Shri Mataji: "But the Muslims do not want to talk about Resurrection at all.”

The Paraclete Shri Mataji
The Paraclete Shri Mataji
“I met a Russian who asked Me why the U.N. was helping the Muslims in Bosnia.... I was shocked at his perception of Muslims. I have such respect for so many of them. I wish they could accept that this is not Jihad time anymore but Qiyamah Time, the Resurrection Time, the Blossom Time. Are they going to miss it?

Both things are wrong; one has to understand that all these religions were born on the same tree of spirituality and that people have plucked the flowers and are fighting with these dead flowers. Of course there are some absurd things which grew with misinterpretation and interference from unholy people, which are common in these religions. For example, Jews, Christian and Muslims believe that when they die their bodies will come out of their graves and they will all be resurrected at the Time of Resurrection, at the Time of Last Judgment, at the Time of Qiyamah. It is illogical to think what will remain inside those graves after five hundred years. Nobody wants to think and understand that it is not the body but the soul that will come out of these bodies, be born again as human beings, and be saved through Qiyamah and Resurrection. Who will tell them? No one can talk to them. As soon as one wants to talk one can be killed. This is the only way they know — how to kill....

The greatest problem with the fundamentalists is that they have no compassion because they do not love Mohammed Sahib, who He was and why He came on this Earth. They do not know the Reality. They just think that they are right type of people and that they can kill as many human beings as they want, and they can create as many problems as they like, and they can destroy the rest of the people who do not follow their fundamentalism.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

The Paraclete Shri Mataji
The Paraclete Shri Mataji
“The worst part is the practice of conversion. People are being converted from one religion to another not for faith but for non-religious reasons such as matrimony or monetary gain. Bitter fights are going on in different parts of the world between followers of different religions, all in the name of God Almighty! This cruel phenomenon is not understood by any saintly person. Groups of people claiming to profess the Islamic religion are in the forefront of these fights.

The Sufis amongst the Islamic people tried to tell them that this is not the way to behave if you are a follower of Mohammed Sahib, because this brings a bad name to Mohammed Sahib and to Islam.

There are some people who believe that Islam should be spread by Jihad. This was never the idea of Mohammed Sahib. At the time when He was here on this Earth, the people were facing a very difficult situation because there were lots of tribes, and these tribes were fighting and killing all the people who were taking to Islam. That was the time when it was alright to talk about Jihad, but today there is no such problem. Moreover by talking incessantly of Jihad, they are becoming very unpopular. Not only that, actually, they have achieved nothing.

By doing all this have they achieved their Self-Realization? Have they attained their Qiyamah and have they found the Truth? Nothing of the kind has happened to them. They are diverting the attention of people to wrong things and are trying to do something which is absolutely no good for the peace of the world. It is because of them that there are little wars going on in so many places....

These religions inject fixed ideas into the brains of people. These fixed ideas start developing in a collective way and this can produce a very big, collective monster which can believe only in killing others and pushing its own ideas.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Dear All,

Shri Mataji is probably the first guru who has challenged the Muslims about their comprehension of the Quran. Few, if any, will take on this dangerous task that can bring serious repercussions, even fatal consequences. But that has not deterred Her from speaking out boldly against their blind faith and ignorance, as She has done to Jews, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and others as well.

“But the Muslims do not want to talk about Resurrection at all because they want to frighten people with the Doomsday. They don't want to talk about the Resurrection Time which is going to come - which is the intermediary time - because they want to use the time which will frighten people by saying that: "Now your Doomsday is coming! Now your Doomsday is coming!" Everyone is frightened about God and they think, "Now we should just wait for our doom. Nothing at all in between.”"

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Los Angeles, USA - 18 August 1983

Till the advent of Shri Mataji no one could explain the parables of the Holy Scriptures and enlighten humans with priceless knowledge. It is not possible to list them here as there are just too many. So i will just briefly discuss Her quote above that, in a nutshell, turns Islam on its head. i was stunned the first time i realized that the Qur'n, without question, backed Her......... stunned because my eyes could hardly believe the verses irrefutably confirming that She was telling the Truth.

Of all the chapters in the Qur'n, surah 75 Al-Qiyamah (The Resurrection) must have clearly confronted them with so frightening a prophecy and promise of Divine intervention to collect, promulgate, recite and explain in detail the only Surah entirely devoted to Al-Qiyamah, that it could only be explained away by vagueness, briefness, distortion, misinformation, untruth and outright deceit. But Allah (SWT) warned humans not to move "thy tongue concerning the (Resurrection), to make haste therewith" since "It is for Us to collect it and to promulgate it.” Then, after having announced it, they were to follow its recital. And last, but not the least, the Resurrection is "for Us to explain"- leaving absolutely no ambiguity as to Allah's (SWT) Intention. This is referred as the Great News or Great Event in the Qur'n and was to coincide with specific Sure Signs absolutely beyond human manipulation or duplication. Thus it is obvious that the announcement and detailed narration of the Resurrection to the entire human race was Allah's (SWT) sole and explicit prerogative.

But mere mortals with puny minds and huge egos have blabbed their tongues about this Surah for the last 1400 years. They collectively erased the mercy of the blessed Resurrection (Al Qadr or the Night of Power) for all humankind, substituting it with the nightmare of a Doomsday End (Al Qariah or the Day of Noise and Clamor)!

Now the question of making such serious allegations against so established a faith arises. How is it possible that such obvious and fundamental Truths be hidden from so many, by so few, for so long? Perhaps it must be asked: How was the Ummah deceived into speculating about Al-Qiyamah, despite Allah's (SWT) explicit, simple and clear Warning not to do so? This Al-Qiyamah website exposes the depth of deception that the Ummah has been indoctrinated over the centuries by their ulama, imams, ayatollahs, amirs, caliphs, mu'ttilah, aalims, mujtahids, mullahs and muftis on this central theme of the Holy Qur'n.

Till date no Muslim has been able to refute Shri Mataji's declaration of the Resurrection at where 300 pages of devastating evidence and punishing questions rip to pieces 14 centuries of Islamic understanding of Qiyamah, exposing a collective falsehood that turns Islam on its head. The only official Islamic defense has been collective censure. But for how long in this age of instant information can they effectively suppress it?

regards to all,


Note: It is indeed sad that "Muslims do not want to talk about Resurrection at all.” Shri Mataji wished they did. i just want to say that the SYs, leaders and WCASY also do not want to talk about Resurrection at all. This is tantamount to a collective conspiracy against Shri Mataji and Her Divine Message. ...... Yet against all the odds and obstacles She has triumphed. Jai Shri Mataji!!!

—- In," jagbir singh" wrote:
> i have given evidence, too, at and
>, evidence that for years has compelled even the most
> fanatical to sulk away in silence. The websites are for the
> fundamentalists to ignore, the foolish to not comprehend and the
> wise to follow. Few know to what extent and how the false beliefs
> and scriptural manipulations of their inherited religions over the
> centuries have retarded the religious masses.

i have just received an email that confirms that the open, cosmopolitan and progressive Dubai has blocked Before i forget i want to thank the sender of this very important email from the bottom of my heart.

to Jagbir Singh
date Dec 8, 2006 11:50 PM
subject information about site

Dear Uncleji,

Just wanted to let you know that i noticed that the following links: and

are blocked in dubai, (and possibly in other nearby countries following same format too). i could enter al-qiyamah through the main site, but only one page opened, and any other links in the same page, were again leading to the "site blocked" page. so basically, anything that is written in context of this is blocked, and only "hinduistic"/ adishakti links open.

i dont remember too clearly, but i think i was able to enter all those links before and they have been blocked somewhat recently.

Jai Shri Mataji,


The reason you were able to open the link on Qiyamah is because the first page is in that server. All subsequent links are in the server which are blocked in Dubai. Since i just did that last week or so then the site must have been blocked some time ago. This being the case, then we can conclude that the majority of conservative Islamic nations have already done so.

But why block a website based entirely on the Holy Koran?

On 28 February 1990, while on Her way to Australia, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi stopped at Changi Airport, Singapore. She informed those who had gathered to meet Her that in Islam there is a complete surah written about Her. In this surah it is stated that the Sent One will give Realization, will make you Pirs and give Collective Consciousness. But you will be non-believers. (That surah is Al- Qiyamah - The Resurrection).

Allah will not address them
This is the Day of Resurrection
My messengers must prevail
Night Visitant
Deliver Warning
Mohamed Oumalek, Al Qadr will determine final destiny of all humans.
Mohamed Oumalek, Al Qadr is the Night of Power because for the first time in Islam Allah's Ruh within will baptize you to resurrect yourself.
Mohamed Oumalek: "What do you think the Baptism of Allah during Al Qadr is all about?”

On the homepage of this challenge is issued:

Those who hear this Truth for the very first time ever, will, on the contrary, reject it and return to their families in full conceit, i.e. brimming with their own ideas, thought, concepts, and personal opinions. And we challenge the Ummah to bear witness to their own disbelief, one that is clearly predicted for them in no uncertain terms:

"But on the contrary, he rejected Truth and turned away! Then did he stalk to his family in full conceit! Woe to thee, (O man!), yea, woe! Again, woe to thee, (O man!), yea, woe!"

Qur'n 75.32-35

And then one by one the phalanx of prophecies will rise to defend the Sure Signs of Al-Qiyamah from the enemies of Allah (SWT), who will be asked in the Afterlife:

"O ye assembly of Jinns and men! Came there not unto you messengers from amongst you, setting forth unto you My Signs, and warning you of the meeting of this day of yours? They will say: "We bear witness against ourselves.” It was the life of this world that deceived them. So against themselves will they bear witness that they rejected Faith. (The messengers were sent) thus, for thy Lord would not destroy, for their wrongdoing men's inhabitants, whilst their occupants were unwarned.”

Qur'n 6.130-131

Since Muslims have been unable to challenge the only defence is block the site ............... lest more Muslims ask the ulema (religious scholars) to take up the challenge, and the latter have to decline.

The prophecies of the Holy Koran are devastatingly precise and will run their course!

The Holy Qur'an
Concerning what are they disputing?
Concerning the Great News. [5889]
About which they cannot agree.
Verily, they shall soon (come to) know!
Verily, verily they shall soon (come to) know!

surah 78:1-5 Al Naba' (The Great News)

"5889. Great News: usually understood to mean the News or Message of the Resurrection.”

Abdullah Yusuf Ali, The Holy Qur'n, Amana Corporation, 1989.

Truth is indeed a double-edged sword that can be wielded to challenge the mightiest empires. There is no way i could have set up the site from Muslim Malaysia, the country of my birth. Religion is a very sensitive subject there and any person posing a threat to Islam or Muslim unity can be detained under the draconian 1960 Internal Security Act (ISA) for two years without charge, detentions that can be extended indefinitely. i am not saying i would have been detained but a single warning would have effectively ended it. What can you do from behind bars anyway?

Now i understand why i had to leave for Canada and become a citizen of this great nation. The Adi Shakti had everything worked out.

regards to all,


Putting the malaise into Malaysia
Nov 30th 2006 | KUALA LUMPUR
From The Economist print edition

As the country approaches its 50th birthday, racial and religious tensions are jeopardising its economic and social success

UPROAR is still raging in Malaysia over inflammatory speeches at the annual congress of the ruling United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) in mid-November. One delegate talked of being ready to"bathe in blood"to defend the race and religion of the Malay Muslim majority against the ethnic Chinese and Indian minorities. The education minister, no less, brandished a keris (traditional dagger), only to be urged by another delegate to start using it. The affair has brought into focus Malaysians' worries that, as their country nears its 50th birthday next year, its remarkable economic and social success is at risk from the increasingly separate lives its three main races are living.

Last weekend these anxieties were voiced by the crown prince of Perak, one of the country's constituent states. He recalled that in his boyhood the races mixed far more freely; nowadays most children go to single-race schools. The prince regretted that some Malay- majority schools have made girls wear headscarves and even told pupils to avoid non-Malays' homes. Malaysians' spirit of give-and- take, he lamented, had been replaced by the idea that progress was a zero-sum game among the races....

Mohamed Jawhar Hassan, the head of ISIS, a think-tank, says that Malays' desire for more overt expression of their Islamic faith, and Chinese and Indian parents' desire to educate their children separately, are "social forces, much more powerful than any government.” Passing laws may not be enough to stem the drifting apart of the races. But there are few other ideas on how to preserve social harmony and prosperity, two huge achievements of which any country turning 50 could be proud.

Putting the malaise into Malaysia

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