Shri Mataji: "Pure knowledge is not ... of chakras ... vibrations ... kundalini but ...of God Almighty.”

>"The supreme divinity, Lalita, is one's own blissful Self.”
> Bhavana Upanishad 1.27
>"She alone is Atman. Other than Her is untruth, non-self. Hence is
> She Brahman-Consciousness, free from (even) a tinge of being and
> non-being. She is the Science of Consciousness, non-dual Brahman
> Consciousness, a wave of Being-Consciousness-Bliss. The Beauty of
> the three-great-cities, penetrating without and within, is
> resplendent, non-dual, self-subsisting. What is, is pure Being;
> what shines is pure Consciousness; what is dear is Bliss. So here
> is the Maha-Tripura-Sundari who assumes all forms. You and I and
> all the world and all divinities and all besides are the Maha-
> Tripura-Sundari. The sole Truth is the thing named 'the Beautiful'.
> It is the non-dual, integral, supreme Brahman.”
> Bahvricha Upanishad 1.5
> Dear devotees of the Devi,
> Namaskar - i bow to the Supreme Self that resides in you.
> Read this article"Look deep within"for the rest of your lives. i
> mentioned this in an earlier post
> >
> > Yesterday i was discussing religion and spirituality with my
> > brother-in-law who had come down. i told him that in all my years
> > prior to self-realization i grasped 1% of the Truth. Then from
> > 1993-2007 i realized another 1%, and that i am confident of
> > realizing at maximum about 4-5% of the Truth in my remaining
> > years. i am just like an ant trying to understand the universe.
> >
> This maximum 4-5% will be realized by deeply introspecting the
> awesome truths of"Look deep within"for the rest of my life. Only
> Silence and constant awareness will make you realize this Ultimate
> Reality within. There is absolutely no higher knowledge to seek - i
> am 100% positive of this finality because Devi is your Self. Spend
> the remaining years on Earth meditating on your Self within and this
> will be your last birth on Earth. It is the Devi who assures moksa
> and immortality for all who are able to realize this Ultimate
> Reality and remain merged with Her at all times - all senses and
> attention must remain withdrawn and focused on the Self within
> without any external images or rituals whatsoever.
> To realize the remaining 95% of Brahman you have the rest on
> eternity.
> Jai Ganapathy,
> jagbir

The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
“Fourth one is the most important for all of us is to know that there is a nadi which passes through left Visshuddhi into the heart. Starts from the heart, goes up, passes through Agnya. It has four petals, opens up. This is the one which gives you the state which is called as athurya'.

We live in three states. In the living - in the awakened state 'jagruti', our attention goes to this, that, and all that, we spoil our attention.

But the second one is the one what we call is that we sleep. When we sleep also all these things that have happened come to us from our past and things like that.

But then we go to the deeper sleep called as 'sushupti'. Is a state where you have deep sleep, and you dream of something that is reality also. You may dream about Me. Like it's the ethereal part of the subconscious where some beautiful informations are passed on. Supposing I've come, say, to Italy. Italians might know in their 'sushupti' that I have come here or maybe anybody might know, depends on.

But the fourth state is called as athurya'. There are two more states. You are in the athurya' state, is the fourth. athurya' means fourth. Fourth state is where, that you are in a thoughtless awareness state. When there is no thought- just think of it - when there is no thought you have to be innocent. When there is no thought you have to have vibrations. When there is no thought you cannot be attached to anyone. So into that thoughtless state you have come now, is the athurya disthuti'. And in this state, when you are, these four petals which are within you have to open out in your brain. They come from your heart to your brain, and that is when you absolutely understand what is God. Absolutely know what is God is. That is the time when one receives the real knowledge, but unless and until these four petals open, one may fall back.

That's where some of the Sahaja Yogis, who are still meddling with things that they should not do, go down. And they don't understand what is God is. But is not the understanding, in a way, you understand this one little point - that it comes from your heart into your brain; not from brain to your heart. It comes as if the ambrosia of your bhakti covers your brain, absolutely.

Say for example Shankaracharia wrote a beautiful treatise called as 'viveka churaveni' where he described what is God, this, that and 'viveka' means the conscience, and consciousness and all that he described, quite a lot. But there was one horrible fellow called 'Sarma' who started arguing with him and he got fed up - Shankaracharya. He said no use talking to them, so he just wrote 'Saundharyalahari'.

'Saundharyalahari' is nothing but all the mantras praising The Mother. He said"Ay, I know Mother, now let me praise Her. Nothing doing; what's the use of talking to these people, stupid things, how will they understand?”He realised that these people haven't got that capacity, that sensitivity to understand"What I know.”

That's the real knowledge is to know what is God. And if that is God then how can you suspect anything? How can you try to analyses anything? It's God! It's God Almighty, which knows everything; which does everything; which enjoys everything.

That is the one, we should say, is the 'Gnyana', is the knowledge, is the true knowledge, the pure knowledge. Is not the knowledge of chakras; not the knowledge of vibrations; not the knowledge of kundalini but the knowledge of God Almighty.

And the knowledge of God Almighty is not mental. Again, I tell you, it starts from your heart and goes to your brain. Something that comes out of your experience of joy and covers your brain. So your brain cannot deny it any more. Like the, sometimes, when you have your mother - little mother - you know the love of your mother. You cannot explain, it comes from your heart and you say"No, that's my mother, she won't do like that. I know my mother very well.”

The knowledge about your mother, one who has given you birth may not be, mother may not be very good or whatever it is, but knowledge about God - that He's love, that He's truth, that He knows everything - that just become part and parcel of your being; absolutely, and that's the time we say is the nirvana....

And to know that you know God itself is so great. Whatever it is, She may be Mahamaya, She may be anything, but I know. It cannot be described in one book; it cannot be described in even hundred books. It cannot be described in words, but to know that's God. After all, that's God. God Almighty. And that gives you that beautiful surrender where you just feel absolutely secured in that ocean of love. I wish you all to achieve that state.

May God bless you.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Shivaratri Puja, Chiancian Terme, Italy, 16 Feb, 1991

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Shri Mataji: "Pure knowledge is not of chakras but God Almighty.”

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