Vibrations and difference between using them in heaven and on earth

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Date:  Tue Jul 20, 2004  9:34 am
Subject:  Vibrations and difference between using them in heaven and on earth.
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> Jai ShriMataji Jagbirji
> Shri Mataji has enabled us to see the world beyond fanaticism and
> so called rationality . And the enabler for that was Param
> Chaitanya. With the help of the holy ghost, we are able to
> distinguish between what is good and what is bad and listen to and
> trust our hearts instead of mind which is limited. The moment I
> start interpreting things with my intellect and forget vibrations,
> I know that I might be mistaken (and always am!!)

Dear Anujji,

Despite my previous post questioning vibrations i have to admit that
there are SYs like you who are able to interpret them correctly. So i
am not trying to question your faith as past experiences have also
led me to believe vibrations do tell the truth .......... literally,
in the hands of the right people, so to speak. All i am trying to say
is that leaders like YM and certain SYs must not be allowed to use
the sword of vibrations to justify their inquisytion tendencies and
slay those they THINK are demonic and possessed.

As for me vibrations are a constant reminder that i feel the biblical
Wind of those born of the Spirit during the Last Judgment; that the
koranic Winds of the Resurrection are flowing amongst those taking
part in the Night of Power and Faith; that i correct myself when the
catches warn me; that the Devi within now guides me on towards final
liberation. In short vibrations are a 24/7 reminder that i am
experiencing that promised Blossom Time and that i check myself
before committing errors.

The most accurate vibrations are spontaneous i.e. without any time
for mental reaction. They are most valuable for enlightenment.

But are there vibrations, and is there a difference between those
using them, on Earth and the Spirit World. Those new to this forum
should judge for themselves on subjects that have been previously


There are three incidents that i remember. The first was a few months
after Self-realization when i went to a shopping mall with a friend
who had to meet someone there. While waiting for their meeting to
finish i decided to look around. While strolling around i suddenly
felt strong vibrations flowing from my hands. This was odd as i was
neither meditating, nor in the midst of a spiritual surrounding.

i looked all around but could find anything that could be responsible
for this sudden increase in vibrations; the entire place was filled
with humans engaged in material pursuits. i decided to find the
origin of these vibrations.

As i passed a Chinese shop selling all sorts of oriental household
decorations — from massive wall fans to elaborately decorated
vases to delicate wind chimes — the vibrations suddenly
increased. i stopped and stood in front of the entrance, looking
around for the source of this Paramchaitanya. i opened wide my palms
and checked for the source. Vibrations were coming from a figure of a
squatting, smiling fat man with a huge protruding stomach.

i was puzzled. Why were vibrations coming out of this funny-looking
statue? There were doubts in my mind about the accuracy of my
vibrations for they made no sense. i repeatedly checked them but the
vibrations from this figure were constant and strong, indicating that
there was divine essence in that statue.

Wondering whose image it was i summoned the Chinese lady who operated the store and asked who that figure represented. She replied,
"This is the Laughing Buddha." The vibrations were right.

The second incident took place when my family went over to Toronto in
1995. The Gulati family had invited us over to their home in
Hamilton, along with two other SYs Rina Rajan and Francois Gibeau.

Hardly had we entered the house when Rita Gulati, the mother of Steve
and Seema, suddenly had severe pains in her chest. She just collapsed
and could hardly breathe, as if having a heart attack.

The ambulance was summoned while Rina Rajan and Francois began to use their vibrations to revive her, working on her chakras.

Then both made a strange simultaneous statement, "It is the right
heart." Myself, who was standing right behind, felt a bit funny.
How could they say that it was the right heart area when the physical
heart is on the left? But the fact that both these Sahaja Yogis had
the same reading simultaneously puzzled me. (i was new to Sahaja Yoga at that time.)

The ambulance arrived and Rita, still gasping for air, was given
oxygen and rushed to hospital.

Pratap Gulati, her spouse, then asked that every one should meditate
and seek Shri Mataji's help. Kash also joined in and asked Her in his
Sahasrara what had happened. She replied that there was nothing to
worry as she (Rita Gulati) would recover.

About an hour later the hospital confirmed that everything was okay
but they had detected some traces of pneumonia in her right lung! The
vibrations of Rina Rajan and Francois Gibeau were right.

The third notable incident took place on October 12, 1997. My family
were invited for the first time to visit Maggie, a Christian
Malaysian living in Montreal, for dinner. Maggie had on a few
occasions come over with Kash's auntie, Noor Azizah, a Muslim
Malaysian already meditating with Shri Mataji.

After conversing in the living room the women adjourned to the
kitchen and i decided to look at a large cluster of photographs
decorating the corridor wall. Many were small and well-worn, some
black and white. There was a lot of family history out there.
Suddenly i began to feel very strong vibrations flowing forth from my
fingertips, indicating something divine. This experience was similar
to the Laughing Buddha incident three years earlier. i then began
checking the photographs carefully, trying to find the sudden source
of this Spiritual Energy. There had to be someone in one of the
photos who was a highly realized soul.

As i scanned the wall with all ten fingers, they led me to the
adjacent wall. But there were no photographs. Then, as i lifted my
head higher, the statue of Lord Jesus Christ and Mother Mary loomed
above. They were the Divine Beings that were emitting Spiritual
Energy! The vibrations were right.


A year later, on May 25, 1995, Kash was told to send greetings to
Shri Buddha on occasion of His 2538th birthday. i had a few days
earlier read in the newspapers that the Buddhist community in
Montreal would be celebrating this most auspicious day. Since Kash
was meditating daily with Him, it was out of reverence and respect
that the Awakened One be greeted on this blessed day.

i have immense esteem for this Great Soul for the depth of
Consciousness He inspired humankind to achieve. A simple gesture to
show gratitude and adoration would be to send a simple birthday

Kash agreed and went within himself into the Sahasrara. The Kundalini
rose from his Mooladhara Chakra and rushed through the Sushumna Nadi, bursting through the Celestial Clouds of the Great Lotus Forest. He hovered above the semi-circle of the Primordial Beings already
assembled, and then slowly floated down towards his spiritual body
that was meditating beside the Great Adi Shakti. The Everlasting
Light shone ever so brightly from above the Golden Throne of the
Great MahaDevi as She sat in Bliss and Joy.

Kash's corporeal body merged into his spiritual Self, fitting into it
perfectly from head to toe. Kash, now in the ethereal form of the
spirit, got up to greet Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the Mother of all

After bowing to Her and all the rest, he asked for permission to see
Shri Amitabha. Shri Mataji smiled and gave Her approval.

Kash looked around the gaps in the semi-circle. Some of the Divine
Beings for reasons unknown always remained invisible from the very
beginning itself of Kash's journeys. Shri Sita and Rama, Shri
Brahmadeva, Prophet Muhammad, and Guru Nanak were always invisible. But for some motive Shri Amitabha was completely invisible today. The Great Gods were checking Kash out!

Kash then opened his palms and began reading the vibrations of the
Invisible Ones one after another. Every human being on Earth and the
Immortal Beings in Heaven emit different vibrations. (We SYs must be
always conscious of Shri Mataji's assurance that "we are
saints and that God has given us a special awareness all the
time." i.e. vibratory awareness.)

The gaps in the semi-circle of Divine Beings were checked one after
another. Kash's outstretched hands began decoding the distinctive
vibrations that was radiating from these Immortals. His fingertips
acted like a spiritual scanner, extracting readings from the All-
Pervading Paramchaitanya, and instantly converting it into infallible

At a certain gap Kash felt the distinguishing vibrations of Shri
Amitabha and walked to that particular vacant space in the
semicircle. Shri Hanuman and Shri Ganesha were sitting on either
side. He bowed down to the invisible Shri Buddha sitting in between
and extended the birthday greetings. The Enlightened One bowed back
and Kash could feel the Spiritual Energy moving down slowly once and
then up against his body. He knew that the Awakened One had just
bowed down and returned his greetings, even though there was empty
space before him!

Kash then walked back, sat down, and started singing a birthday song
known all over Mother Earth. It went like this:

"Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday Lord Buddha, Happy birthday to you."

All the Immortal Beings extended their hands outwards to feel the
vibrations flowing profusely from Shri Buddha. Every one was feeling
the great Joy of Shri Buddha, and each other, without even a single
word being spoken! The whole atmosphere was filled with tremendous
Bliss and Happiness. This was the first time the Divine Unity was
seen using their vibratory awareness for such a purpose.

When the song ended the Divine Beings all started singing another
birthday song for Shri Amitabha, but this time in Sanskrit.

After it was over all of them bowed down to Shri Buddha, and He bowed back in return. Shri Maha Rajni then told Kash that Shri Buddha was having a very big smile, for He was very happy that everyone sang on this special occasion.

It is obvious that we SYs are just scratching the surface of
vibrations, mere toddlers stumbling and falling all over. Vibrations
used by the innocent for good and enlightenment are a great boon. In
the hands of tyrants and their henchmen they can cause great harm and lasting delusion.

Jai Shri Mataji,



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