The eternal, ever-youthful and extremely beautiful Devi in his Sahasrara

—- In," jagbir singh"
> >
> > Note: On March 10, 2003 Kash's 13-year-old brother Arwinder was
> > teased by his father. The reason was both brothers had shaved
> > their heads bald the previous Sunday.
> >
> > The father jokingly asked Arwinder," How's the Buddha?”He replied
> > with a laugh that He is alright.
> >
> > Sensing that he was serious his father continued since Kash always
> > maintained that a few Divine Beings, including Shri Buddha, were
> > invisible. Arwinder was indicating that he had seen the Buddha,
> > that is the Enlightened One had a spirit body.
> >
> > Father: "Have you met the Buddha?”
> >
> > Arwinder: “Yes.”
> >
> > Father: "Have you seen the Buddha because to Kash He was
> > invisible?”
> >
> > Arwinder: “Yes.”
> >
> > Father: "How do you know He is the Buddha?”
> >
> > Arwinder: “Because the people there told me.”
> >
> > What Arwinder meant was that the Divine Beings meditating before
> > the Adi Shakti had introduced the Enlightened One to him. In other
> > words Arwinder met the Buddha on numerous occasions since 1995
> > till 2006. His father did not ask for a description of Buddha as
> > there is no desire to cross-examine experiences that are now
> > beyond any doubt or dispute.
> >
> >
> >
> Yesterday, February 15, 2007 at around 7.00 p.m. i decided to ask
> some questions regarding Shri Buddha. i had just updated some
> information on the web page and decided to ask about Shri Buddha, a
> chance that i forgo in 2003 due to the overwhelming, irrefutable
> evidence given by Kash, Arwinder and Lalita since 1993. After more
> than a decade there was just no desire to ask further information.
> However, since last year Arwinder and Lalita have been unable to
> enter their Sahasraras any more. So i just wanted to know if
> Arwinder could recall from his experiences, which both Kash and
> Lalita find very difficult now. i asked him what Shri Buddha's
> physical features were like.
> Arwinder: “I think He is bald ...... a bit big.”
> Father: "What you mean by 'big'?”
> Arwinder: “He is big-sized.”
> Father: "Anything else you remember?”
> Arwinder: “He carry some symbols but I don't know what they look
> like exactly.”

> Father: "What do you mean by 'symbols'?”
> Arwinder: “You know how Shri Mataji has this sign you put on the
> coconut?”

> Father: "Swastika.”
> Arwinder: “He has not like that but is some other kind.”
> Father: "You mean Shri Mataji always has this symbol (swastika)?
> Where is this symbol?”
> Arwinder: “Most of the time it is on Her hand.”
> Father: "What else you remember about Shri Buddha?”
> Arwinder: “I don't remember anything else.”
> Father: "You mean it is difficult to recollect now?”
> Arwinder: “Well, some things yes.”
> Father: "Was He short, tall or average height?”
> Arwinder: “I don't know.”
> Father: "So by 'big-sized' you mean fat or what?”
> Arwinder (laughing): “Yeah, a bit fat.”(Arwinder used the term"big
> sized"out of respect.)
> Father: "Have you talked with Him?”
> Arwinder: “I think so but I don't remember what we talked about.”
> Father: "Thank you.”
> Note: i have taken two photos of Arwinder holding both sides of the
> envelope on which the notes of his answering my questions regarding
> Shri Buddha were scribbled on February 15, 2007. The envelope will
> be kept as evidence too.
> i just want to add this again. Like the rest of his siblings,
> Arwinder has never discussed with anyone outside the family his
> meeting the eternal, ever-youthful and extremely beautiful Devi in
> his Sahasrara. He has no desire to do so ......... unless i ask him.
> i did tell him last October to write down as much as possible of his
> discussions with the Divine Mother. Till today he has not started as
> it is no big deal to have met the Devi daily for years.
> None of us are interested in any recognition or praise. We just want
> to complete our duty of bearing witness and presenting evidence of
> the Devi for all Her devotees. Other than that we just want to
> remain a normal family that values privacy and a low-profile very
> much.


39. When the actions of Yogis are, through the service of the Lotus feet of their Guru, in all respects good, then they will see above the Aajna Chakra the form of the Mahaanaada, and will ever hold in their hand the Siddhi of Speech. The Mahaanaada—which is the place of dissolution of Vaayu—is the half of Shiva, and like a plough in shape [i.e., Shiva is Hakaara; if the upper portion of the letter Ha is removed, the remaining portion resembles an Indian plough in shape]; it is tranquil and grants boons and dispels fear, and makes manifest pure Intelligence [buddhi].

40. Above all these, in the vacant space wherein is Shankhinii Naadii, and below Visarga is the Lotus of a Thousant Petals [i.e., the Sahasraara]. This Lotus, lustrous and whiter than the full Moon, has its head turned downward. It charms. Its clustered filaments are tinged with the color of the young Sun. Its body is luminous with the letters beginning with A, and it is absolute bliss [kevalaananda- ruupam].

41. within the Saharaara is the full Moon, without the mark of the hare [i.e. the"Man in the Moon"], respendant as in a clear sky. It sheds its rays in profusion, and is moist and cool like nectar. Inside it, the Candra Mandala, constantly shing like lightning, is the Triangle and inside this, again, shines the Great Void [Shuunya; i.e. the Parabindu], which is served in secret by all the Suras [i.e. Deities].

42. Well concealed, and attainable only by great effort, is that subtle Bindu [Shuunya], which is the chief root of Liberation and which manifests the pure Nirvaana-Kalaa with Amaa-Kalaa. Here is the Deva who is known to all as Parama-Shiva. He is the Brahman and the Aatmaa of all beings. In Him are united both Rasa and Virasa, and He is the Sun which destroys the darkness of ignorance [ajnaana] and delusion [moha].

43. By shedding a constant and profuse stream of nectar-like essence, the Bhagavaan instructs Yatis [i.e. those whose minds are unified with the object of their worship] of pure mind in the knowledge by which they realize the oneness of the Jiivaatmaa and the Paramaatmaa. He pervades all things as their Lord, who is the ever-flowing and spreading current of all manner of blass, known by the name of Hamsah Parama, or Parama-hamsah.

44. The Shaivas call it the Abode of Shiva; the Vaishnavas call it Parama Purusa; still others call it the the place of Hari-Hara [Vishnu and Shiva combined into a single form]. Those who are filled with a passion for the Lotus feet of the Devi call it the excellent Abode of Devi; and other great sages [Munis] call it the pure place of Prakriti-Purusa [i.e., Shakti-Shiva].

45. Those most excellent persons who have controlled their minds [citta] and known this place are never again born in the Wandering [Samsaara; the world of birth and rebirth], as there is nothing in the three worlds which binds them. Their minds being controlled and their aim achieved, they possess complete power to do all that they wish, and to prevent that which is contrary to their will. They ever move toward the Brahman. Their speech, whether in prose or verse, is ever pure and sweet.

46. Here is the excellent sixteenth Kalaa of the Moon [i.e. Amaa- Kalaa; see Verse 42 above]. She is pure, and resembles the young Sun in color. She is as thin as the hundredth part of a fiber in the stalk of a lotus. She is lustrous and soft like ten million lightning flashes, and is downturned. She is the receptacle of the stream of excellent nectar which comes from the blissful union of Para and Paraa [i.e. Shiva and Shakti].

47. Inside Amaa-Kalaa is Nirvaana-Kalaa [again referring back to Verse 42 above], more excellent than the excellent. She is as subtle as the thousandth part of the end of a hair, and of the shape of the crescent moon. She is the ever-existant Bhagavatii [Goddess], who is the Deity who pervades all beings. She grants divine knowledge, and is lustrous as the light of all the suns shining at one and the same time.

48. In the middle of the Nirvaana-Kalaa shines the Supreme and Primordial Nirvaana-Shakti; She is lustrous like ten million suns, and is The Mother of the three worlds. She is extremely subtle, like the ten-millionth part of the end of a hair. She contains within Her the constantly flowing stream of happiness [prema], and is the life of all beings. She graciously carries the knowledge of the Truth [Tattva] to the minds of the sages.

49. within Her is the everlasting place called the Abode of Shiva [according to Vishvanaatha," the Unmanii state of Shakti, where there is neither kaala (time) nor kalaa (space)"], which is free from Maayaa, attainable only by Yogiis, and known by the name of Nityaananda. It is replete with every form of bliss, and is pure knowledge itself. Some call it the Brahman; others call it the Hamsa. The wise describe it as the Abode of Vishnu, and the righteous speak of it as the ineffable place of knowledge of the Aatmaa, or the Place of Liberation. [As the Padma-Puraana puts it," Shaivas, Sauras, Ganeshas, Vaishnavas and Shaktas, all verily come to me like rain water to the ocean.”].

From the Sat-Chakra-Nirupana

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