They come back to inspire others to build a divine kingdom on this shore

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Date:  Sat Aug 21, 2004  9:00 am
They come back to inspire others to build a divine kingdom on this shore

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> Dear gautam
> It is a joy just to see your concern. Actually we are already very
> fortunate to have a very comprehensive web site at adishakti and
> all we need is to have sy log on and explore the tons of materials
> at their leisure. What i embark on now is to introduce the site to
> all my friends colleague and business associate, most of them not sy
> yet, although a few have come back as to where to go for lesson.
> To them i introduce them to my centre. In short i now introduce
> people to sri matagi first and then to sy. For those who are shy
> to attend classes they can get initiated following the procedure
> laid out on the web site. If this effort work than i will just
> stick to it and pray for all the blessing from Sri Matagi. I
> personally believe the internet is the best approach to spread Sri
> Matagi's gift to mankind.
> sampa

Dear Sampa,

We have no idea who we were in our previous lives, and this present
existence must never stain the glorious past. You must always keep
in mind that your birth coincided with the advent of the Adi Shakti
on Earth. Even more significant is that you recognized Her.

But you, like all Her devotees, are here for another great purpose
and that is to awaken humanity to the Great Event that is ordained
for humanity. How you strive to accomplish that highest duty in this
life will set in motion the karmic rewards of the next. Under no
circumstance will you fail in this life or fall in the next if that
is your deepest desire and life-long goal.

i quote Dr. Haridas Chaudhuri's "The Essence of Spiritual
Philosophy" to remind all that Earth is just a temporary home for
eternal souls struggling to free ourselves from physical bodies.

"Buddha said our life is like a river. On this side of the river is
the ordinary life we live. It is a life of samsara, the cycle of
death and rebirth, empirical existence, social development, economic
growth, the march of history and civilization. On the other side of
the river is timeless reality, the kingdom of heaven in the
transcendental sense of the word. Some people through their
spiritual development cross the river, experience transcendental
reality and come back to tell their fellow human beings about the
other shore and to help them get there. Still others cross the
river, experience the treasures of transcendental reality, and
discover that both shores are interconnected and interdependent.

There is no dualism, no complete separation. These people come back
armed with the power of the divine and with a clear understanding of
the purpose of the ultimate reality. They understand the ultimate
purpose is to develop something on this shore. They come back to
inspire others to build a divine kingdom on this shore, transforming
human society into the perfect image of the transcendental reality.
This becomes their purpose and is the true goal of the evolutionary
mysticism. It is the balanced spiritual ideal: attaining mystical
experience and also having an evolutionary perspective regarding
life. Through this we grow true to the kindred points of eternity
and time, of heaven and earth."

The Maitreya descends to Earth to preach anew the dharma ("law")
when the teachings of Gautama Buddha have completely decayed. Lama Thubten Yeshe prophesied that the "Maitreya will turn the wheel
of great teachings three times and each time countless multitudes of
disciples will come to listen. These teachings will be enormous
events attracting not merely human, earth-born disciples, but many
celestial beings, dakas, dakinis and beings from other realms as
well. Many of those gathered to receive these teachings will
immediately become arhats, bodhisattvas and even fully enlightened
Buddhas."  The Ma Treya has come to enlighten humanity how to
accomplish just that during this Great Event of the Last Judgment
and Al-Qiyamah. She calls it the Blossom Time. The Bible prophesied
that "this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world,
for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come." (Mark
24:14) The Qur'n invites all humanity to take part in the present
Al-Qadr (The Night of Power) before Al-Qariah (Day of Noise and

This is the Blossom Time, the only chance to become arhats,
bodhisattvas and even fully enlightened Buddhas. We will not be
reborn to take part in it again if we fail.



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