The Spirit World you write of so often

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Date:  Tue Apr 27, 2004  9:50 am
Subject:  Re: Jagbir - The spirit world you write of so often

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> Dear Jagbir,
> Experiencing the Loving Mother through innocent
> children has been a honour and a privilige. I have
> read every word with great reverence.
> I have often longed to read more but unfortunately you
> have not updated the visits to the Kingdom of God.
> I do not know what would your logic be for a wait of 2
> years, but i think you would have your reasons.
> As far as problems, opposition and ostracism are
> concerned, i think that both in the past and present,
> GOD has only chosen those HIS messangers, who have the
> courage to carry HIS burden in the face of all
> adversities. Please carry on.

Thank you Ashish for this great compliment that has touched me. It is
my conviction that anyone in my shoes would have done exactly that
without any hesitation. There is no heroism or special status to what
is obviously a duty given, and carried out to the letter. Even if one
hesitates Her Maya propels you ever onward to act accordingly ....
........ just like a helpless puppet on strings.

If any other SY had given such evidence regarding the Adi Shakti i
also would have revered the glorification of the Adi Shakti and
surrendered to the Truth. My faith would have been much strengthened
by the evidence presented, a conviction i have discussed privately
many times. i would have been very happy that someone gave such proof which would allow my family and myself to continue this spiritual
journey with full faith and confidence till our last breath.

So a question arises: How can Shri Mataji assure others that She is
the Adi Shakti? She can make a thousand declarations but mere words
convince only fools. Anyone can declare themselves to be the Divine
Mother (and Sai Baba and Amma have the audacity to do just that). So
how do we make out a false guru from a genuine Divine Mother?

One can only claim to be the Divine Mother if, other than first and
foremost being entrenched in the holy scriptures, She can provide
witnesses who can give evidence that can be openly cross-examined.
Ever since 1993 my children have continued to bear witness and give
evidence to Her glory in the Sahasrara, evidence that will in FUTURE
destroy all false gurus. They also have performed their act in Her
Divine Play. All SYs need to do now is to just witness the remaining
few Acts.

Shri Mataji promised that Sahaja Yoga will be established before She
leaves. Those murmuring souls who put obstacles in Her path should
let Her complete this final task by remaining silent. Do not act out
of ignorance ..................... even if some of you have spent
22 years in Sahaja Yoga.

i also wish to reiterate that all of us are HIS messengers although
at the present moment few are of that caliber. But all will wake up
and perform their duties as Shri Mataji continues to withdraw
attention on outer Her physical being and begins to reveal Her inner
glory as the Great Goddess. She will complete this critical task so
that we SYs will have faith to seek and meditate with Her within long
after She has left Earth. And i assure you She is far more intimate
within than She was ever without.

Regarding the rest of the Kingdom of God visits, they will be
completed within two years or so. i may start in a few weeks/months
but i really don't know when. As a mere puppet i really cannot pull
any strings, try as i may. The puppet must know and humbly accept
that it has no life of its own, ....................... and that it is Her Divine Play.





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