She saw all the gods and goddesses paying obeisance to Shri Mataji at the yagna

From: "jagbir singh"
Date: Sat Jun 5, 2004 9:10 am
Subject: "She saw all the gods and goddesses paying obeisance to SM at the yagna.”

Dear Alex,

It has come to my attention that you met a certain Maharani in Mussorie, India who told you that she witnessed all the gods and goddesses paying obeisance to Shri Mataji during a yagna 20 years ago. i quote you:

"p.s I met an erstwhile maharani (queen) in mussorie two weeks ago. She said shri mataji tried to befriend her around 20 years ago. She sat with her at a yagna and she says (shes not in, and never was in sahaj) that she saw all the gods and godessess paying obeisance to SM at the yagna. She wouldn't lie to me!!"

i would be obliged if you could give me more details about this encounter as Shri Mataji has told seekers on a few occasions that the deities are serving Her on this physical Earth as well.

Although this fact has been witnessed and repeatedly confirmed hundreds of times in the Spirit World, i have yet to come across anyone actually experiencing and verifying this same truth on Earth. This is extremely rare. i believe Shri Mataji granted the Maharani the same special vision and reason as Lord Krishna offered to Arjuna, and revealed Himself to persuade Arjuna to fight the battle between good and bad.

As you correctly observed, the Maharani would not have lied, especially since she declined to join Shri Mataji. Please enlighten and further strengthen our faith in Shri Mataji on the auspicious eve of the Adi Shakti Puja. Tomorrow tens of thousands of Her devotees will be attending yagnas the world over to worship Her as the Maha-Shakti. i am sure your encounter with the Maharani was for a more purposeful reason. Thank you.


NOTE:"Yagna or yajna is an outer form of worship in which offerings are made to different deities in a prescribed and systematic manner by qualified priests to supplicate them, so that they would assist the worshiper in achieving certain results in life.

The chanting of mantras while performing the sacrifices is expected to ensure fulfillment of specific desires, the overall welfare of an individual, a group of people or the entire society.

The simplest form of yajna is the domestic ritual performed by the householder who would offer simple oblation into the sacred fire lit in his house. A more complicated version involves setting up of three to five fires and pouring of offerings into them such as food grains, ghee or butter, and other vegetable substances by chosen and qualified priests, chanting mantras simultaneously, invoking various gods especially Agni, Indra, Varuna etc.

Some yagnas are performed on large scale for the general welfare of the entire community, to increase fertility of soil, to invite rains, to welcome peace and wealth etc. Depending upon the degree of complexity, these yagnas may last from a few hours to several days. The number of priests participating and conducting the ceremony would depend upon the nature and objective for which it is performed.

Yajna is a vedic sacrifice which has an outer aspect and an inner aspect. To the vedic priests, yajna was the means to invoke gods and seek their blessings and favors. They used to perform these yagnas for various purposes and at various times during the year, at the time of sowing, at the time of harvest, at the time of initiating some important social event or before going to wars. One very popular yajna of those days was the Asvamedha Yajna, or the Horse Sacrifice which used to be performed by powerful kings to show their Valor and the extent of their influence. This yajna is now almost extinct in practice.”

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