Supreme Master Ching Hai's wombless babies and inter-galactic doctors

From:  AD <>
Date:  Thu Aug 5, 2004  5:42 pm
Subject:  Advice sought please

Hello everyone,

I would be very grateful if someone on this forum
could help me out with some advice. We have this man
who comes to our center in North London and although
Sahaj helps him a lot, he is still visibly troubled.
He keeps on telling people about a experience he had
with another type of meditation of which he is unsure
of the name but says it is run by a Master Ching Hai
(or something like that). He reckons a family member
is involved with them and for one reason or another
tried to forcibly make him a part of their group /
movement too by entering some kind of entity into
him!!! This was apparently a few years ago but he
says ever since he feels this entity making him
unbalanced (very hard to remain thoughtless). He says
he feels this 'problem' mainly in the right ribs area
(right side of the void area) - he even says he
reckons these people try and move this entity from a


From:  jagbir singh <>
Date:  Mon Aug 9, 2004  8:27 am
Subject:  Supreme Master Ching Hai's wombless babies and inter-galactic doctors

—- In, "sampalee2003" <sampalee2003@y...> wrote:
> I have log on to the web site given. The lady ching hai claim she
> can give immediate enlightenment. Is this genuine. Can other sy
> care to comment

Dear Sampalee,

You should know that:

"A lifetime commitment to a vegan or lacto-vegetarian diet is a prerequisite for initiation into the Quan Yin Method. Foods from plant sources and dairy products are permitted on this diet, but all other foods from animal sources including eggs should not be eaten. There are many reasons for this, but the most important comes from the First Precept, which tells us to refrain from taking the life of sentient beings, or "Thou shalt not kill."

But i thought Jesus also went fishing .......... and Rama hunted, and Krishna performed horse sacrifices. But apparently lady Ching Hai knows better than all of them. You can't argue with the Supreme Master can you?

Blond Ching Hai in Vietnam with milk-white parakeet captured in Amazon


She also charges for enlightenment and there are apparently hundreds of audio, video cassettes, books and newsletters for your purchasing pleasure. Take for instance the The Supreme Master Ching Hai News#138 which begins with this exciting revelation:

"Many decades ago, when I wasn't on this "job" yet, I read in the newspaper that, one day, people would be able to talk together and even see each other's picture through the telephone. So this is what we have; the prediction came true. And soon we'll have much more exciting news. I'm not sure how we're going to realize it. But a lot of things you already know, like when I told you about the other planets where people don't need to carry babies in The Mother's womb.

In this world, we'll have the same thing. It won't take long. The technical advances are so awesome that we have no time to even catch our breath before something changes again! In Japan, I heard that they've already developed a kind of box in which they put some liquid that corresponds to the natural liquid inside a mother's womb when she's pregnant with a baby. And they'll try to raise the baby that way.

So maybe in the future, if you want to have ten babies, it'll be no problem. (Laughter) For nine months, you can come see the baby every weekend or every day, whenever you have time, even after work. They can even make the shape of the baby, the way he or she looks, and choose the sex and whatever. It's very exciting; we're catching up with the advances of the higher planetary systems.

And right now we're also using laser and light to heal patients. Remember, in one of my earliest lectures in Formosa? at that time, I didn't even speak Chinese well ? we mentioned the light therapy used on other, more advanced planets. Those scientists have been born on this planet now, and they're bringing their treasured memories with them. So they're making our planet a better place in which to live, as far as physical comfort is concerned.

And also, maybe soon, or not very far in the future? we're talking about years only? we'll probably have flying cars and so on. And it'll probably be easier to see each other, with less traffic congestion. And we'll have a faster commuting service." (Supreme Master Ching Hai)

Sampa, i have no idea how many zeros are needed to attain nirvana or visit any of the advanced planets to make an appointment with Dr. Wee Ken Fatt or his associate Soh Ken Wee for light therapy or laser acupuncture. (Apparently this is privileged information for those with respectable bank accounts.)

If i am not mistaken the initiation ceremony only costs a few hundred dollars, and after that outer space is the limit  ..............  literally. Thus i have taken the trouble to get their email/fax/phone contacts for you:

E-mail: art&spirituality
Fax : 1-413-751-0848 (USA)

The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association Publishing Co., Ltd. Taipei, Formosa.
E-mail: smchbooks
Tel: (886) 2-87873935 / Fax: (886) 2-87870873

Book Department:
E-mail: divine
Fax: 1-240-352-5613 or 886-949-883-778
(You are welcome to join us in translating Master's books into other languages.)

News Group:
E-mail: lovenews
Fax: 1-801-7409196 or 886-946-728475

Spiritual Information Desk:
E-mail: lovewish
Fax: 886-946-730699

S.M. Celestial Co., Ltd.
E-mail: smcj888
Tel: 886-2-87910860 / Fax: 886-2-87911216
Web Site:

LA Center Bookstore
E-mail: la_bookstore
Fax: 1-909-738-9992

thoughtlessly yours,



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