promoting it. I was so worried about the
> impression of flames and fire at that time that I
> thought these people were in danger of some kind of
> accident. Even I thought of warning them about a
> possible fire, and I told a friend of mine. That
> friend of mine thought that I could be psychic, but
> that everyone would think I was crazy. Now I know that
> the 'flames' is the 'Holy Spirit', and that the 'fire'
> is the message of the Divine Energy.
> A few months ago, I had 2 clear and distinct dreams
> different to all my other dreams. Also, my friend
> knows about these dreams because I told her the very
> next day. These dreams were before I saw the Divine
> Energy itself. My first dream was about clear blue
> water receding, and a pause and a sense of terrible
> danger. Then the water came back, yellow and frothy,
> and very dangerous; bringing death. Just the day
> before the Tsunami happened, my friend and I were
> discussing whether or not I should ask Jagbir about the
> meaning of that dream. I was so frightened about it
> that I thought it would be safer not to, but now I
> have to tell you about it. The second dream was again
> about water. I do not know if it was also about the
> same tragedy of the Tsunami, or another tragedy yet to
> happen.In this dream, everyone is relaxed and unaware
> of a terrible danger. Water in taps begins to turn
> into blood-red, and seeing that in the dream I see the
> ocean, and everyone unaware, and I feel an urgency to
> warn everyone. There is a sense that soon all the
> water will be red; and there is not much time. I don't
> even know if this is symbolic or if it is a real
> tragedy. It feels like the Tsunami was a warning; but
> I don't know what to do.

Dear All,

We should try to understand what Semira has written. i think her
psychic abilities and dream a day prior to the Asian Tsunami was
uncanny in predicting a great disaster. Even if she had written to
me i would not have read much into it, and in no way predicted an
great tradegy for humanity.

But it is the 2nd dream that is cause for serious concern because
the Qur'n prophesies that the majority of humans will not know that
the Resurrection and Last Judgment is taking place. The dream seems
to uncannily point to the End and Second Coming which in the Qur'n
is the Day of Noise and Clamor. Not a single Muslim can answer why
their revered scripture has made such a terrifying prediction:

And on the day when the Hour riseth the guilty will vow that they
did tarry, but an hour — Thus were they ever deceived.
But those to whom knowledge and faith are given will say:
"The truth is, ye have tarried, by Allah's decree, until the Day of
This is the Day of Resurrection, but ye used not to know."    

Qur'n 30.55-57

They just cannot understand how that is possible because they have
been indoctrinated with the falsehood that the Resurrection is the
End. But it is not because the period prior to it is the Night of
Power, which is the present time. Only those listening to the Spirit
sent to deliver this Great News know it is indeed the Resurrection

But those who do not know about the Spirit sent by God Almighty also
do not know about the Blossom Time. That is why in the hereafter,
after the terrible Day of Noise and Clamor, they will be told - "This
is the Day of Resurrection, but ye used not to know." Only then will
they find out that the most peaceful Resurrection and Last Judgment
was actually taking place while they were waiting for the death and
destruction of the earth splitting wide open and mountains being
tossed around. (No Muslim who reads this can argue against 30.55-57.)

But we SYs at this forum are telling the whole world now that this
is the Day of Resurrection and Last Judgment which most humans do
not know. There is a difference between "not knowing" and "not
believing". The Qur'n means "not knowing" and that is why Semira's
2nd dream is too frightening an approaching reality to contemplate.

And i have begun to believe that it does not matter whether humanity
knows or not of the impending calamity. Whatever impending tragedy
is supposed to happen, will take place like the tsunami. It will
happen suddenly without any warning whatsoever. It is up to
the messengers of the Last Judgment and Resurrection to warn as many as possible before this Second Coming. (i do not believe SYs are up to the mark. Perhaps those who join in future, away from the fear-
inducing atmosphere, will do the job.)

That is all the more reason why the very nature of this deceitful
belief by SYs not to tell humanity of the impending disaster, based
on their groundless fears, makes it a monstrously irresponsible and
utterly unforgivable act! We SYs are committing one of the worst of
sins! How can we be pardoned for deliberately hiding the Truth which
was meant for all nations and peoples of many tongues in the first
place? When Shri Mataji Herself has told countless times in public that it is the Last Judgment why do SYs go to extraordinary lengths
in order to keep the masses from finding about it?

Some leaders even want to close my websites - can you believe how fearful they are? What is happening to these people who are supposed to lead without any trace of fear and have absolute faith that the Adi Shakti will triumph? Why have they made others just as cowardly as themselves? Why can't SYs learn to be their own masters are perform their duty towards the Shakti?

Those who perpetuate the silence will be judged for deliberately
withholding the Divine Message from humanity. How can any SY have a
clear conscience and sleep well every night knowing their silence
will prevent countless millions from taking part in the Great Event
ordained for humanity? What satanic force is sustaining this fear of
offending human beings with the Truth!??



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