Shri Mataji: "The Reality is so beautiful. It is just lying ahead of us.”

"At death of the physical body, a soul garbed in its astral form ascends to the astral heavenly level merited by the balance of that person's good and evil actions on earth. It is not by virtue of death that one becomes an exalted angel in heaven. Only those persons who become angelic in spiritual behavior and God-communion on earth are able to ascend to the higher regions. While persons of wicked deeds are attracted to astral nether regions and may experience something akin to periodic dreadful nightmares, the majority of souls awaken in a luminous land of incredible beauty, joy, and freedom, in an atmosphere of love and well-being.”
The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
“After all we are all human beings created by one God, on one Earth, in complete unison. We are part and parcel of that One Primordial Being. We are cells in the body of that Great Being.

And we are fragmented. That's why once you know that you are the part of that, your fragmentation goes away and you become that. You become that. Then all your sense of security is established, all your self-esteem is established, all your glory comes to you, and you start distributing it...

You are not to be disappointed my child. The Reality is so beautiful. It is just lying ahead of us. Don't be worried. Everything is going to be alright... Death does not exist. There is nothing like death. We are made of five cocoons. One of them is the cocoon of food called as Annamaikosh. That only drops out, and also a little bit of water within us also drops out. The rest of it remains.

Nothing! I wish you could die like that it is just changing of clothes you know. Like when I came from Birmingham I just changed my clothes in the hotel, and came here to be refreshed, to be new. Just like that as our clothes become dirty we change them, or become old we just change it—that's all. Death does not exist. It's a myth.”

The Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
What are we inside, Birmingham, UK, August 9th, 1980

The Second Coming of Christ (The Resurrection of the Christ within You)
Hereafter Ye Shall See Heaven Open

Genesis in the Bible tells us of the universal becomings. In brief: "'In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void' (pure consciousness, the creative thoughts of God that are the ideational causes of all beginnings)...And God said, 'Let there be light': and there was light' (the basic building block of manifested forms—the structural essence of God's triune creation: the vibratory light of thoughtrons, lifetrons, atoms)....And God said, 'Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters' (creative elements), And let it divide the waters from the waters' (the subtle causal and astral elements from the gross physical elements). And God made the firmament' (fine vibratory etheric space providing a background for gross manifestation and serving as a curtain to divide the physical universe from the overlying astral realm), And divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament....And God called the firmament Heaven' (the astral world secreted behind etheric space)....And God said, 'Let the waters' (gross elements) 'under the heaven be gathered together into one place, and let the dry land appear' (materialization of the gross elements into a physical universe)'" (Genesis 1:1-9).

What and where is heaven?

Heaven may be said to consist, overall, of three regions: where the Heavenly Father lives in vibrationless Infinity; where Christ Intelligence reigns—omnipresent in but transcendentally untouched by vibratory creation—and in which the angels and highest evolved saints reside; and the vibratory spheres of the ideational causal world and lifetronic astral world. These heavenly realms, vibratory and transcendent, are only figuratively"Above"The gross vibrations of earth"below": They are in fact superimposed one on the other, with the finer screened from the denser manifestation through the medium and intervention of the"firmament," vibratory etheric space, hiding the astral from the physical manifestation, the causal from the astral, and the transcendent Christ and Cosmic Consciousness from the causal. Without this integration—producing a physical instrumentality empowered by astral life, guided by individualized intelligence, all arising from consciousness—there could be no meaningful manifestation.

So this earth and its beings seemingly floating in limitless space as the result of blind forces is not happenstance at all; it is highly organized.

The physical cosmos is diminutive in relation to the enormously larger and grander astral cosmos, as is the astral universe in relation to the causal—both the astral and causal heavens are permeated with the Christ Consciousness; and interlacing all is the Cosmic Consciousness of God, extending into the boundless infinity of blissful Spirit.

No one can measure Eternity. Man has yet to plumb the immensity of even this limited physical cosmos; there are untold billions of stars in the heavens that still have not been seen. The Lord has Infinitude as His space in which he dangles the intricately designed baubles of these physical, astral, and causal worlds, intriguingly reflecting as well as mysteriously hiding facets of His Immutable Being.

Different cultures and sects conceive of heaven according to their racial, social, and environmental habits of thought: a happy hunting ground; a glorious realm of endless pleasures; a kingdom with streets of gold and winged angels making celestial music on harps; ' nirvana' in which consciousness is extinguished in an everlasting peace.

Jesus said: "In my Father's house are many mansions" (John 14:2). These "many mansions"Include comprehensively the Infinitude of Spirit, the Christ Consciousness sphere, and the diverse higher and lower planes of the causal and astral realms. In general, however, the designation of heaven is relegated to the astral world, the immediate heaven relevant to beings on the physical plane.

At death of the physical body, a soul garbed in its astral form ascends to the astral heavenly level merited by the balance of that person's good and evil actions on earth. It is not by virtue of death that one becomes an exalted angel in heaven. Only those persons who become angelic in spiritual behavior and God-communion on earth are able to ascend to the higher regions. While persons of wicked deeds are attracted to astral nether regions and may experience something akin to periodic dreadful nightmares, the majority of souls awaken in a luminous land of incredible beauty, joy, and freedom, in an atmosphere of love and well-being. [1]

The astral heaven of light and beauty described

The astral kingdom is a realm of rainbow-hued light. Astral land, seas, skies, gardens, beings, the manifestation of day and night—all are made of variegated vibrations of light. Astral gardens of flowers, planted on the soil of the ether, surpass human description. The blossoms glow like Chinese star shells, ever-changing but never fading, adapting themselves to the fancy of the astral beings. They disappear when not wanted and reappear with new colors and fragrance when desired again.

Astral beings drink prismatic light from lifetronic fountains cascading from the bosom of ethereal mountains. Oceans heave with opalescent azure, green, silver, gold, red, yellow, and aquamarine. Diamond-bright waves dance in a perpetual rhythm of beauty.

Astral beings use all their subtle senses as physical man uses them in the dreamland. The difference is that inhabitants of the astral heaven consciously and at will control their surroundings. The earth is so full of decay and destruction; in the astral world, havoc caused by any clash of inharmonious vibrations could be remedied by mere willing.

The astral kingdom is many times older and longer-lived than this earth. Every physical object, form, and force has an astral counterpart. This astral heaven is veritably the factory of life, the world of life force from which this atomic universe is being created. But the heavenly manifestations haven't the limitations of earth life. Everything is vibrating energy. Though beings and objects there have form and substance and therefore seem solid, one manifestation can pass through another without collision or harm: just as with photographic techniques so many physically impossible things can be done in the movies.

Colors on the earth-plane are crude imitations of their astral source. Lifetronic colors are beyond human conception, far more beautiful than any sunset or painting or rainbow or aurora borealis. The most exquisite colors in nature, if blended together in scenic portrayal, still would not depict the beauty of the astral world; the motley physical hues are such dense vibrations of their astral counterparts. In the delicacy of the astral land, neither dull skies nor blinding sun assaults the senses. The astral luminosity dims all physical light, yet is never harsh or glaring.

The boundary of the earth is the cosmic sky. The boundary of the astral heaven is a deep circumventing nimbus, rainbow-like in the seven colors of the spectrum—diaphanous, translucent rays blended with infinite taste and beauty of the Father. within this astral firmament are the"pearly gates"referred to in Revelation 21:21. These"gates," of the luster of pearls, are the primary channels of ingress and egress between the vibratory spheres and the vibrationless realm of God, and for the movement of creative forces and souls between the astral and physical worlds. The pearly luster is the Lord's creative white light tinged with the blue of Christ Consciousness flowing into the vibratory sphere, where in the astral realm it is refracted into the multicolors of rainbow hues.

Birth and death in the astral world are merely a change in consciousness. When the physical body dies, a being loses the consciousness of flesh and becomes aware of his subtle astral form in the astral world. At a karmically predetermined time that astral being loses consciousness of his astral form to undergo rebirth in the physical world. When the astrally garbed soul leaves the astral world, at the end of its astral life, it is attracted to parents and an environment on earth (or to similar inhabited planets in other island universes) which are suited to the working-out of that individual's store of good and bad karma.

No one is born of a woman's body in the astral kingdom. There is only spiritual marriage in that realm, without cohabitation. If children are desired, they are created by inviting a soul—usually recently departed from earth—into an astral body imaged by the immaculate method of condensing the positive and negative thoughts, and will, and feeling tendencies of parents into the form of a male or female child. A predominantly positive-charged thought of lifetronic energy produces a male child, a predominantly negative-charged thought of lifetronic energy produces a female child. The form of the child, as with most astral beings, resembles that of their recently discarded earth body, but without its decrepitude.

The earth memories of astral beings gradually fade, but they meet and recognize many of their loved ones lost to them on earth—so many mothers, fathers, children, friends, spouses, of so many incarnations; it becomes difficult to isolate special feelings for one over another. The soul rejoices to embrace them all in its consciousness of universal love.

Astral beings have all the faculties of perception and cognition to which man is accustomed in his physical body, but as instruments of intuition independent of the limitations of the imperfect mortal senses and rationalizing intelligence. The astral land is thus conspicuous for the absence of books, a distinctly material omnium-gatherum for storing and transmitting man's ideas and knowledge. Astral beings can concentrate upon anything in the particular stratum to which they are assigned and know about its nature through the instantaneous knowledge-producing power of intuition. Though they need not depend on the tedious methods of book-learning, advanced beings who wish to record their special thought vibrations have only to visualize those concepts, which are then immediately transformed into a permanent record of astral light vibrations.

As there are both highly developed saints and also ordinary beings in the astral realms, they use their own degree of semi- or fully awakened intuition to complement their highly receptive astral intelligence. Only after a soul reunites with God is there no longer a need to read books or to concentrate upon anything in order to know it by intuition. The soul identified with Spirit already knows all and sees all.

Advanced astral beings can traverse any plane or region of the vast astral heaven, traveling faster than the speed of light in a vehicular mass of luminous lifetrons. Ascending to the causal heaven of ideational consciousness, the causal being transcends time and distance altogether in the instancy of thought—with every experience, consciously willed, an exquisite throb in the tranquil essence of consciousness.

The Second Coming of Christ (The Resurrection of the Christ within
You) Volume 1, Discourse 10, pg. 202-206
Paramahansa Yogananda
Printed in the United States of America 1434-J881

[1] A gloriously comprehensive description of the astral and causal worlds is given in 'Autobiography of a Yogi', Chapter 43. ('Publisher's Note')

.”.. ato become the very self of every being' (BG. 5.7) does not mean the loss of a personal relationship with God, and probably with other liberated beings as well. This is in line with at least one type of Upanishadic thought typified in the dialogue between Indra and Prajapati in Chandogya Upanishad 8. The relevant passage is 8.12, 1-3:

Bountiful One! For sure this body is mortal, held in the grip of death. Yet it is the dwelling-place of the immortal, incorporeal self. And this self, while still in the body, is held in the grip of pleasure and pain; and so long as it remains in the body there is no means of ridding it of pleasure and pain. But once it is freed from the body, pleasure and pain cannot as so much touch it.

The wind has no body. Clouds, thunder, and lightning — these too have no body. So, just as these arise from the broad expanse of space up there and plunge into the highest light, revealing themselves each in their own form, so too does this deep serenity arise out of this body and plunge into the highest light, revealing itself in its own form. Such a one is a superman (uttara purusa); and there he roves around, laughing, playing, taking his pleasure with women, chariots, or friends and remembering no more that excrescence which was his body...

Liberation is no longer the isolation of the classical Samkhya-Yoga: rather it is the end of what Christians mystics call as via
purgativa, the way of the vishuddh'tma, the 'purified self' (5.7: cf. 5.11:6.12.) It is the beginning of the personal encounter of the integrated and liberated self with God.”

R.C. Zaehner, BhagavadGita,
Oxford University Press, 1969, p. 234.

Dear All,

In the late afternoon two days ago on 9-27-2006 i took Arwinder, my 16-year-old son, to the clinic as he had some skin rash. While waiting for the doctor i decided to ask him about the spirit as he had told me earlier that his visits into his Sahasrara were now getting less. In other words, as he was maturing he was meeting Shri Mataji less frequently. (Lalita also has been telling me the same for some time now.) That is why i decided to ask him about the spirit as i was having some difficulty understanding what it is to be a spirit? Since Arwinder meets the Adi Shakti in the Sahasara in his spirit form I expected facts based on firsthand experience:

Arwinder Singh
Arwinder Singh October 2006

i) i asked him if you can cross and pass one hand through the other or for example across the neck. He replied that you can, and even pass through fellow spirit beings or any obstacle for the matter.

ii) so if you can cross the hands and pass them through each other how was it possible to sit on Shri Durga's tiger? Arwinder replied that the spirit can assume any form to do any task. If the intention of your spirit is to sit on a tiger you will—the spirit just does that effortlessly.

iii) is it possible to feel one's heartbeat? In the first place, does one have a heart? Arwinder said a spirit has no heart or any internal organ for the matter.

iv) can the spirit assume any form? Arwinder confirmed that it can. The spirit can experience anything it desires - an insect, tree, animal, human being, mountain, ocean ......... even an entire planet or galaxy. It can contract into the smallest size or expand into the largest. But he clarified that one is always conscious of being the spirit. In other words, while experiencing being an ocean you are always conscious that you are still a spirit. Thus from a ocean you can easily become an entire galaxy, but at all times ever conscious of being a spirit. This consciousness of being spirit is always there.

v) so what is the spirit form at all times? What are you when you walk or sit? Arwinder said being the spirit and walking is like experiencing the wind. He said as a human it is really difficult to explain/understand this experience as there is nothing similar to it. The wind is the best he can come up with as the form of spirit is not solid.

vi) do you sit in front of the Adi Shakti at all times when you meet Her in the Sahasrara? He replied that there are times when She is not there but that does not mean anything as She is always present in Her invisible form and knows when you are meditating. All you need to do is meditate, whether She is before you or not. The point he was trying to make is that meditation should not be confined to Her actual presence in the Sahasrara because She is everywhere, within and without! Everything is Shakti.

Later the same evening i had a deep meditation that was full of vibrations and bliss. This continued into yesterday (and today too). There is something about the knowledge that brought forth this state of mind.

But I had forgotten to ask Arwinder one question—did he actually experience being a tree or insect?

Yesterday, as i went with him to get his contact lenses, i asked if he actually experienced being a tree or mountain, since he was so sure. He replied he never had experienced being a tree or mountain. Naturally I asked," So how do you know?”Arwinder replied that the Adi Shakti had given and explained this knowledge to him. Then did he ask Her to explain about the spirit? Arwinder replied that he never asked but the Divine Mother explained about the spirit on Her own accord. In fact She had over the years enlightened him about a number of spiritual issues.

i asked why he did not tell about spirit before? Arwinder replied he was never asked. Neither did he offer to spill out the remaining knowledge the Adi Shakti had given him. (The only time he did so was more than a decade ago when on August 9, 1995 he declared that he meditates with the Adi Shakti, and explained his experiences in detail. He was five.) Maybe that knowledge will be revealed as and when necessary and i have no desire to extract it yet. The Shakti has Her own way of making that happen.

Now i know why over the past two days i am having deep meditations that are full of bliss and vibrations. It is because the knowledge of"spirit"Is coming directly from the eternal Shri Lalita Devi who resides in all Sahasraras. It is knowledge that the Divine Mother wants humans to know. Aham Brahma Asmi (I am Brahman) and Tat Twam Asi (That Thou Art) makes more sense now. i now want to be Silent for a few days to savour this Divine Nectar from Brahman Herself.

Jai Shri Ganapathi,


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