Surah 97:1-5 Al-Qadr: "We have indeed revealed this (Divine Message of the Resurrection) in the Night of Power."

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Subject:  Surah 97:1-5 Al-Qadr: "We have indeed revealed this (Divine Message of the Resurrection) in the Night of Power."

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> > Time and again in public She has proclaimed that the Last
> > Judgment and Resurrection (Al-Qiyamah) has begun. How come SY
> > websites have made no mention of that Great Event, the very
> > reason She was sent to Earth? How can they ever give answers to
> > Muslims and Christians, and explain God's will that is
> > preordained for the betterment of mankind through the subtle
> > system mindset? This indeed is a terrible tragedy on its own.
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> > jagbir
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> Hi Jagbir
> Could you just clarify this please. Shri Mataji has
> said that the last judgement has begun? Does that
> imply that it is a time bound event like a November
> 2005 or January 15th 2010? Is it a 'Day' of decision
> or a 'period' of decision making...for instance between
> the 15ht and 30th of the month.
> I dont know how to phrase my question better but its
> always baffled me.
> Thanks

Dear Avnish,

This rather complex subject can only be understood if both Bible (Last Judgment) and Quran (Al-Qiyamah - The Resurrection) are laid side by side. The Quran is especially relevant because the Resurrection is its living life-force, the heart and soul of this revered, revealed book. You just cannot grasp the purpose of Shri Mataji's advent within the narrow range of religious/subtle system fundamentalism. That is why i keep saying that the Divine Message can only be understood if all messengers, religions and scriptures are unconditionally accepted. Perhaps we may now understand better why Shri Mataji insists on the same requirements in Sahaja Yoga.
Avnish, we should be baffled by the Last Judgment because both Christians and Muslims have been made to believe that it is the End of the World. So you can imagine their disbelieve when Shri Mataji says that Judgment Day/Al-Qiyamah is not doomsday but two different time frames.

The first age is the coming of the Comforter to announce, explain and warn in detail about the Message of the Last Judgment during Al-Qadr (Night of Power):

1. We have indeed revealed this (Message) in the Night of Power:
2. And what will explain to thee what the night of power is?
3. The Night of Power is better than a thousand months.
4. Therein come down the angels and the Spirit by Allah's permission,
    on every errand:
5. Peace!...This until the rise of morn!

surah 97:1-5 Al-Qadr (Night of Power)
Abdullah Yusuf Ali, The Holy Qur'n, Amana Corporation, 1989.

The Night of Power enables the believers to surrender to the Divine Message and, with their kundalini awakened, are empowered to heal themselves in mind, body and soul. By mind i mean meditating daily on His Shakti (Holy Spirit/Ruh) within. By body i mean curing themselves of various ailments and diseases. By soul i mean riding oneself of all past karmas and sins. All who surrender to God Almighty's call to commence the Last Judgment and Resurrection are empowered by the Divine. The cool breeze (vibrations/Ruach) issuing forth from various parts of the body not only empowers the believers on Earth, but will also bear witness against them in the Afterlife before God Almighty:

Testimony by the Most Veracious of Witness

Indeed this Divine Message for all His children - Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs - has been revealed during this Golden Age of the Holy Spirit. There is absolutely no doubt about it. Shri Mataji has struggled for the last three decades to leave no stone unturned to proclaim the Kingdom of God, where life is eternal, to all nations and peoples of many tongues:

Age when the Holy Breath will testify anew for Christ
Coming Age where gifts poured forth will be the Age of Holy Spirit

It is the Divine Message that matters, not the divine messenger
"Semira, She indeed is The Mother of the Millennium"
"She saw all the gods and goddess paying obeisance to SM"
When She has come, the Comforter, She will convince the world

And in
surah 43:61-2 the Quran warns that Jesus will be the Sign of the Hour (of the Last Judgment and Resurrection). It is the Savior's teachings of the Kingdom of God within, now completed by the Comforter, that sets the pace for universal salvation.

But Muslim scholars have with their doomsday mindset interpreted that to mean the Second Coming and End. As Pascal has so aptly said:
"Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction." Nothing can be further from the truth because even the Quran is in agreement with Al-Qiyamah being explain by His Spirit, explicitly warning Muslims never to interfere/interpret the revelation of Al-Qiyamah:

16. Move not thy tongue concerning the (Resurrection), to make haste
17. It is for Us to collect it and to promulgate it: 
18. But when We have promulgated it, follow thou its recital:
19. Nay more, it is for Us to explain it: 

surah 75:16-19 Al Qiyamah (The Resurrection)
(Abdullah Yusuf Ali, The Holy Qur'an, 1989.)

This prerogative was clearly reserved for God Almighty. Shri Mataji is the Spirit sent by God Almighty to collect, promulgate, recite and explain in detail about the Resurrection during Al-Qadr (Night of Power), just as in Her capacity of Comforter She explains all that Jesus could not clarify to the masses. Human beings must first be reminded of the Divine and given ample warning to lead a righteous, humble life on Earth. They must know that whatever the scriptures have preordained will come to pass, and most of the Sure Signs and prophecies have come true.

Listed below are the major prophecies fulfilled directly or indirectly by the Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. 

Kingdom Of God Has Arrived (Bible)

Young Men Have Seen Visions (Bible)

Comforter Has Made Mysteries Known (Bible)

 4.  Holy Ghost Has Arrived To Baptize (Bible)

 5.  Lord Jesus' Warning Is Now Enforced (Bible)

Humans Are Being Born Of The Spirit (Bible)

Fatima's Third Secret Is Being Fulfilled (Christian Prophecy)

Golden Millennium Has Arrived (Christian Prophecy)

Gospel Of Kingdom Is Being Preached (Bible)

Scattered Of Judah Are Returning (Torah, Qur'n)

Winds Of Resurrection Are Blowing (Qur'n)

Angels Sent Forth Have Arrived (Qur'n)

Signs Of Qiyamah Now Shown (Qur'n)

Solar Eclipse Of Qiyamah Has Taken Place (Qur'n)

Blast Of Truth Has Been Announced (Qur'n)

Allah's Iron Has Been Delivered (Qur'n)

Revelation Of Allah's Light Is Complete (Qur'n)

Hidden Imam Mahdi Has Emerged (Shiite Prophecy)

Saoshyant Has Pronounced Judgment (Zoroastrian Prophecy)

Shri Krishna Has Incarnated Again (Bhagavad-Gita)

Shri Kalki Is Manifesting (Srimad Bhagavatam, Vishnu Purana)

Great Yogi Of Krita Yuga Has Come (Nadi Granth)

Maitraya, The Three Mothers, Has Come (Buddhist Prophecy)

Buried Are 'Coming Out Of Their Graves' (Nostradamus' Prophecy)

Eagle Has Landed (Native American Prophecy)

Hunab K'u Has Flashed Like Lightning (Mayan Prophecy)

Scriptures Have Contradicted (Bhagavad Gita)

Sophianic Millennium Has Arrived (Gnostic Prophecy)

Age Of Aquarius Has Begun (New Age Prophecy)

According to
Robert E. Wilkinson, The Avatar, "Prophecy consists in knowledge and in the manifestation of what is known. The knowledge must be supernatural and infused by God because it concerns things beyond the natural power of created intelligence; and the knowledge must be manifested either by words or signs, because the gift of prophecy is given primarily for the good of others, and hence needs to be manifested. It is a Divine light by which God reveals things concerning the unknown future and by which these things are in some way represented to the mind of the prophet, whose duty it is to manifest them to others." The Divine Message of Shri Mataji to humanity has more than met all the requirements of prophecy.

After the present Al Qadr (Night of Power) is over the Second Coming of Christ (Kalki) brings sudden death and destruction to those who disbelieved. This is known as Al Qariah (Day of Noise and Clamour). Shri Mataji has asked all humans to heed Her plea as the End will come suddenly and without warning as promised:

The (Day) of Noise and Clamour:
What is the (Day) of Noise and Clamour?
And what will explain to thee, what the (Day) of Noise and Clamour is?
It is a Day whereon men will be like moths scattered about,
And the mountains will like carded wool.
Then, he whose balance (of good deeds) will be (found) heavy, 
Will be in a Life of good pleasure and satisfaction.
But he whose balance (of good deeds) will be (found) light — Will have his home in a (bottomless ) Pit.
And what will explain to thee what this is? (It is) a Fire blazing fiercely!

surah 101:1-11 Al Qari'h (The Great Calamity)
(Abdullah Yusuf Ali, The Holy Qur'an, Amana Corporation, 1989.)

A day will come when humans will not be interested in God and His Resurrection anymore. That is the time when Lord Jesus will appear to annihilate those bent on pursuing wicked ways and beyond redemption. That will be the dreaded Second Coming.

But "before the great day of the Lord shall come" humans will be given a chance to redeem themselves and evolve themselves into higher beings. This is the Night of Power (surah 97:1-5 Al Qadr) that will last for decades, perhaps even centuries.

At present there are hundreds of millions of God-fearing beings looking for His Sure Signs (Bayyinat). There are just as many that have become disillusioned by the falsehood, hype, and hypocrisy of the organized cults, and have left them. There are, again, just as many who have become captives of blind faith, completely unaware of the depth of deception of these religious regimes. Brainwashed Christians, Muslim fundamentalists and Jewish zealots are waiting for graves to rapture open, zombies to emerge, ordinary humans to shriek and freak, and billions of beings to be barbecued in His fearsome Fire.

Given the deep divisions, hatred and enmity between religious institutions, each trumpeting their own exclusive salvation theories, it is inconceivable that the Almighty Creator will act without warning and massacre most of His Human Family.

But we have no idea how long the present Blossom Time or Al Qadr (Night of Power) will last. So let there be Peace during the Night of Power!...This until the rise of the dreaded doomsday morn! What has been preordained must surely come to pass. The Night of Power has just begun. We will not be here when the Day of Noise and Clamour dawns. May that comfort you Avnish.




Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi




"In between Jesus Christ and His destroying Incarnation of Mahavishnu called as Kalki there is time given to human beings to rectify themselves, for them to enter the Kingdom of God which in the Bible is called as Last Judgment — that you will be judged. All of you will be judged on this Earth. 

The population of the Earth is at the maximum these days because all those — practically all those who had aspirations to enter into the Kingdom of God — are born in Modern Times and are going to be born very soon. This is the most important times because Sahaja Yoga is the Last Judgment. It is fantastic to hear this but that's the fact. It's the Truth!

Though you can understand that Mother's Love makes it very easy for you to get to your Realization and that the whole story of Last Judgment — which looks such a horrifying experience — has been made very beautiful, and very tender, and delicate, and does not disturb you."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Kundalini And Kalki Shakti, Bombay, India — September 28, 1979


The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi



"You cannot force on the organization of God anything. He is on His own, His organization is on His own. Only thing you can do is to enter into His Kingdom and become a part and parcel of that blissful domain.

You would never like to change it either. It is so wonderful. It is so protective, it's so loving, is so gentle, so kind, so compassionate, that you would hate to change that organization, but we do! We try to organize God. 

For people who think that is the ultimate you have to seek, it's all arranged to enter into the Kingdom of God. The time has come. This is the Day of Resurrection. These are the days of Resurrection.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Hampstead, UK — July 22, 1982


The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi



"People do not know what Time has come. It is the Last Chance. You won't get anymore chance. In Bible it has been described as the Last Judgment."

The Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Delhi, India — August 18, 1979

"Now sometimes you see I am blamed in India that I am preaching about Christ, so I am spreading Christianity. And if I go to England they say I am preaching about Krishna, so I am spreading Hinduism."

                                         Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi



"Of course there are some absurd things which grew with misinterpretation and interference from unholy people, which are common in these religions. For example, Jews, Christian and Muslims believe that when they die their bodies will come out of their graves and they will all be resurrected at the Time of Resurrection, at the Time of Last Judgment, at the Time of Qiyamah. It is illogical to think what will remain inside those graves after five hundred years. Nobody wants to think and understand that it is not the body but the soul that will come out of these bodies, be born again as human beings, and be saved through Qiyamah and Resurrection. 

Who will tell them? No one can talk to them. As soon as one wants to talk one can be killed. This is the only way they know — how to kill.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi




"As you know Sahasrara is Mahamaya. It is not easy to understand Me. For the time being you might know what I am then suddenly you forget. That's the trick because if you know Me in full ways you won't even sit here; you won't even come near to Me.

So that Mahamaya is acting all the time, but that's the only way you can judge people. This Last Judgment is not an easy thing and even if you put thousands of judges they cannot do this Judgment — all the time you have to know what is what. And somehow I know everything but I will never show that I know. That's how I work it out and gradually I know what I have to do about that person.

This Resurrection of yours is much more blessed than that of Christ ... Only thing is first of all you have to recognize Me — that's all. You need not know Me; it's not easy. It's difficult to know Me. But if you recognize Me — that's all ... But that's the Love of your Mother that She wants to save as many as possible all that are created on this Earth, to give them their Resurrection. This is a Special Time!"

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Self-Knowledge For Resurrection, Easter Puja,
Calcutta, India — March 14, 1995


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