"What Shri Mataji said about........”

Dear All,

i believe it will be advantageous for us to have a continuing intermittent thread on: "What Shri Mataji said about....(subject chosen).” This will remind us of what She actually did say on many different subjects. So... this is the introduction, which i might also append to such athreads'.

In addition to the subject of self-realisation leading to spiritual liberation, Shri Mataji said many things on all sorts of different subjects. As there are a lot of opinions and so forth floating around in Sahaja Yoga Organisation today (some of which do not actually agree with what Shri Mataji said and taught)... i believe it is important to know WHAT SHRI MATAJI ACTUALLY DID SAY... about different things. After all, it is Shri Mataji who is the Incarnation and therefore it is best to get the information directly from Her.

Not only that... but it would be a real shame to lose this collective knowledge which i believe is important to have at our fingertips as a kind of base line for understanding many things. i have to warn though, that not everything Shri Mataji said is what we would call 'politically correct'... but i can assure you that it is"spiritually correct.”

'Spiritual correctness' achieves all aims of political correctness... but also gives the Truth... which is not guaranteed with political correctness. Incarnations are especially equipped to give us the Absolute Truth. That is their Special Job to do, so it behooves us to hear what they have to say. As the Incarnation of the Holy Spirit/Comforter... Shri Mataji gives us Her Blessings. We can again know the right and true spiritual path that can lead Spiritual Seekers to their Spiritual Liberation.

However, not everything Shri Mataji talks about (except for self-realisation and related topics) may be pertinent to everyone. This is because She gives advice for different religions, cultures and different scenarios and situations... but it is helpful to know these anyway. In any case, we will know what is pertinent to us, and Shri Mataji encourages each one of us to become our own guru, master and teacher through our Higher Self, which is the Spirit.

The best advice i can give is to take what spiritual food is required for your own spiritual growth and leave what is not, because Shri Mataji gave all the spiritual food for every spiritual need of every type of individual. Like a plant, we have to regulate our spiritual intake to our particular spiritual needs... such as a plant would take in water, light, sunshine, nutrients, etc.... so we are our own best source of information... as to exactly what we need to sustain us and help us grow spiritually.

Shri Mataji has asked us to be like a scientist... trying things, and testing things. If you don't know something... just take a hypothesis from Her and try it. If it works, then you have gained something for your Self. If it doesn't work... at least you tried it. To just reject it outright and say it doesn't work... is neither scientific nor spiritual.

Above all... have a light and loving heart. Sahaja Yoga is about love, peace, contentment, and laughter... not about force, domination, mesmerism, priests or hierarchy. In Sahaja Yoga, you are helped to become your Higher Self/Spirit, which is what you really are. You are the Spirit. As you defer to your Higher Self/Spirit... you also learn to become your own guru... your own master... and your own teacher. It is a living process that will lead to your spiritual liberation, which is the ultimate goal of all Seekers of the Truth.

with love,


—- In adishakti_sahaja_yoga@yahoogroups.com," Violet" wrote:
> Dear All,
> i believe it will be advantageous for us to have a continuing
> intermittent thread on: "What Shri Mataji said about....(subject
> chosen).” This will remind us of what She actually did say on many
> different subjects. So... this is the introduction, which i might
> also append to such athreads'.

i agree wholeheartedly with this approach Violet as we can cover many aspects of Her diverse teachings. This is definitely a superb way to reach seekers of different religious background on a variety of subjects. Not only can they learn more of their own traditions but perhaps take a peek at others too. Since Shri Mataji has told us to synthesize the religions it is the right step forward.

i have realized that every now and then beautiful new exotic plants start growing from the seeds we receive or find. We now have a growing garden that needs the constant care of trimming, pruning, watering, fertilizing and space. It is so different from that years ago .......... almost unrecognizably bigger, better and beautiful. In fact only now can we can it a garden, a place where seekers have started visiting and telling others too. It is a very good sign.

But we know it is a work in progress that is going to be completed by 2013. i am sure it will be better than what we have today. All we need are fertile minds, free of the weeds of fear and domination, able to nourish the sacred seeds till they germinate and burst into full bloom in the Sahasraras. So we have actually begun landscaping the Spiritual Garden of Shri Mataji according to the seeds of knowledge that She has given us. You are now saying that we should give vital information about the various species of exotic plants, shrubs and flowers so that visitors will be enlightened beyond all they have known so far. That is precisely what Shri Mataji wanted all along Violet!

There is a lot of gardening left to do. The difficult aspect of this most welcome job is first finding and recognizing the dormant sacred seeds, divinely designed to elude observation or detection, scattered all over the Holy Scriptures. Even more daunting and time consuming is finding the spiritual secret of triggering their germination. The only way is to remain in Silence till She determines that the conditions are optimum for their spiritual germination and survival in the Sahasrara. The rest is left to us.

warmest regards,


BTW, i have just finished pruning the following:


and will be fertilizing them too.

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