"They say that at Sahasrara when the Goddess will appear She will be Mahamaya"

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Subject:  "They say that at Sahasrara when the Goddess will appear She will be Mahamaya"
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> Dear Brother Jagbir,
> Would request you to kindly explain the below.
> He hovered above the semi-circle of the Primordial
> Beings already assembled, and then slowly floated down
> towards his spiritual body that was meditating beside
> the Great Adi Shakti.
> Kash's corporeal body merged into his spiritual Self,
> fitting into it perfectly from head to toe. Kash, now
> in the ethereal form of the spirit.
> Love
> Ashish

Dear Ashishji,

There is no description of the Sahasrara (Kingdom of God) in any
scripture. The closest is the Shri Lalita Sahasranama. Shri Mataji is
the first to explain about it, also claiming that She lives there as
Shri Mahamaya.

"They say that at Sahasrara when the Goddess will appear, She
will be Mahamaya. Is it possible to be anything else in the world of
today to come on this Earth? Any type of incarnation could have been
in great trouble because human beings in their ego are highest in
Kali Yuga. So they are quite stupid and they are capable of doing any
kind of harm or violence to a Divine personality. It is not at all
possible to exist in this world as anything else than Mahamaya ...

It has no power or any intention of giving you wrong ideas or
something that is false. It is there whatever, it is Truth. So in a
way to say that Mahamaya is the one which deludes is wrong ...

I need not be before you; I can be just here in Nirakar, in Formless,
but how to communicate; how to have a rapport. For that, one has to
come in the form of Mahamaya so that there is no fear, there is no
distance — one can come close and understand, because if this
Knowledge has to be given, if Realization has to be given, people
have to at least sit before the Mahamaya. Otherwise, if they all run
away, what's the use? To create that extremely human personality in
Sahasrara, She comes as Mahamaya."

Shri Turya Devi
Mahamaya's Doings, Sahasrara Puja, Cabella, Italy — May 8, 1994
Turya (262nd): The Fourth. This state is beyond the three states
mentioned above (259. Taijasatmika; 260. Supta; and 261 Prajnatmika).

"Now one must learn how to improve Sahasrara itself. You must
know the presiding Deity of the Sahasrara very well . . . But this
Deity has to be established first into the heart. Now you are very
lucky people that you have the Deity in person with you. The people
who got Realization before I came on this Earth had to imagine the
Deities. And in that imagination they were never perfect. But as they
say that at Sahasrara She is Mahamaya; that is how it is described.
So if you see that Person you may not be knowing fully that Person,
or in a perfect way, or a complete way. Because Mahamaya Shakti is
much greater than your imagination. That is why one has to surrender.
With your limited imagination, or brain, you can not see the

Shri Sadgati-Prada Devi
The New Era, MahaSahasrara Puja, Rouen, France — May 5, 1984
Sadgati-Prada (201st): Here 'Sat' means Truth, a good path.
She leads devotees to the highest status or Reality, which is Herself.

Thus, if the Golden Goddess exists within, surely some souls can
visit Her. Even ex-world leader Yogi Mahajan, the instigator of the
1452 Inquisytion agrees that "Only those who go deep in the
source discover the Golden Goddess that resides within. Her touch
enlightens and enthralls the total being. It is indeed the miracle of
miracles. This miracle resides in every being. The wise pursue it,
the scriptures speak of it, and the saints glory in its praise."

Unfortunately for reasons best known to him and his cronies those who
(did) go deep in the source and discovered that the Golden Goddess
did reside within had to be demonized and their character
assassinated at all costs.

In the beginning both Kash and myself taught he was having OBE (Out
Of Body) experiences. Both of us believed that he left his physical
body whenever he meditated and traveled across the universe to meet
the Shakti who then took him across the universe. She had even taken
him back into time to witness and confirm scriptural revelations.
Among the more important were his visiting Shri Shiva at Mount
Kailash in the Himalayas; going back into time to the ancient land of
Galilee to corroborate Lord Jesus' Resurrection; passing through
the Black Hole to worship Shri Ganesha in His Temple; sitting on the
Shesnaag of Shri Vishnu floating on the Milky Ocean; visiting the
Heavenly Realm of Shri Buddha; and travelling to other celestial

On April 28, 1995, at 7:10 a.m. he was told to ask Shri Mataji to
reveal how he travels in this Universe to meet Her.

Although he insisted that he left his physical body to do so, there
were many questions: How exactly does he reach the spiritual world?
How does he leave this gross physical body? Where actually his real
self is during meditation? Does he become the spirit and leave behind
his material body on Earth? How far does he have to travel to reach
the Kingdom of God?

The priceless answers to these universal questions would be welcome
by all. For ages saints and sages had given glimpses of this
phenomenon known as 'out-of-body-experiences' or astral
traveling. These questions had to be answered by a Higher Being, and
all existing speculation put to rest.

As he meditated his Kundalini surged through his body all the way
up his Sushumna Nadi, passed the Narrow Gate at the chiasma
opticalis, through the spiritual clouds and emerged into the
Sahasrara. The Everlasting Light shone ever so brightly from behind
the Eternal Throne of the Great Celestial Mother as She sat in Bliss
and Joy.After bowing down to Her these questions were put forward.
Shri Mataji explained that all his spiritual journeys with Her had
taken place within his own Sahasrara. Never at any time did he leave
his physical body!

This was a startling Revelation for Kash. All the time he was sure
that he was traveling outside his gross body, so perfect was this
Absolute Reality. He had journeyed into the Thousand-Petal Lotus
daily over a period of twenty one full moons from November 1993 till
July 26, 1995. Kash had by then visited the Kingdom of God more than
1300 times! There were many opportunities for him to discern his
whereabouts. Surely this wealth of experience and observation would
have enabled him to determine his daily mode of travel and familiar
landmarks along this spiritual highway to meet Her.

He did and his belief was that his spirit left his physical body and
went far into the Universe. He was very sure he did so.

But he never did. No one ever did, from Prophet Muhammad to Ezekiel,
from the most enlightened monk to the most bizarre astral traveler.
They were all within themselves all the time no matter what they
think. The Kingdom of God (Sahasrara) where the Shakti resides is
within. So how does a gross physical body enter this subtle spiritual
realm within? Well, it never does. Only the eternal soul (Jivatma)
within can enter the Sahasrara within.

"Shri Mataji: Jivatma is the soul but Atma is the Spirit.

Gregoire: So Jivatma is the Spirit but individualized, belonging
to one person?

Shri Mataji: No, no! Jivatma is the soul. Means with these five
elements. And these five elements give you your own identity, your
own character, your own particularities etc. These five elements; the
way they are placed in you. That's the causal element, the causal of
the elements that are within you. Then these casuals act on the
chakras and through the chakras these casuals act on the other ...on
the grosser side. So from the subtle to the subtler to the ...you can
say the subtlest. The subtlest we can say is the Spirit, supposing.
Then the subtler is the soul. And the subtle you have the chakras.
And the gross is the body."

Volterra, Italy. July 25,1986

"Virata and Creation: By definition Virata means vast or all-
encompassing. It is also understood that everything in the creation
exists in the Virata. Thus Virata not only covers creation but also
controls and guides all activities, happenings in the creation. If we
correlate this to the occurrence of events/happenings in a human
body, then Virata can be compared to the brain and body of a Supreme
Being. Thus whole of the creation and events could be happening in
the body and brain of Virata in the same way as we find these
happening in the brain and body in a human being. It is also stated
that a human being is made in the form of Virata. Extrapolating from
this, we can conclude that,

a) Everything that exists in creation has a universal form in the
Supreme Being.
b) Every element of the Supreme Being has a subtle element in the
human being....

Virata represents the divine elements, real God and Goddesses and
human being as a reflection of the Virata. Since from a master many
copies can be made, there is only one Virata, whereas there are
millions of human beings.

Her Holiness has explained that, "Adi Shakti is the source of all
creation" and "Virata is the brain of Adi Shakti." ...

Virata is the Ultimate. Everything in the creation exists in the
Virata. God has created human being in His own image. A human being
has the capability to rise to superconscious level where one can
perceive all that is the source of all creation. One can even acquire
all the powers of Virata by becoming one with Virata.

Virata is whole creation. By getting linked to Virata (like a TV or
radio is linked to the source) a person can perceive the whole creation. This is rise of consciousness from ordinary to superconscious level. Sahaja Yoga provides the path for the evolutionary growth in consciousness. On kundalini awakening one gets linked to the Virata and is able to perceive, think, act in the form of Virata.

Yogis and Mahayogis had acquired such powers by becoming one with
Virata and some even attained the state of God realisation."

Dr. Hari Shankar Sharma, Sahaja Yoga, Vol. II,
Shankar Publishing House, 1995, p. 51-3.

"The reflection of the entire macrocosm in the individual human
microcosm is a holistic conception.

Every part of a hologram contains within itself the image of the
whole. We perceive the information given by bidimensional photography through the light intensity variations (amplitude variations of the electromagnetic waves.) The holographic perception is tridi-mensional due to the additional information provided by the wave trains and phase variations. The hologram appears to be the transcendental counterpart of the photographic image.

According to the vibration paradigm elaborated upon the latest
discoveries in physics (theory of superstrings), the universe is
holistically conceived as being made out of vibrations. Here is what S. Marcus wrote in his Invention and discovery (Inventie si descoperire Ed. Cartea Romaneasaca, Bucharest 1989): "We may represent the cosmic substance as a universal and nondetermined substratum revealing the entire diversity of what we call electrons, photons and other similar entities. The vacuum is nonexistent in such a vision, since it is replaced by a substratum of wave particles in a virtually unperceived state that may become actualized under the effect of an energy quantum. The theory of superstrings is able to explain the entire diversity of the particles and substances in the universe ...

The British physicist David Bohm, who used to be one of Einstein's students, created the holonomic theory and the holographic model (holomovement) that greatly influenced Fritjof Capra (the well known author of Das Tao der Physik and Die kosmische Regen where he set up a relation between modern and eastern philosophy.) The holomovement is, after Bohm, a phenomenon out of which there have resulted all the forms of the universe, consciousness included (Wholeness and the Implicate Order, London 1980.) The universe structures are subject to the self organisation dynamics, that is the cosmic Spirit.

Bohm finally concluded that man had at his disposal a holonomic
system that during the course of time he forget how to use. This
system could perceive the transcendental access, the "direct" knowledge by holographic decoding. Thus, a direct communication may
be possible between the persons endowed with "intertuned" holograms. The neurosurgeon and psychologist Karl Pribram took Brohm's idea even further and elaborated the holonomic theory of the brain structures. Pribram stressed on the decisive role of the sensory perception of vibrations and of the organisation of the vibration field as holograms at the brain level.

The sight memory of the whole was experimentally demonstrated to be
codified in each and every part of the cerebral substance just like
the hologram is found in each and every one of its fragments. Under
these conditions, the world may be considered as a projection from
the outside acquiring the dimensions of space and time but being as
imperfect in relation to the inner reality as the photography of its
corresponding hologram. This world of illusion is nothing else than
the Maya of Hinduism.

Pribham showed that, without a brain operating in a holonomic way, we should perceive the world as vibrations only, all being devoid of
shapes, sounds, colours, space and time. The latter result from the
interpretation performed by the brain to the frequencies transmitted
as nervous impulses by the sense organs.

By taking this idea even further we might say that each brain is part
of the Great Hologram and, under certain condition, it may have
access to the information stored in the universal computer system.
The same idea is actually advocated by Shri Adhiparasakthi Shri
Nirmala Devi who shows that when the Kundalini energy is awakened "the human microcosmic computer is connected to the cosmic program: the information starts circulating as vibrations in our nervous system. The temperament, health, character structure and
even destiny of every human being actually depends on the type of
relation between its spiritual instrument and the cosmic archetype" (L. Heart, L'venement) ...

Dr. F. Chapra wrote in his Tao of Physics (Fontana Collins, Bungay,
Suffolk, 1975, pp. 54-5): "The relativity and quantum theories reveal a universe that more and more corresponds to the one described by the eastern cosmology of the Gunas."

The daring concepts of modern physics should not surprise anyone.
They seem to answer the invitation made by the brilliant American
inventor of Serbian origin, Nikola Tesla, shortly before his death: "On the day when science will start to be interested in the nonphysical phenomena, it will develop in one decade more than in all the centuries preceding." Carl Sagan used to say that we begin to understand the Cosmos contained within ourselves just as if we are contained within itself.

Isaac Newton wrote in his Treatise of optics: "Do these natural
phenomena not disclose an existent, intelligent, living, all pervading, incorporeal being that sees, discriminates and understands everything both in the infinite space and its own sensorium, in the most intimate and perfect way?"

We shall further quote some excerpts from La vie secrete des plantes
written by P. Tompkins and C. Bird (Robert Laffont, Paris, 1975): "The ancient wisdom throws a completely new light upon the energy of the human or vegetal bodies and upon the relation between the individuals cells and the cosmos as a whole ... Lifting the veil that covers other worlds and vibrations situated beyond the limits of the electromagnetic spectrum might let us walk part of the way towards attaining the disclosure of certain mysteries that are left in the dark for these physicists who are limited in their vision only to whatever they can check with their eyes and instruments ...

There is a specific, global, intelligent force in the universe, able to provide us with answers. Daniel supposed this force to operate throughout the entire frequency spectrum that is not necessarily
connected to the electromagnetic spectrum and to be in a close
interaction with the human mental activity."

Not only are these scientists witnessing the reflection of God in man
as a holistic relation, but also the theological writings that contain highly revealing passages upon the same subject, some of which are quoted in Vladimir Lossky's Essai sur la Theologie Mystique de l'Eglise d'Orient, Aubier, Paris, 1944.

"A person is part of a whole because it contains everything in itself ... since everything that has been created by God in the different natures is rejoined in man as in a crucible to shape him into a peerless perfection like a harmony composed of various sounds." (St. Maxim quoted by D. Karsarin in his Saints Peres et Maitres de l'Eglisei, Paris, 1926, p. 238) ... Lossky showed that "man embraces all the elements of the universe within himself." "

Dan Costian, Bible Enlightened, Computex Graphics, 1995.

On December 9, 1996, at 5:45 a.m. Kash was again asked about his
previously mistaken 'out-of-body' belief. He still insisted that it is impossible to believe that one is within the body — even after being enlightened by the Great Adi Shakti that everything is within the Sahasrara!

In other words, despite his misconception being corrected by the
Great Supreme Spirit, he still could not feel or remember this fact
whenever he entered his own Thousand-Petal Lotus. He still thought he
left his body and went out into the Universe to the place humans call
the Kingdom of God. According to Kash it is impossible for one to
know that they are in their own Sahasraras. It is impossible to feel
the Kingdom of God within the human body.

It is just as impossible to comprehend, while being within the
Sahasrara, that this gross physical world exists outside! In other
words, on Earth it is impossible to comprehend the subtle spiritual
Sahasrara within. It is just as difficult, within the Sahasrara, to
comprehend that this gross physical Earth exists without.

On October 9, 1997, at 19.00 p.m. he was asked if the Spiritual World
was as real as this Earth, i.e., was it as tangible as watching television, talking with his family and all the normal activities that makes physical life so conscious and real. He replied that not only is the Kingdom of God really real, just as this physical world, but also "better, quieter and more peaceful."

He forgot to mention that it is the eternal home for those who have (temporarily) come to this Earth. We will all return there eventually, just as the Messengers of God did after performing their duties to enlighten humanity.

Jai Shri Mataji,


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