The true metaphysical knowledge that dispels ignorance and delusion.

From: "jagbir singh" <>
Date: Sat Jan 28, 2006 4:18 pm
Subject: The true metaphysical knowledge that dispels ignorance and delusion.

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> Personally, we feel that anybody who does not share the knowledge
> fully is not helping either his own spiritual progress, the
> progress of the society, or the followers. The Eastern gurus
> should learn the art of sharing from the West. The material
> progress of the world is mostly due to the sharing of scientific
> and technological knowledge of the West. Any body who meets the
> minimum requirements can learn anything in the universities in the
> USA. The fees are affordable and the requirements not very
> difficult to meet. This is not the case with the so called
> spiritual masters writers have come across. Most, if not all,
> Indian spiritual masters (that this writer has met in USA or in
> India) are very miserly. They are really not serving the people,
> or their disciples. I hope this article promotes the concept of
> true sharing of spiritual wealth by the possessors of the wealth
> for the upliftment of the humanity. Lord Krishna has condemned all
> those who do not help others with a selfless motive in the true
> spirit of selfless service, or Nishkaam Karm Yog.
> The Vedas prohibit the sale of God in any form. It says: O mighty
> Lord of countless wealth, I will not sell thee for any price
> (Rigved 8.01.05). The role of a guru is that of a guide and a
> giver, and not of a taker. Before accepting a human guru, one must
> first have — or develop — full faith in the guru, and leave the
> human frailties of gurus out of consideration; take the pearls of
> wisdom and throw away the oyster shells. If this is not possible
> to do, it should be remembered that the word guru also means the
> light of Jnaan, the true metaphysical knowledge, that dispels
> ignorance and delusion, and the light comes — automatically — from
> Par-Brahm, the internal Param guru, when one's mind is purified by
> sincere Saadhanaa, Sevaa, and Surrender (Gita 4.38). One must
> follow the scripture with faith, especially in this age when it is
> very difficult to find a sadguru.

Last week, while searching domain names for someone, i registered
another domain name for no apparent good reason.
(It is difficult to resort to logic while thoughtless.) Anyway, i
was surprised to find it still available.

For the last few days i kept wondering what purpose will the new
domain serve.

Just yesterday i realized that it must be used explicitly for the
Adi Shakti in the Sahasrara who revealed the true metaphysical
knowledge of Par-Brahm, the internal Param guru. This website will
be about the Divine Mother within, and nothing will adulterate the
purity of this Divine Knowledge. By this is mean there will be no
reference or quotes whatsoever of Her incarnation Shri Mataji
Nirmala Devi. It will be 100% about the Shakti in the Sahasrara.

For the past few years I have (been) struggling to add the revelations of
the Shakti in the Sahasrara but just could not. Even help from SYs
in re-editing some of the revelations did nothing. All I had to do
was upload but for months even this simple task could not be
accomplished. i was quite puzzled by my not able to upload, a
routine task done hundreds of times. (No further editing help was
requested since it was serving no purpose.)

Now i know that the remaining revelations will be opposed and
rejected by management SYs and WCASY. Since they are not willing to
accept even the present revelations i am sure the substantial
additional revelations of Shakti in the Sahasrara, the Jewel in the
Crown, will make matters worse. (Despite Shri Mataji's approval of
the book and websites WCASY and the SY management do not share Her
views, repeated permissions that the book must be written, joy of
miraculous accomplishment after reading final edition, optimism that
Sahaja Yoga will not be unchallenged in future, and (confirming) very
good vibrations coming from book, all in the presence of leaders.)

Sooner or later Shri Mataji will have to take Mahasamadhi and i want
future generations to seek Self-realization and liberation from Par-
Brahm, the internal Param guru within themselves. This Truth will be
revealed through the true metaphysical knowledge of the Shakti in
the Sahasrara, and will eventually triumph. "Aham Brahmasmi", "I am
the Brahman" is a knowledge in the sense of realization which, it
is to be observed, does not produce Liberation (Moksha) but is
Liberation itself. Only the revelation of the Divine Mother/Brahman
within will convince future generations to seek moksa internally.

So the new website will be set up in the near
future to deal exclusively with the true metaphysical knowledge of
Par-Brahm, the internal Param guru. i believe this will attract many
Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists. The Shakti within will appeal
to them and convince them of Her Divine Message.

The existing will be reworked. The Divine Message
of the Last Judgment will have much more Christian content. The Holy
Spirit within will appeal to them and convince them of Her Divine

The existing will remain as it is. Islam demands
that only the Holy Qur'n be used by Muslims to confirm the
Resurrection. The Ruh within will appeal to them and convince them
of Her Divine Message too.

So it is coming increasingly apparent that Shri Mataji is
withdrawing Her external manifestation and subtly inducing us to
focus our attention on the Shakti within, the internal Param guru.
Once the new website goes online we are sure many
seekers will meditate on the Shakti within. The true metaphysical
knowledge of the Shakti in the Sahasrara will dispel ignorance and
delusion. i hope the Devi's bhaktas introspect and share my joy and
optimism that Shri Mataji has already accomplished Her task and that
the Divine Message will eventually triumph.





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