Shapers of Destiny - the 1452 Inquisytion

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Date:  Mon Jul 19, 2004  11:05 am
Subject:  Re: SHAPERS OF DESTINY - the 1452 Inquisytion

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> Jai ShriMataji Jagbirji
> Shri Mataji has enabled us to see the world beyond fanaticism and
> so called rationality . And the enabler for that was Param Chaitanya.
> With the help of the holy ghost, we are able to distinguish between
> what is good and what is bad and listen to and trust our hearts
> instead of mind which is limited. The moment I start interpreting
> things with my intellect and forget vibrations, I know that I might
> be mistaken (and always am!!)

Dear Anujji,

Thank you for your input.

i cannot be more agreeable that Shri Mataji has enabled us to see the
world beyond fanaticism, and that is why Chopra was vigorously
defended. SYs keep missing the point that compared to the likes of
Sai Baba, Muktananda, Sri Chinmoy, Rev. Moon, etc., he never claimed himself to be a divine personality. Why do a few quotes agitate them so much and cause others to react?

Ever since i started meditating on the Devi within a decade ago there
has been no end to so-called established SYs mentoring me what to
read, listen, see, wear, eat, visit. The seniority pecking order
makes it almost impossible to become your own master. For them
anything not making the list of Shri Mataji's recommendations are
suspicious at best. (Do they honestly believe that Shri Mataji scans
all the world's newspapers, magazines, movies, books, sitcoms, soap
operas and radio stations to spoon-feed them with prized pickings,
forbidden fruits and common sense?)

The basis of their objection to my choices are vibrations, an
infallible weapon subsequently used by the Inquisytion to pursue its
infamous purge.

Over the years i have become skeptical of SYs using vibrations to
judge due to the abuse my family has suffered. There is no
consistency in their findings. At times they even contradict each
other, and confuse the rest. You are never sure of their conviction.

Take for example Yogi Mahajan's book, The Geeta Enlightened. Many
acknowledged years ago that it emitted good vibrations. When he was
asked to leave in disgrace by Shri Mataji the same book started
giving off bad vibrations. How can that be possible? The reverse
happened the day Shri Mataji told that hatha yoga breathing exercises
were valid. How come SYs stopped feeling bad vibrations from hatha
yoga? Does truth contradict? give off bad vibrations?

If i were to fanatically follow the advise of SYs who can pick up hot
vibrations, bad mooladharas or false gurus i will have to stop 1)
reading book, novels, magazines, newspapers, billboards; 2) cease
listening to radios, political speeches, musical presentations; 3)
see movies, watch television; 4) wear jeans, T-shorts, designer
shoes; 5) eat in restaurants, MacDonald's, Subways, Wendys; 6) visit
friends in pubs, drug-infested housing etc. Any fanatically
conditioned SY will tell you that all these will trigger the catches
of hot vibrations, bad mooladharas or false gurus.

Why just single out Chopra for having a bad mooladhara when you can
practically point the guilty finger at anyone. Do i have to stop
watching BBC or reading the New York Times because their editors have horrible mooladharas? Do i stop eating at my neighborhood MacDonald's because most of their youthful employees have bad catches due to drinking, drugs and multiple sexual partners? Am i to flee from libraries and bookshops because most authors will either have hot vibrations, bad mooladharas or are followers of false gurus /
corrupted religions? Do i refuse to see/follow the advise of a doctor
who is Sai Baba devotee, and is catching horribly?

All this unnecessary and excessive concern for the purity of the
subtle system has retarded SYs and developed a sick siege mentality.
Just check with the Vashi Clinic at Belapour, India and you will hear
embarrassing stories from the SY doctors of how the fear of bhoots
and negativity have SYs living in constant dread and anxiety. All
this fanaticism with bhoots, baddhas, hot vibrations, bad mooladharas
and false gurus are turning normal devotees in ailing SYs who need
years of foot-soaking and candle treatments. The All-Pervasive
Negativity keeps attacking them regularly and thus a daily regimen of
cleansing continues for years .......................... with no
end or solution in sight.

But this siege mentality does not end here. It has bred a host of
innovative observations. One that i witnessed was senior SYs checking
for physical scars/defects. If you have a scar on the throat then
automatically your Vishuddhi Chakra will always catch. A herniated
disk is interpreted as a problem with the Sushumna Nadi.

It is humiliating enough when such signs are examined but the insult
to injury is when your are told that it is the Divine meting
punishment. Don't think i am making this up; i was a victim of senior
SYs who thought that 15 years in Sahaja Yoga brought them
enlightenment and the right to dispense it in minuscule portions to
ignorant seekers like me. And there was no room for argument. When
their 'vibrations' are right who am i to say otherwise?

SYs depend on vibrations but have yet to substantially harness a far
superior means to ascertain truth and awareness - the thoughtless
state. When all mental activity ceases what is there left to
interpret? You just do your daily routine in Silence, without any
need to check vibrations. One still needs to mentally ask vibrations about one's enquiry. So how can vibrations overrule the thoughtless state where all mental activity ceases, the Nirvikalpa that Shri Mataji insists must be reached? This is a level of consciousness that remains inaccessible to the majority because it is very difficult to attain and sustain. ......... and i am not talking about a few minutes during meditation but hours daily over weeks, months and years!

Over time there has been this awareness that to destroy negativity
one must first experience and learn what it is. This baseless fear
and siege mentality of bhoots, baddhas, hot vibrations, bad
mooladharas and false gurus, both real and imaginary, must come to an
end. We cannot allow our minds to be agitated by all these mental
perceptions of negativity. If you do then be assured that you will be
foot-soaking and performing candle rituals for a very, very long time.



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