"Shri Mataji, how many languages do you speak?”

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Subject: "Shri Mataji, how many languages do you speak?”
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> We have begun to see results now. Complete strangers have begun to
> react positively. Ex-SYs are coming back to learn what they missed
> or were never taught in the first place. Established SYs are
> beginning to understand the deeper knowledge of the priceless
> parables that Shri Mataji explained over decades.

i forgot to mention disllusioned/barely hanging on SYs who would
have left Sahaja Yoga if not for the websites and forum. There are a
few who wrote to me that they decided to stay on because of the
evidence provided that Shri Mataji is indeed the Adi Shakti.

All i can do is plead they hang on and forget their past experiences
that made them disillusioned/lose faith in the first place. Just
remember that it is the Divine Message that matters most. i for one
am staying and continuing because of Shri Mataji's Divine Message.
One day things will become better.

So just continue meditating on the Divine Mother within and ask
Her: "Shakti deh Maa!" There is absolutely no way She will let you
stray away from Her if you have that genuine desire and deep faith
in the Divine Mother's powers. Just keep on asking "Shakti deh Maa"
in your meditation and see Her responding. The Shakti within will
help you establish your faith in Her till it becomes unshakeable.


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> What does the phrase "Shakti deh Maa" mean?
> Thanks so much all for your replies

Dear Kyyan,

Shakti (Power) deh (give) Maa (Mother).

So you can ask Her to give you power and strength to
endure/persevere/overcome the particular problems you face. It does
not matter in what language you speak to Her within as She
understands each and every spoken language. Maybe it is hard to
believe but over the years we have found out that the Divine Mother
hears, understands and speak all languages. No matter what language
we spoke at home - English, Punjabi, Malay - She knew what we were
talking about. There were times when She answered questions
discussed among the family before being even posed to Her by Kash.
Even your thoughts are read/known by Her. There is nothing that can
be hidden from Her. Absolutely nothing!

In Montreal, Canada on August 6, 1994 Kash asked the Adi
Shakti, "Shri Mataji, how many languages do you speak?"

The Great Primordial Mother answered:

"I know all languages."

Shri Bhasa-rupa Devi
Bhasa-rupa (678th): She is the form of language... She is the
content of all languages.

The above Truth has far more depth that is apparent to the mind.

The Great Divine Mother converses with all the Messengers in the
Kingdom of God in different languages. Kash had heard Her talking
with Shri Krishna, Shri Shiva, Shri Buddha and others in Sanskrit,
with Prophet Muhammad in Arabic, and with Guru Nanak in probably
Gurumkhi (Kash said that it was a bit different than Sanskrit). All
of Kash's conversations with Her were in English.

Besides, She knew precisely that "bean sprouts" were called "taugay"
in the native Malay language of Malaysia. When that incident took
place i was just learning to cook and was still not aware of certain
cooking errors. Once i made some pasta and lacking vegetables, added
some bean sprouts at the end. When the whole dish was ready i found
that it had turned soggy and wondered why. Since settling in Canada
i had made pasta on numerous occasions, normally adding scrambled
eggs or chicken. Sometimes Chinese spinach was added for extra
nutrition. But never had pasta turned soggy despite adding
vegetables. So what went wrong this time?

When Kash meditated and met Her in his Sahasrara the Divine Mother
told Kash to inform your father (me) to make pasta as he had done in
the past, and not to add taugay (bean sprouts) in future. Yes, the
Shakti had that conversation ........ amongst the hundreds over
the years. When Kash came back from the meditation room to tell me
of Her observations and advise i was quite taken aback. Soon i
realized there was certain important observations to be made from
this seemingly simple incident.

Firstly, the Great Holy Spirit knew that i made pasta differently,
and definitely without bean sprouts. All these years She had been
watching me in silence and knew every minutest detail of this life
(and all previous lives) ........................... including all
the different ways that i prepared pasta.

Secondly, She advised that bean sprouts should not be used in pasta,
without explaining to Kash the reason why. i checked around and
realized why this advice had to be heeded in future: bean sprouts
release moisture when cooked, or subject to heat. Although fresh
bean sprouts had been added when the pasta was ready, they still
released moisture when scalded by heat. That was precisely why the
macaroni became soggy. There was no way Kash could have known on his own that bean sprouts should not be added to pasta. He only found
that out after Shri Mataji had given a culinary tip for his father.

Thirdly, Shri Mataji specifically used the Malay word "taugay", a
word normally used by the family instead of the more common "bean
sprouts", as is the habit of Malaysians from this multi-racial
nation. Kash was repeatedly asked if the Great Adi Shakti had used
this particular word as it was not in English, the language of
communication between the Great Primordial Goddess and Kash. That
particular word "taugay" was from a Southeast Asian dialect known as
Bahasa Malaysia, the official language of Malaysia.

But Shri Mataji could have easily used the universally understood
"bean sprouts" but She choose not to. Kash replied that She clearly
mentioned the word "taugay". The Great Universal Mind surely knows
all languages. And how to make better pasta!

We have to again remind that only the Great Adi Shakti in the
Kingdom of God knows all languages. Her human incarnation in the
physical form as Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi does not. All said and
done, one thing becomes certain: only the Holy Spirit has the
ability to understand and converse in all languages. That is why one
can ask help from Her in any language. So you may supplicate to Her
in your own mother tongue, or any other language for the matter.

And over time i will continue to reveal the true nature of the Great
Adi Shakti within. There are many other incidents and revelations to
strengthen our faith in the Shakti within and Shri Mataji Nirmala
Devi without, an incarnation necessary to enlighten and comfort
humans during this Blossom Time.

Jai Shri Mataji,



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